Bright & Shiny Tin Foil Art Collage Craft for Kids

This aluminum foil art collage craft is awesome and works great as a simple art project for kids of all ages.  Using tin foil for crafting is an adventure! Aluminum foil is just so shiny and crinkly and makes a super simple art project at home or in the classroom.

tin foil collage - aluminum foil craft
Let’s make a collage out of tin foil!

Foil Art for Kids

Making a tin foil collage is a craft with aluminum foil that is so simple that even the youngest artist can get involved with colorful results. Older kids will love making art with aluminum foil because these simple craft supplies can turn into gorgeous works of art.

Make a Tin Foil Collage Craft

We have  played with tin foil  before and making a tin foil collage art project is one of my personal all-time favorite art activities we have done.

We did this craft project quite a long time ago, I think my kids were ages 3 and 4 here, but the results were so eye-catching we still have these hanging up on the rotating art display in their rooms. I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.

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Supplies Needed for Foil Art Project

Directions to Make Foil Art

Steps to make the foil art canvas - 4 images with the steps to fold the aluminum foil over cardboard for the art canvas
Steps to creating a tin foil canvas for your collage.

1. Create a Tin Foil Craft Canvas

Start by making your own foil canvas which will be the foundation of this project. To make your own foil canvases, cut any cardboard you have on hand in to the shape you would like your canvas to be (we used cereal boxes and a square shape):

  1. Wrap the cardboard in aluminum foil.
  2. Keep your folds nice and neat so you can tape the foil on the backside to keep it in place.

They had a blast going through all of the steps, I love how my kids threw themselves into this project.

aluminum foil craft
Let’s make reflective art!

2. Create Aluminum Foil Craft Art

The next step is to add color to the aluminum foil canvas – markers, paint, paper, etc.  There is no wrong way to go about this!

  • Kids will learn about layering the different types of color.
  • They can experiment with if they start with paint or put it on as the last layer.
  • Each thing they try will result in something magical and different.

Not only is this a great craft to do, but it is also a lot of fun to photograph. I love the way the light reflects off of the foil.

Our Experience with this Aluminum Foil Craft

I created this project with the hopes of occupying my littles for quite some time, so I broke it up in to segments

  • Creating the tin foil canvas.
  • Adding color with markers.
  • Painting the aluminum foil canvas (we did this with cork stamps & tempera paint, but you could use any combo here).
  • Preparing the collage materials (shredding paper, hole punching, etc. — aka, letting the paint set up a bit).
  • The fun part – adding the tissue paper, pom poms and hole punches – putting the aluminum foil craft together!

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How did your aluminum foil collage art project turn out? What types of materials did you use?


  1. Ohhhh, these are so pretty. I have never thought to use tin foil as a backdrop for a canvas. Awesome!! I love craft ideas where I have everything already on hand, and this fits the bill. I am going to share this on my Facebook page, The Golden Gleam.

    1. Thanks Rebekah, you are the best! These are my favorite kinds of projects as well

  2. Looks like she had a lot of fun. I love how you are letting her explore and create. Great work.

    1. Thanks Jodi, we have the most fun together when we’re creating

    1. thanks for the invite, I’ll have to stop by this week

  3. I LOVE this! The shiny-ness is wonderful! I’m going to pin it and share it today on my blog! (Let me know if that’s a problem!)

  4. Just saw this yesterday and threw the pallets together during nap time. Tried it with my group: ages 2 to 10, boys and girls and they all LOVED it and they came out beautiful! Thank you so much!

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