Wicked Easy Make-Up Tips & Fun Hacks

I have a confession. I am not a make up gal… which is exactly why I *love* makeup hacks that help me look my best at a fraction of the effort and/or cost. Here are some of the best makeup tips I could find! Many of these I use in my own “beauty” routines.

Make up hacks and tips for kids who love color - colorful hair from the back shown with three colors of lipstick: green, red and blue
Let’s look at some colorfully fun make-up tips!

Makeup Tips

Not everyone is super great at putting on makeup and beautifying. It was never something personally important to me until I was older and realized I would like try to work on my appearance.

Luckily the internet is available and I was able to scour it for the best beauty hacks I could find and I wanted to share them with you! These makeup ideas are perfect for those who are not proficient in this realm.

Some of these DIY makeup tips are as easy as making a simple purchase, some require a little more work.

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Makeup Ideas, Beauty Hacks, and DIY Makeup Tips

1. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Hair. This is a fun “school-spirit-week” idea.  Brush damp hair and use chalk pastels. Wet the pastels and run them through the hair in strips. When you are finished, take a fine toothed comb and brush through the hair to remove clumps. We suggest that you not wear white with this hair style – ha!

2. Crayon Lipstick

Why wear pink lipstick when you can wear any color you can imagine? This is a fun recipe to make lipstick from crayons. This is one of my favorite beauty hacks. I really like lipstick and making my own, any color, is super awesome.

Beauty hacks to make your teeth whiter

Beauty Hacks To A Better Smile

3. Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste believe it or not, serves a purpose. I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that. This find has become a daily ritual because it is gentle enough to use everyday. You will see a noticeable difference in the matter of a few days.

4. Lip Plumping Gloss

Lip Plumping Gloss. This crazy-cool stuff is clinically proven to stimulate collagen production and achieve full, shapely lips in only 28 days with daily use. We have seen results much quicker. The clear can be worn over lipstick. This set is packaged with the tooth-whitening paste mentioned above at a great price.

16 Beauty and makeup hacks that you will wonder how you survived with out them

5. Beauty Hacks: Fix Broken Makeup

When your make-up breaks don’t throw it out.  Here are solutions on how to bring new life to the broken and old:

This is a great way to revive broken caked makeup like foundation or eye shadow.  All you need is plastic wrap and rubbing alcohol.

Transform your pads of eyeshadow into cream shadow.  It will last longer on your eyes, and is kid proof.  You can drop it on the floor and it won’t shatter into a powder puff.

6. DIY Blush Recipe

Blush.  Do your kids use a TON when they are playing dress-up?  Mine do!  Solution:  Make your own by the cupful. This is an easy  all-natural blush recipe. Looking for a stain instead of a powdered blush?

7. DIY Pressed Bronzer

Here is a recipe making DIY pressed bronzer from a number of different things like: cinnamon, beet root powder, nutmeg, etc.

8. Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Get rid of eye makeup naturally – All you need, according to You Beauty, is coconut oil and cotton pads – I add a drop of lavender oil and Vitamin E to my coconut oil so it smells yummy and helps protect my skin.

9. Makeup Hack: Turn Eyeshadow Into Lipstick

Have your eyes match your lips with this fun makeup trick. Grab a tiny bit of the powder from your eye shadow and mix it with a lip base (like Chapstick). The results are chic.

10. Pigment Tutorial For Nails

And why stop at your eyes and lips matching. Add your nails to make a fun trio.  Here is a tutorial that uses eye pigment and clear nail polish to create a fun coordinated look.

11. Jamberry Sheets

Love nails that last forever? Try out Jamberry Sheets. Our kids love them. Plus, if you’re like me and you’re not great at nails, these are perfect!

12. DIY Makeup Tips: Fiber Mascara Hack

So cool! I have been in love with the Fiber Mascara, you can replicate that look with a fraction of the cost using baby powder.

all the make up hacks you didnt know you were missing in one place

13. DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Don’t have glitter nail polish on hand? Mix up your own sparkly polish – these are super cool! We need to try this.

14. DIY Lip Stain

Make a lip stain that will last for a couple of hours. All you need is a packet of koolaid. Looks great and tastes yummy (hint: use toothpaste to scrub the stain off your finger tip when you are done with your lips).

15. Easy French Tips

Got a chip in your nail polish? Embrace it and go french tips. Use a rubberband as a guide while painting french tips onto the edge of your nails – this genius tip came from Paper Raindrops.

16. 12 Eyeliner Tutorials

Looking for a new look?  Here are twelve variations to your eye shadow and liner that can spruce up your look.

17. Kool Aid Hair Dye

So fun! I love color-tips for your hair! What a fun flair! Dye your hair with Koolaid.

18. Video: DIY Makeup Ideas

Some of the really nifty tips from the video include:

Use a business card to keep mascara off the top lid of your eye.  Hold it up to block your brush from smudging the lid.

Get perfect eyeliner lines.  Use a piece of tape, you can see where the lines are going to be – super helpful if you are glasses dependent.  Tape the lines, check them, glasses off and line it in.

Make a tinted moisturizer.  Use your favorite face cream (or sunscreen) and add a little glop of foundation.  Mix together and you have a lotion that evens your skin tone while keeping the rays off.

19. Pretend Makeup Sets

Why wear it, when you can fake it! Let your little girls put make up on the same time as you in these faux makeup sets. Just fill old makeup containers with nail polish, give your kids a brush and they have fun, join mom in the morning routine, only with none of the mess.

20. Peel Off Base Coat

Genius! Don’t use nail polish remover with all it’s chemicals on your kids. Make the nail polish peel-able. Use a base coat of school glue prior to painting.

21. DIY Tinted Sunscreen

Make your own sunscreen, or adapt existing sunscreen to become a darker color.  Perfect for ethnic skin tones who want to avoid the chalky look that some sunscreens give or for faking a tan.

twenty one makeup hacks and tricks for every mom

22. Beauty Hacks: Easy Nail Polish Removal

Are you paranoid that your kids are going to spill the nail polish remover and destroy your wood floors or something? I am! This is a genius hack that will save several hairs from turning gray. Use a sponge and a small jar. Wet the sponge with the remover. Stick fingers into it. No spills.

23. DIY Vitamin C Mask

Vitamin C serum is great for your skin – helps lessen lines, discolorations and give you a fun glow. I’ve been using this recipe to make my own Vit. C serum for years.

24. Video: Cheat Your Foundation

When you start with amazing skin, you won’t need much on top! We adore using a polishing peel that can change the way you feel about your skin in just 5 minutes – it is like a gentle, at-home microdermabrasion!

More Beauty Hacks, DIY Makeup Tips, and Makeup Ideas

We have even more make up ideas and beauty hacks you will love!

Which beauty hack are you into? Do you have any you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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