These NERF hacks will save your sanity, especially if your kid is as obsessed with NERF as ours are. Playing with NERF guns is one of our favorite summer activity ideas, so get outside and have some FUN! NERF Hacks

NERF Hacks and Tips

Create a NERF battlefield in your own backyard with these simple tips. via Kids Activities Blog Make reloading a cinch with this epic dart belt hack. via Fireflies and Mudpies Use a pegboard to make storing your NERF guns a breeze. via Inspiration Made Simple This NERF target prize game is perfect for a party! via Frugal Fun 4 Boys Kids will love this DIY spinning target. via Inspiration Made Simple Make forts from boxes for an epic NERF showdown. via Silver and Pine If you’re throwing a party, give guests NERF gear bags with bandannas, sunglasses, and extra ammo. via I’ve Got Everything That I Need Make dart bandoliers from name badge lanyards. via unknown source NERF Hacks Use an over-the-door shoe rack to store NERF guns. via Moore Magnets Hang NERF guns from a wall rack with s hooks for convenient storage. via She’s Crafty Make a NERF wall fit for the zombie apocalypse. via unknown source Use duct tape to make a sturdy bandolier that you can use again and again. via Doodle Craft Improvise your own dart gun with a piece of pipe and a balloon. via Frugal Fun 4 Boys Make a velcro dart pouch to hold all your ammo! via The Blackberry Vine

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