Being a sports mom isn’t easy. There are practices, games, gear washing, injuries, but it is so worth it. And we have gathered some great ideas, tips, and hacks, to help you be the very best sports mom. Whether your child is playing basketball, football, cheerleading, golf, and any sport in between, we can help you be the ultimate sports mom!

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- with car organization, water proof bags, and labels- kids activities blog
Let’s be the ultimate sports moms!

Sports Mom Hacks, Tips, and Ideas

Sports season is here! That means lots of exercise, lots of time running to and from practices and games, lots of cheering and encouraging and lots and lots of team colors and team spirit.

Make this action-packed season easier on yourself with some of these Tricks to Be the Best Team Mom.

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Sport Season Tricks and Tips

1. Tips and Tricks For Washing Sports Gear

Sport Equipment can get stinky, very stinky. Use these tricks to wash your kiddos sport gear and make it fresh in no time!

2. Fun Sport Themed Tape

Tape it up! This fun sport-themed tape is great for decorating lockers, notebooks and more!

3. Car Organization Ideas For Games and Practices

If you are living in your car between practices, games, and fast-food runs you will love these car organization ideas to help keep you just a touch more sane.

4. Free Printable Sports Themed Labels

Encourage your athlete! Drop a sweet pack of tic-tacs with encouraging messages on them into their gym bag. You can print the labels for free.

5. Waterproof Bag For Sports Gear

Do you have a ton of gear to carry hither and yon, even in rain, even through a muddy football field? You’ll love having a waterproof bag to carry your gear.

6. Sports Themed Ties

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- sports themed ties with numbers, stars, stripes, blue red green- kids activities blog
These sports ties are perfect for game days.

Do your kids have to dress-up on game days? Mine did! Create team-themed ties for your kids. All you need is iron-on felt and your teams colors!

How to Celebrate your Team

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- tshirt ties, check list, jersey quilt- kids activities blog
Don’t forget your game day check list!

7. Throw A Football Party

Throw a football party! Here are 100 free printables related to football.

8. DIY T-Shirt Snaps

Make it easy to roll sleeves up and keep them out of the way, allowing your kids to focus on the game! These T-shirt Snaps are brilliant.

9. Sports Jersey Quilt Craft

Start now, collect all your kids jerseys from the teams they play in, before your kids leave for college have them sewn into a quilt full of memories!

10. Sports Bag Check List

This is a game-changer! Seriously, if your kids are in more than one sport consider making a game or sport “packing list”. Laminate them, before you head out the door do a bag check to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Encourage your Athlete

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- sports encouragement messages, snacks, encouraging words on a soccer ball, and sports pillow- kids activities blog
Remind your little athlete how awesome they are!

11. Notes Of Encouragements For Your Athlete

Keep cramps at bay AND cheer your kids on with some fun bananas. Write messages on the banana peels with either a pen, or even a toothpick for a quick pick-me-up.

12. Decorating Sports Snacks

Commemorate your kids favorite sport, or team by decorating a snack pack. These are fun for any lunch bag!

13. Commemorative “You Can Do It” Ball

Did your kids make it to the team championships?  Encourage them to keep doing their best with a commemorative “You can Do It” ball filled with messages cheering them on!

14. DIY Sport Shirt Pillows

At the end of the year, take one of your kids old jerseys and stuff it – making the sport shirt into a pillow!  Your kids will have sweet dreams with it of a future filled with wins!

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- encourage your athlete with a sweets back with pretzels, suckers, and gum- kids activities blog
This sports bag is totally sweet!

15. Sweet Sports Goodies Bag

Get cute and sweet!  As your kids head off on the bus for an away-game, give them a bag of goodies pushing them on!

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- turn a baggy jersey into a form fitting dress- kids activities blog
From loose to fab!

15. Sports Jersey Dress Tutorial

Transform an oversized jersey into a dress.  Check out this sports-themed tutorial to learn how.

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- sports motivational quote poster- kids activities blog
I believe in you!

16. DIY Motivational Poster

Keeping on when the going is rough, is often the hardest thing! Make a motivational poster for your kids room. This one was made by a kid!

17. Sneaker Hack To Keep Sports Shoes Tied

Keep shoes tied longer and tighter with this sneaker hack.  Now you know why shoes have that extra lace hole!

How to be the Best Team Mom

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- sports equipment organization ideas, framed jersey, dirty hat, donuts- kids activities blog
Those donuts look delicious!

18. DIY Wall Score Board

Are your kids looking forward to each game and tracking the score? Join them with a DIY wall-scoreboard.

19. How To Frame A Sports Jersey

Did your kids make it to the state championships? What a great way to commemorate their big win than with a frame for their room, a new home for their jersey to rest!

20. How To Wash Your Child’s Sports Cap

Sports Caps get gross, fast!  Here is a way to wash your kids favorite cap without ruining it’s shape.

21. DIY Sports Themed Donuts

Grab a tube of gel food coloring next time you get donuts for the team.  Decorate the donuts with ball-lines.

Sports Mom- Sport hacks and tricks- DIY crazy fan shirt with multiple colors- kids activities blog
Make your own crazy fan shirt!

22. DIY Crazy Fan Shirt

Cheer your child on while wearing their team colors and jersey number! Make your own crazy fan shirts!

23. Personal Sports Pod

Is it cold where you are, bone chilling cold? And your kids don’t feel it as they are running and playing, but during games you are freezing?  Get one of these Under the Weather Pop-ups. They will help.

24. Best Baseball Mom Hacks

Want some baseball mom hacks? We have them!

25. What To Do When Your Child Isn’t Athletic

Check out this article on what to do when your child is not athletic!

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What sports mom hacks and tricks do you have?

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