Life with a little one can be tricky but these simple baby hacks can help make it a smoother ride. We have so much to do while raising a family and finding a few things here or there that can make our job easier is welcome. I love finding ways to do things easier and more efficiently!

16 New Baby Hacks To Make Life Easier

16 New Baby Hacks To Make Life Easier

No bib? No problem! Use a towel and a clothespin instead.

Or, use an old t-shirt for those little ones who are always pulling their bibs off. via Love and Marriage

Put those plastic toys in the dishwasher for a quick wash. via One Crazy House

Use a baby of rice to help with tummy time! This anchors the hips and makes it more comfortable for baby. via

Get those pesky boogers out of baby’s nose with the oogiebear. Sometimes the booger suckers just don’t work!

Cut a changing pad liner in half and place it in the carseat to save the seat from diaper blowouts! via Two Twenty One

Does it take forever to cut up little bite sized pieces of food? This little gadget makes it quick and easy.

If you left the carseat in the car and the buckles are too hot for baby, spray with a mist of water from a spray bottle. via Reddit

16 New Baby Hacks To Make Life Easier

For sore gums due to teething, freeze a little applesauce  onto a washcloth for them to chew on. via How Does She

Does your baby always grab your necklace and put it in their mouth? Let them! These special necklaces are just for that purpose.

Get spit up stains out of the baby clothes with this simple concoction. via My Life In Pink

Cover your doorbell with a Knock Knock Nanny to ward off guests that may be about to push the button and wake up your sleeping newborn.

16 New Baby Hacks To Make Life Easier

Grab small ketchup and condiment containers to hold pacifiers on the go to keep them from getting germs. via Lala

Don’t wake the baby when you shut the nursery door – grab a cushy closer to cover the latch.

Hang up those tiny baby pants using clothespins.  via Two Twenty One

Making a mess every time you put diaper cream on the baby? Use a Bum Brush instead.

See this dish towel bib hack from us!

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