Today we have a fun shadow puppet craft that starts with printable animals cutouts that easily transform into puppets! Download, print, cutout and create the coolest animal shadows from your homemade shadow puppets. Kids of all ages can make their own custom shadow puppets at home or in the classroom.

(text) Printable Animal Shadow Puppets from Kids Activities Blog - cutout of animals: giraffe, dolphin, rhino and penguin
Let’s make shadow puppets!

Animal Shadow Puppets Craft for Kids

This super simple shadow puppet craft uses our free printable animal templates and popsicle sticks to create the simple shadow puppets.

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Download & Print Shadow Puppet pdf Files Here

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Supplies Needed to Make Shadow Puppets

Directions to Make Animal Shadow Puppets

Step 1

Step 1 - How to Make Printable Animal Shadow Puppets

Print out your free printable animal shadow puppet templates on white cardstock paper.

Tip: We used cardstock because it is sturdy and will help the shadow puppets stand up better, but you could print on regular paper and then glue a heavier paper onto the back to add stability to the animal puppets.

Step 2

Then cut out your shadow puppet animals with scissors. There are 14 animal puppets that range from fish to flamingos so there is bound to be something that all kids will enjoy!

Step 3

Step 3 - Printable Animal Shadow Puppets with solar light on white background
It is time for a shadow puppet show!

Glue (or tape) your animal puppets to the popsicle sticks. The higher you attach the popsicle stick to the back of the animal, the more sturdy the finished shadow puppet.

Printable Animal Shadow Puppets collage shown making shadows on the wall with light
Let’s host a shadow puppet show!

Finished Animal Shadow Puppet Show

Use your light to illuminate a wall and then place your puppets in between the light and the wall to create shadows of the animals. Then the kids can explore their creativity!

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Have you ever made shadow puppets with your kids?

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