Who knew you could do so many things with spare socks! No more trashing them when one gets lots, try one of these fun ways to play, learn and craft with spare socks!

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Play With Spare Socks

1. Party Dress Made From A Sock

Give your dolls a fun party dress-sock with some simple snipping of a frilly little girl sock!

2. Baby Sock Coin Purse

Turn those adorable baby socks into sweet coin purses. I love that these provide so many cute patterns and colors to spruce up your purse!

3. Miss-Matched Sock Swiffer

Do you have a Swiffer-type broom? You can’t stop buying refills and use your old miss-matched socks instead!

4. Colorful Sock Scarf

If you have a lot of lone socks with no pairs with similar colors, you can create an adorable scarf or even mitten sleeves using this fun tutorial!

5. Sock Drawstring Bag

Here is a fun way to make a drawstring bag out of a sock. A fun way for kids to get a lot of playtime out of a simple single sock.

games with socks

Games With Socks

6. Sock Math Game

Work on early math skills using socks! This is such a cute game and will certainly have your kids laughing and having fun as they learn.

7. Stretchy Sock Outdoor Game

Stretchy socks or leggings stuck on the foreheads for this fun outdoor game. This will keep them having fun in the yard for hours.  

8. Sock Worm

Get your markers out for this fun craft to make a sock worm! Your own decorating skills will make this craft as fun and unique as each child.

9. Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor snowball fight can get started with some leftover socks (hopefully white ones). Get the kids building cardboard forts and chucking socks at each other for a crazy fun afternoon.

10. Sock Play Tunnel

Construction a play tunnel for your baby using socks and a cardboard box. This is such a unique way for sensory play and it’s so simple to construct at home.

11. Fishing For Socks

Go fishing for socks with this adorable game. Turn your colorful mismatched socks into little fishies and watch how this mom shows you how to make a fun game for the kids out of them!

12. Sock Monkey

This is a fun and easy way to make your own sock monkey! It’s a cute way to come up with your own personalized stuffed animal.

toys made out of socks

Toys Made From Socks

13. Sock Dolls

If your kids still haven’t let the Frozen movie go, make this adorable Olaf inspired  doll using socks.

14. Monster Sock Puppets

Rawr! The monsters are taking over, check out this fun way to make a monster puppet with fuzzy socks.

15. Minion Sock Doll

We’re majorly impressed with this Minion inspired sock doll. So many ways to dress them up and move their little eyes around until you have a whole legion of them!

16. Sock Horse

If your kids love to ride horses around, make them a sock horse with this cute tutorial. So much fun to be had.

17. Homemade Sock Dragons

For training or for sabotaging princesses, these homemade sock dragons are so much fun for imaginative play.

18. Sock Snake

Sew socks together to make this amazing snake! It can be as short or as long as your children desire and all the colors will make fun addition to any child’s room.

19. Colorful Stuffed Chicken

Use colorful toe socks to make this fun stuffed chicken. We’re obsessing over the rainbow colors of this toy!

20. Sock Puppet Show

This is a fun way to make sock puppets for your kids. Puppet show happening tonight!!!

toys from socks

Fun Ways To Play With Socks

21. Princess Sock Doll

Spark your child’s imagination by making this fun princess sock doll. She’s beautiful and squishy in all the best ways.

22. Sock Fine Motor Skill Play

Use socks for fine motor play on the go!  This is an easy game to pack in a bag to take on trips to keep your kids entertained.

23. Toy Horse Using Old Socks

For your little cowboys and girls make these horse on a stick toys using old socks! So cute and fun to ride around on.

24. Bubble Snake Sock Game

We’re so impressed with this bubble snake game, you’ll be amazed at what a big line of bubbles you can make with your socks!

25. Cute Sock Caterpillar Game

Read the caterpillar book and then have fun retelling the story with this cute sock game!

jazz up your socks

Fancy Sock Ideas

26. Tie Dye Socks

Dress up your socks with this color run tie-dye activity. A fun way to make socks as unique as you.

27. Rainbow Striped Socks

Your kids will love these rainbow striped socks. Extra points if you use knee socks for some high reaching fun.

28. Sock Fingerless Gloves

Turn your cutest socks into fun fingerless gloves. So fashionable for those cold days outdoors.

29. Non-Slip Socks

If your kids are always sliding around at home, use this fun craft to make your own non-slip socks! The kids will love decorating them too!

30. Dinosaur Socks

These dinosaur socks have to be the cutest thing we’ve seen all week! Obsessing!!!

31. Polka Dot Sock Pattern

We are loving all the polka dot patterns you can do on socks with this fun marker decorating activity. So much cute!

what to do with spare socks

Decorating With Spare Socks

32. Sock Bun

Give yourself a cute new hairstyle with this sock bun idea! Such an easy way to fix your hair but it looks so cute for the whole day!

33. Sock Heating Pad

Soothe those sore muscles or just keep from getting too cold in the wintertime with his homemade heating pad made from socks!

34. Sock Dryer Balls

Save yourself time and money by using socks to make your own dryer balls, these help your clothes dry faster and can even have nice scents depending on how you make them.

35. Harry Potter Missing Socks

This mom definitely wins cool points for making a Harry Potter inspired laundry room. Her solution for missing socks is just way too cute and thematic.

36. Socks To Treat Ear Pain

We were amazed at how this mom used a sock to treat ear pain in her kids! You’ll have to see how she did it here.

37. Toy Donut Sock

Spruce up your child’s toy kitchen with these adorable toy donut socks. They look tasty enough to eat!

38. Sock Stopper

Save money by stopping that under the door draft using this fun tutorial for a sock stopper!

39. Sock Wreath

Go all out with the sock decorations when you make this cute wreath from spare socks. Your neighbors will never know.


40. Sock Lap Belt

This sock lap belt is a great sensory tool for active kiddos. From the scent to the texture it will keep those fidgeting kids still for a bit longer.

wrapping gifts with socks

Gifts From Socks

41. Sock Care Packages For The Homeless

When packing care packages for homeless, be sure to include a lot of socks for cold nights! This is such a great way to teach your kids compassion too.

42. Colorful Potted Pots

Make your potted plants look one step cuter by covering the pots with colorful socks! We love all the patterned possibilities here!

43. Sock Cell Phone Holder and Wallet

If you have lots of old socks lying around upcycle them into little cell phone holders and wallets. So cute and a great way to remember your child’s smaller days.

44. Sock Wine Bottle Gift Wrap

This is such a fun two-fold sock gift, wrap a wine bottle in a cute pair of knee socks for a hostess gift, or even a Christmas or holiday present. Perfect for a night of relaxation for your friend.

45. Sock Holder For Cans

Give  your soda cans an extra dose of cute with this cozy little sock holder for cans. It’s a great way to keep them cool in the Summertime too.

socks as gifts

46. Sock Bouquet

This is a fun way to craft with socks and doubles as a creative gift for the men in your life! She made a sock bouquet and it is utterly adorable.

47. Sock Cupcakes

For a cute little birthday gift make sock cupcakes. These would also be fun party favors if you don’t want to go the sugar and candy route. I’ve yet to meet a little girl that didn’t love wild socks!

48. Sock Babies

Sweet little decorations for a baby shower, these sock babies are easy to make and will definitely be the talk of the party.

49. Fun Spare Socks

Who knew there were so many fun things you can do with spare socks!  Time to dig through the laundry basket and start having fun!

50. Cozy Sock Spa Day Gift

Cozy socks make a great gift. And this cozy spa day gift is great for birthday parties, Christmas, Baby shower favors and more.

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Aren’t these sock crafts so cool?

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