You don’t need to spend a ton of time or buy fancy products to get your house spic-and-span. These deep cleaning hacks will help you make the most out of your time, and your wallet!

deep cleaning hacks and tips - Kids Activities Blog - collage of deep cleaning ideas including cleaning LEGOs, ceiling fans, homemade cleaner, microwave deep cleaning, dog on floor and hand soap
We have so many amazing deep cleaning hacks that will help you keep your house in order and clean.

Deep Cleaning Hacks and Tips

Use Items You Already Have Around The House In Your Deep Cleaning. Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated or intense…even though the word “deep” implies that. Basically you want to remove dirt, mildew, mold, pet hair, durst and anything else that has built up over time.

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What I love about this list is that many of the things you need to complete this overall scrub are things you already have at home to clean your house, sometimes better than store bought products.

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1. Cleaning With Baking Soda and Vinegar Hacks

Raid your pantry! Check out all the things you can do with baking soda, from One Crazy House, or the ways you can use vinegar (also from One Crazy House).

They are both way better (and cheaper!) than powerful chemicals. White vinegar has so many uses. Did you know you can clean really dirty grout with baking soda, vinegar and an old toothbrush? Use a microfiber cloth and warm water to get rid of the residue left the easy way.

2. Heat Water And Oils To Clean Your Microwave

Don’t work up a sweat scrubbing dried food from your microwave. Heat a bowl with vanilla extract and lemon. The steam will help release the food.

Deep Cleaning Hacks - collage of three photos of LEGOs in a mesh going into the washing machine, pillow cover on a ceiling fan and homemade cleaner
Did you know you should clean your child’s toys?

The lemon cleans and the vanilla releases a soothing scent! Add a tablespoon of vinegar and add the microwave liquid to a spray bottle and you’ll have DIY homemade Febreze! It will freshen up the room.

3. Use Wet Paper Towels To Clean Your Waffle Iron

Steam clean your waffle iron using wet paper towels.  Let it simmer for a min or two then wipe.  The crumbs and sticky residue will be lifted and easier to wipe off. Loving this idea from Momma’s Spot On.

4. Cleaning Tips For Cleaning LEGOs

Get rid of the grime on those treasured Legos with a wash cycle in clothes washer, with this idea from Gettin’ By. Use a lingerie bag to contain the pieces.

5. Rubber Glove Hacks To Clean Your Carpet

Deep Cleaning Hacks - gloved hand on carpet before and after including a handful of carpet remanents
This is such a cool deep cleaning hack. Who knew you could use rubber gloves this way.

After you vacuum with your vacuum cleaner, use static electricity to collect the bits left in the crevices. Rub a rubber gloved hand along the edges. You will be surprised at how much you will be able to collect. The lint sticks to the glove as you rub! This one of many cleaning tips from One Crazy House.  

This works great for pet hair and all that extra carpet excess that can happen even with not-so-new carpet. Paired with a lint roller you can decrease a trip to the trash can. Oh, and try this method on your area rugs too.

DIY Cleaning Solutions Are The Best!

6. DIY Magi Blue Cleaner 

This DIY Magic Blue Cleaner, from Skip To My Lou, is amazing! It gets rid of soap scum and oil buildup like none other! Mix dish detergent with vinegar. Let it sit and then use a clean sponge or clean rag in a circular motion to clean up your bathroom. From shower curtain to tub sparkling to cleaning to toilet bowl scrubbing, you can try this easy homemade cleaner with a basis of dish soap.

7. Cleaning Sponges and Rag Hack

Sponges getting stinky? Or your microfiber cloths? Dampen them, and then stick your sponges and cloths into the microwave for thirty seconds. The heat will kill the smelly bacteria.

8. Vegetable Shortening Hack For Cleaning Build Up In The Kitchen

Fight oil with oil! Vegetable shortening is great to get rid of kitchen buildup. The pic above is our fridge, the streak is after we wiped two strokes with a rag and shortening. It’s lovely! If you have stubborn burnt spots, mix oil with baking soda for extra cleaning power.

Video: Plastic Bag Trick and Trashcans

9. Plastic Shopping Bag Hacks

Plastic Bags are great! Reuse them as trash bags. The smaller bag will mean you will take it out more often, saving on odors, and you are reusing a shopping bag at the same time! Here are another 38 things you can do with a plastic shopping bag, from One Crazy House.

10. Recipes For Homemade Cleaners

If you like the idea of DIY cleaning supplies as much as we do, check out some more recipes for homemade cleaners. It’s such a great way to clean your home like professional cleaners, but without the foul odors of chemicals.

11. Lemon and Salt Cleaning Hack 

Deep Cleaning Hacks - text, make sinks shine - steps to cleaning your sink with a lemon and ice
Lemon and salt are so great for cleaning.

Lemons and salt are all you need to make your stainless steel sink shine. Perk:  After you wiped out the kitchen sink, chop up the lemon and run it through the garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal will be clean and your kitchen will smell wonderful because of the lemon juice!

12. Rubbing Alcohol Hacks To Get Rid Of Permanent Marker

Deep Cleaning Hacks - remove marker with hand sanitizer
It’s easy to clean up highlighter and permanent marker.

Rubbing alcohol will get rid of permanent marker stains. We have used rubbing alcohol with a magic eraser to get rid of permanent marker off of our wood floors.

Hand-sanitizer and highlighters both have similar properties, and are easy to use if you don’t have rubbing alcohol on hand or want something slightly less harsh/concentrated.

Deep Cleaning Hacks - collage of cleaning ideas including vacuum, washing machine, keyboard cleaning, vents,  microwave
Did you ever consider cleaning your keyboard? There are so many things we forget to clean.

Clean Smarter, Not Harder With THese House Cleaning Hacks

13. Create A Cleaning Schedule

This idea from Modern Parents Messy Kids is brilliant… Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it!

14. Vacuuming Crevice Trick

Are you trying to vacuum in tiny crevices?  Use Fooyoh‘s method of utilizing a ketchup or glue lid to help direct the suction.

Hacks For The Home - text 20 hacks for moms - collage of different ideas for making life easier at home
We have so many great deep cleaning tips!

15. De-Gunk Your Washing Machine

No more musty washer! De-gunk your washing machine with vinegar in one empty cycle, bleach in another, from Somewhat Simple – Check the link for more specific instructions.

16. Tips On Cleaning Your Keyboard

Use a makeup brush to clean debris from the crevices of keys on the keyboard. Design Mom has many other tips on how to clean tech devices.  

Deep Cleaning Hacks - Deep cleaning tips #9 - water, vanilla, lemon microwave on high and then wipe micro clean
Hot water and lemon will help you clean your microwave!

17. Wax Vents To Keep Dust Away

Wax vents to keep dust from piling up on them, with this idea from Ask Anna. It takes awhile, but the dust won’t stick in the future, and will make dusting a breeze! 

18. Great Potty Training Hacks To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Potty-training your kiddos? You have to check out these potty-training tips from The Spohrs are Multiplying

Use puppy pads underneath a set of sheets to help protect mattresses and make clean-up easier in the middle of the night.

Have the bed made below the puppy pad – if they have an accident remove the top sheet, and the pad, and go back to bed.

19. Make Up Cleaning Hacks With Playdough

Collect the bits of eye shadow and other powdery substances from your bathroom drawers using play dough. Perk to this drawer cleaning method: The shiny dough is fun to play with after you are done cleaning!

Deep Cleaning Hacks - collage of pet pad, soap and  playdough
Did you know you can use playdough to clean up?

Home Cleaning Hacks and Tricks

20. A Collection Of Cleaning Hacks

If you’re a fan of our cleaning hacks, you have to check out our collection of Hacks for the Home.

21. Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Course

We have tons of cleaning tips and inspiration to take your spring cleaning to the next level this year! Also, if you’re ready to organize the entire house, you have to try this declutter course, from Your Modern Family! It’s perfect for busy families.

22. Clean Your Ceiling Fan With An Old Pillow Case

I have been doing this for years. Take an old pillow case and put it over your ceiling fan blade and wipe the dust into the case. That way it doesn’t get everywhere.

Deep Cleaning Hacks printable - tips spelled out for different ways to easily deep clean
These are great deep cleaning hacks!

More Cleaning Hacks and Tricks From Kids Activities Blog:

Comment below with your favorite cleaning hacks!

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