Make your holiday season a bit easier and more fun with these genius Christmas Hacks. From Christmas decorations to holiday entertainment, we have the best Christmas tips and tricks around…oh, and they really work!

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Make Christmas easy with these awesome Christmas hacks!

Genius Christmas Hacks

Make this Christmas season magical with all these amazing Christmas hacks. Christmas doesn’t have to be a stressful mess where you feel like you’re running around with your hair on fire!

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Christmas Decorating Hacks

1. How To Clean Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Use a dustbuster or a hair dryer to freshen up your artificial tree, making it ready for another year with this hack from WikiHow.

2. Organize Your Christmas Lights

Are your lights in a crazy pile? Not next year. Try Pretty Organized‘s idea to use scrap cardboard to wrap your lights up!

3. Protect Your Wrapping Paper

Protect and save your Christmas wrapping paper for the next year, using TP tubes, with this hack from Creek Line House.

christmas hacks- Let It Snow with this DIY artificial snow reci-pe
Not everyone gets snow, so now you can make your own!

How Do I Make Fake Snow?

4. DIY Artificial Snow

Check out Pure Ella for three different ways to make fake snow using ingredients we bet you already have.

5. DIY Frosted Glass Windows

Make frosted windows using Epsom Salt, with this tutorial from Crafty Little Gnome. This recipe uses beer to activate the Epsom salt so it works faster, but you can use water mixed with a little rubbing alcohol for the same effect!

6. DIY Indoor Snowmen

Don’t have snow in your area? Build snowmen anyway, with this kid-friendly hack from Modern Parents Messy Kids!

christmas hacks- Delicious Christmas food hacks like cream cheese strawberries, and christmas marshmallows with chocolate and sprinkles, gingerbread cookies, and cranberries in ice cubes.
Those Santa strawberries look heavenly!

Christmas Entertaining Hacks

7. Santa Strawberries

Make Santas from strawberries for a fun Christmas-themed, healthy snack.

8. Christmas Marshmallow Pops

Add some glam to your hot cocoa with Pizzazzerie‘s marshmallow pops. Decorate them so they are pretty!

9. Cranberry Water

Flavor water at your Christmas gathering using cranberries, frozen into ice-cube trays, with this hack from Two Twenty One.

10. Traditional Christmas Coloring Pages

Have a large family dinner? Give your kids coloring pages to color while they wait for dessert!

11. Gingerbread Glue

Enjoy a fun family activity and have a product that lasts, at least until eaten. This gingerbread glue actually works!

12. Gingerbread Man Playdough

Transform average playdough into a festive holiday experience with the help of spices or essential oils.

13. Peppermint Play Dough

Be the favorite Auntie and make edible peppermint play dough with your nieces and nephews this Christmas!

christmas hacks- Ornament stuffed with star anise and cinnamon, no sew tree skirt, twinkle jars, and essential oils on an air filter.
Make your home bright with twinkle lights and smell amazing with essential oils.

DIY Holiday Decor

14. Spicy Scented DIY Ornaments

Create an all-natural air-freshener ornament using essential oils and whole spices it diffuses the scents throughout the room.

15. No Sew Treat Skirt

Make a tree skirt with furry fabric. No sewing needed! Head on over to Two Twenty One for the tutorial.

16. Twinkle Light Jars

Add some twinkle to your table (or your kids room to replace a nightlight). Make twinkle light jars with this crafty idea from Making Lemonade.

17. Make Your House Smell Festive

Fill your home with Christmas scents. Add drops of essential oils to your air filter.

christmas hacks- Holiday tips for decorating cookies, making holiday scented playdough, egg carton ribbon holder, egg carton ornaments, and DIY gift box.
Decorating cookies, making playdough, and organizing will help make the Holiday season festive.

Holiday Tips

18. Chocolate Grater

Grate chocolate to get some gorgeous shavings, using a potato peeler. They are perfect to use as toppings for hot chocolate or even on cookies! (see video below).

19. Ornament Storage

Simplify ornament storage with this hack from Natural Green Moms. Upcycle egg cartons to store delicate ornaments.

20. Egg Carton Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon bits get tangled really easily. We are loving this solution from! Look for a clear egg carton, and put the leftovers into the carton to keep them separated until you are ready to use them.

21. Print and Gold Gift Box

Don’t have a gift box? Have no fear. You can fold one using craft paper with this tutorial from Picklebums. Looks pretty cool!

22. Video: 10 Life-Hacks For Christmas

Christmas Tips, Recipes and Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

What is your best Christmas hack? Comment below! 

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  1. It is great to have activities ready to go for Christmas day and winter break too. I always stock up before the holidays so that the kids aren’t bored!

  2. I love the peppermint play dough idea. I never thought of it and it bet it just smells fabulous while they play:) . Thanks for these great Christmas hacks and fun ideas for this chaotic time of year!