Let’s find the best gift for your child’s teacher. Whether it is the start of the school year, end of the school year, Teacher Appreciation Week, the holidays, your teacher’s birthday or just as a teacher thank you…we have teacher gift ideas that are the perfect way to show your appreciation for your child’s teacher!

Teacher Gift Ideas with gift cards, crayon and chalkboard wreath, pencil holders painted to look like apples, paper and pencils, a thank you plant, and another gift card with a bow on it.
Let’s celebrate our kids’ teachers with the perfect gift!

Good Teacher Gifts Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time when you can really show your child’s teacher that you appreciate all their hard work. After all, they put up with YOUR CHILD all day and that is hard work! {Giggle}

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But for many of us, teacher appreciation week is also a little stressful because you feel pressure to participate with a great gift and you want to give your favorite teacher something that they will love and use! These teacher appreciation week gift ideas are great year round. There are many times throughout the year that your kid’s teacher deserves a little bit of encouragement through the perfect gift.

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Here is the stress-free way to give a thoughtful gift and celebrate your child’s teacher with some great teacher gift ideas that are as sure to please that are easy to give. These are some of our favorite gifts to give to our favorite teachers.

Cute teacher gifts like the thanks a latte starbucks cup gift card holder, thank for you helping me target gift card, it's been a treat dairy queen gift card, and candy jars.
These cute teacher gifts are simple to make!

Favorite Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers are so special to our children. These small tokens of appreciation are a great way to give back! These are the best teacher gifts!

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1. Give the Gift of Pens to Your Teacher

Teacher appreciation gift ideas - give the gift of succulent pens from Kids Activities Blog
This gift for a special teacher will get so much use!

This succulent gift idea is one of my all time favorite teacher appreciation gift ideas. Give pens for teacher appreciation! You know they will need them and no one will be able to accidentally take them from the teacher’s desk when they look like this!

2. Apple Themed Teacher Gifts

Create apple word art from So Festive, using the names from kids in the class. You can also use this apple word art generator and print and frame for your teacher to remember this year.

3. Hand Sanitizer Teacher Gift Tag

Teacher appreciation gift idea from The Nerds Wife - LEGO hand sanitizer with a printable note for teacher
What a cute way to thank your teachers!

Make LEGO hand sanitizer with a super cute printable card from The Nerd’s Wife! And you can easily make this easy gift and use it as a printable gift card holder – what a fun gift!

4. Crayon Wreath For Teachers

This teacher appreciation gift is from A Pumpkin and a Princess and is a lovely school supply wreath with a chalk board in the middle
Love this wreath made of school supplies!

A Pumpkin and a Princess chalkboard school supplies wreath is something they’ll use year after year! What cute ideas for the classroom or even the teacher’s office at home.

5. Teacher Gifts In A Jar

teacher gifts in a jar from Lil Luna - three homemade teacher gift jars with school supplies theme - ruled paper, no 2 pencil and apple paperclips
These homemade teacher gifts are the cutest!

These adorable gift jars from Lil’ Luna are perfect for organizing the classroom. I also love that the child can leave a handwritten note on the chalkboard area of each gift jar.

6. Personalized Teacher Pencil Sign

Personalized teacher gift for teacher appreciation that is a door sign with the teacher's name on it in the shape of a no 2 pencil from 3 Little Greenwoods
I love the idea of a customized teacher sign for the classroom door!

Make a personalized pencil holder that your teacher can hang on their door with this cute idea from 3 Little Greenwoods. If you don’t want to have this much DIY in your teacher appreciation gift, then look for pre-made signs that you could add the teacher’s name in fun ways.

7. Personalized Teacher Clipboard

teacher appreciation gift of personalized clipboard from The Celebration Shoppe
Let’s give teacher a personalized clipboard.

How adorable is this personalized clipboard from The Celebration Shoppe? It is one of my favorite great teacher appreciation gifts and works for teachers at all grade levels.

End of School Year Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, High School…College! Think of all those late nights of lesson plans and grading papers and be inspired with these teacher appreciation ideas.

8. Teacher Appreciation Printable

These adorable bags from Skip to My Lou are perfect for gift cards! This free printable tag says “Thank you for being you!” and works great with a gift card.

9. Gift Cards For Teachers

teacher appreciation gift idea - target gift holder in red and white with target that says "thanks for keeping me on Target"
Super cute Teacher Gift Card Holder Idea

What teacher wouldn’t love a Target gift card? Make an adorable gift card cover for it with this idea from Mama Cheaps. The free printable card says “Thank you for keeping me on Target”!

10. Mason Jar Teacher Gifts

Teacher appreciation gift of mason jar with goodies from Somewhat Simple
Love this cute gift idea from Somewhat Simple!

Forget the coffee mug! Fill a mason jar with candy bars and a gift card with these cute printables from Somewhat Simple. I love the “Thanks for being an incredi-BALL teacher! printable tag.

11. Apple For Teacher

An apple for my teacher - teacher appreciation gift idea from Sisters Suitcase to give an apple app gift card

Give an Apple gift card with this gift tag from Sisters Suitcase. This free printable tag says “an App(le) for my teacher” and pairs well with an app store gift certificate, some twine and a fresh apple! This is a fun way to show your appreciation to your elementary school or high school teacher.

12. Teacher Appreciate Cards

selection of printable gift tags for different types of gift cards perfect for teacher appreciation from Crazy Little Projects
These are a few of my favorite things…

How fun is this “treat” gift tag from Crazy Little Projects?! It would work for a Dairy Queen gift card, or any ice cream place along with some other ideas for favorite restaurants. Take up a collection and give a bunch from the whole class. Get your teacher their favorite things!

13. Teacher Appreciation Card Ideas

An Amazon gift card goes perfectly with this tag from FabuLESSly Frugal! We did this last year and it was a huge hit! These made such cute gift card holders.

14. Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

Jamba Juice gift card tags in cups for teacher appreciation week from Skip to My Lou and Tater Tots and Jello
Lots of teachers would love this idea!

How about a Jamba Juice gift card? This ideas from Skip to My Lou with Tater Tots and Jello is so cute! I love this gift at the beginning of the year to set the tone for good things to come.

Assembled Kit Teacher Gifts to Make

15. Starbucks Teacher Appreciation

You can’t go wrong if you give a Starbucks gift card! Loving this idea from Just Add Confetti!

16. Teacher Appreciation Sayings

fun candy bar wrappers for teacher appreciation from Crazy Little Projects
What is your teachers favorite candy?

How cute are these candy bar printable gift tags from Crazy Little Projects?! I love how customizable this unique gift is! Don’t have a printer? Then you can do handwritten notes.

17. Cute Teacher Gift Ideas

Baking supplies in a cute oven mitt is perfect for a teacher who loves to bake! Check out the tutorial on Eighteen 25. This is a gift with a personal touch! Give them their favorite baked goods.

18. Flip Flop Teacher Gifts

Pair flip flops with some nail polish and other pampering accessories for a pedicure-inspired gift idea from  Crazy Little Projects. You can use different colors for their nail polishes!

19. End Of The Year Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

end of school year summer basket for teacher appreciation from driven by decor
Teachers can kick off the summer with some fun!

Make Driven by Decor‘s awesome summer welcome kit with everything needed to roast marshmallows! This practical gift is a ton of fun and is exactly the right gift for an awesome teacher.

20. Nice Gift Ideas For Teachers

Thanks a bundt ch for all you do teacher appreciation tag from Eighteen 25
Go the extra mile to see your teacher smile…

This printable gift tag from Eighteen 25 is perfectly paired with a bundt cake! What school teacher doesn’t need more cake in their life? What a great way to celebrate teacher’s day.

21. Thank You For Helping Me Grow Teacher Printable

Teacher appreciation gift of succulent with free printable gift tag from Three Kids and a Fish
What cute teacher appreciation week ideas!

Give a succulent with an adorable gift tag from Three Kids and a Fish. Great teachers deserve the best teacher appreciation gifts. You can paint their favorite color on the jars.

22. Give the Gift of Homemade Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub teacher gift is so cute and looks just like our favorite candy. This is one of our favorite teacher gifts.

Cute teacher gift ideas like a personalized clipboard, bundt cake, pencil sign, and candies with cute tags.
We have so many cute teacher gift ideas like the personalized pencil sign.

Inexpensive Good Teacher Gifts

Look through your craft supplies and leftover school supplies or head to the Dollar Store because these teacher gifts can be made very inexpensively and don’t miss the free printables that can coordinate with the gifts for a personalized gift card too. Don’t overthink these gifts! It really is the thought that counts when you put thought into a gift:

  • Succulent pen and pen holder could be created for less than $3 from a pen set or leftover school supplies and a Dollar store fake plant – upcycle a container you have at home or a tin can.
  • Hand sanitizer gift could be created for less than $3 with inexpensive hand sanitizer gel and toys you have at home or pick up at second hand store or Dollar store.
  • Personalized Teacher Clipboard could be created for less than $1 if you can find a clipboard on sale.
  • Gift for Teacher Customization Ideas

Many schools and PTA organizations now have a list of teacher’s favorite items to make gift giving easier. If a teacher likes coffee, you can assume that a coffee themed gift will work too. Look through a teacher’s profile and find the unexpected and fun favorites and work off of that for a simple yet thoughtful gift.

More Gift Ideas & Fun for Teachers from Kids Activities Blog

What is your favorite teacher appreciation gift? If you have teacher gift ideas, please add them in the comments below!

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  1. One of my favorite gifts as a teacher were the gift cards to places near the school where I could buy lunch or a coffee. These seem to still be a hit with the staff we now have where I work as well.

  2. I love to buy my children’s teachers (and my friends) some Mr. Sketch poster markers or a nice Bulletin board stapler. Really useful for in the classroom. Although I loved it when a parent got me an assortment of the big lined post-it notes!

    1. That is a wonderful suggestion! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for all that you do as a teacher, Daletta!

  3. Great gift idea!Keep sharing more blogs with more useful information. Thank you for all of your amazing ideas and wisdom!