10 Gadgets To Make Traveling With Babies A Breeze

If you are looking to equip yourself with the best gear around for traveling with a baby – here is the perfect list from experienced baby travelers. Here are the gadgets you will want in your travel bag to make your trip smooth.

10 Gadgets To Make Traveling With Babies A Breeze - 5 pictures of equipment and gadgets for traveling with baby
Traveling with baby just got much easier…

Genius Gadgets To Make Traveling With Babies A Breeze

Traveling with a baby sounds scary… especially if you are going to be on an airplane or in a car for a long period of time.

There is some great advice out there about how to keep them happy and calm during your trip, but today I want to talk about the stuff.

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Go Pod travel activity center for baby

1. Portable Baby Activity Station

Go Pod – This lightweight, fold and go activity station is perfect for babies inside and outdoors. It features tiny velcro loops where you can secure toys for them to play.

Flye Baby air plane hammock for baby to sleep

2. Portable Baby Hammock for the Flight

Flye Baby – This baby hammock perfect for air travel attaches to the tray table in front of you and around your waist.

Sky Baby - shown with baby on lap of adult asleep

3. Share Your Plane Seat with Sleeping Baby

Sky Baby – Since your baby will likely share a seat with you, this padded mattress fits right on your lap so they can fly comfy the whole ride AND be seat belted in.

4. Travel with Your Own Drying Rack and Bottle Washer Set

Travel Drying Rack and Bottle Washer – This entire baby bottle washing station folds up and fits in your diaper bag.

Portable High Chair shown on dining room chair with baby inside

5. Portable High Chair for Baby

Portable High Chair – This comfy, portable high chair folds up super small so you can always keep it with you. Perfect for a trip to Grandma’s house so you don’t have to pack the whole high chair!

Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer

6. Car Bottle Warmer is Plain Genius

Car Bottle Warmer – When your baby wants a bottle, it wants it NOW. Don’t worry about finding somewhere to warm it up, just keep this car warmer in your diaper bag.

Ear Planes

7. Baby Ear Plugs for Planes, Trains…and More

Children’s Ear Plugs – The earPlanes are a hypoallergenic silicone earplug for kids 1-10 that help relieve clogging and ear discomfort by regulating air pressure.


8. Travel Baby Laundry Packets

Dreft Sink Packets – Add this to a sink of water and hand wash baby clothes anywhere.

cushion for seat belt

9. Baby Grew Up & Needs a Nap in the Car

Strap Cushion – Once they get old enough to be out of a harness seat, add this to their seatbelt so they’re able to nap in the car comfortably.

Emergency Urinal

10. Must Have for Potty Training while Travling

Emergency Urinal – If you are taking a long road trip with kids that have to use the potty every few minutes, this is crucial! They have both a boy and girl version.

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  1. Leigh-Ann Draheim says:

    Flye Baby and Sky Baby are not safe.

    Flye baby puts baby into a position of being your personal air bag, AND tray tables hardly hold them selves up let alone a wiggly infant.
    Sky baby – not crash tested and again puts baby in the crush zone.

    Its only safe for babies to ride in their carseats on the plane!

    Ear plug things – pointless because airplanes are properly pressurized now, the ear issue is a thing of the past.

    Last one, the seatbelt cover – again not crash tested, not safe. It will compress in a crash leaving the seatbelt too loose. If the belt digs into the child’s neck, they are too small to be without a booster seat anyway.

    Most of the other products are just pointless.

  2. I just want to comment that the ear plugs are not pointless, no matter how properly pressurized the airplane is, some people are just very sensitive … I cannot handle the landing without earplanes (and sometimes takeoff isnt tolerable without them either) … i will be in so much pain that I’ll be in tears without them … the second time I flew this freaked my parents out a bit (this was barely 3 years ago). The first time I traveled and it was long long ago, when the plane landed I couldn’t hear anything for a while (i was not with my parents) … everyone ears are different.

  3. Traveling with babies are often very unsafe. We always have to look after them for their safety. Because the environment around them are not friendly to babies. But their safety can be ensured by some of these gadgets above. These gadgets are so useful that those has become so much popular among parents nowadays. So If you are thinking about traveling with your baby you must grab those gadgets.

  4. You’re going to have more issues in a plane crash than just having your baby act as an air bag. When in a crash the flier in the seat back tells you what to do. Also some car seats are huge & not practical for travel. I still think it’s a pointless purchase but I don’t think the safety risk is that significant

  5. Ear plugs don’t work for me or my kiddo….we both have very narrow ear canals and they just don’t stay put. However, both of our ears also HURT on the take-off and landing. He cried and I had a few tears leak out. It’s worse if I’m having allergies or a cold (which, inevitably, I will have on the return trip from anywhere.) But my ears crackle-pop just going to the 2nd or 3rd floor of a building (and again going back down!). I chew on very chewy candy like caramels or taffy, and fake yawn.

  6. Leigh-Ann Draheim I know you probably will not see this but you do realise that majority of the world and airlines especially in Europe YOU CAN NOT take a car seat/travel seat on the plane with you! That’s what this gadget is for, I know on some American airlines you can but I think you will find that its ONLY in America, so I’m guessing you have never travelled outside to or from another country, so you know for nearly all airlines in Europe you dont even get a seat for children under 2 they have to sit on a parents lap throughout the whole journey! If you think about it logically though if your plane is going down and is going to crash the last thing on your mind would be that your child is about to be your airbag but instead that those are the last moments that you will ever be holding your child while alive because more than likely everyone on the plane will die in a crash, we are not talking about a car crash where your chances of survival are more than likely! Your comment was very unrealistic to say the least.

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