Babies love to explore and that includes using their mouths to taste just about everything which could even mean things like dirt and sand. I think that is why this one mom’s idea for edible sand is so genius and went viral on Tik Tok…

Making edible sand from TikTok/elleannachristine - bullet blender filled with cheerios on kitchen counter top
Make an edible sand pit using blended cheerios. Source: Screenshot TikTok/ElleAnnaChristine

As Elle Anna Christine, a mom in Illinois, shared on TikTok, simply take some plain Cheerios and turn them into a fine consistency using a blender. Since Cheerios are beige colored, the crushed up cheerios even look like sand.

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Inspired by her story, we thought it would be fun to try it ourselves and see if it actually works. <–spoiler alert: it did!

How to Make Edible Sand from Cheerios

This is such an easy sensory activity for babies, and one that will entertain them for hours. I wish I had thought of it when my kids were younger.

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Supplies Needed

*We found that the blending process really decreased the size of the Cheerios so the larger the box, the better if you want more than a handful or two of edible sand. Maybe a trip to Costco?

[Short] How to Make Edible Sand Video

Instructions for Making Cheerios Sand

Step 1: Edible Sand out of Cheerios - dry cereal in blender from above
Put the kids’ cereal in the blender!

Step 1

Start by dumping Cheerios into the blender. If you are doing a large bulk amount, you will want to do it in batches.

Blend in blender until smooth.

Step 2: Making edible sand from Cheerios in blender - pour the Cheerio sand into a deep baking dish for play
Make sure your baking dish is deep enough for play!

Step 2

Pour the edible Cheerio sand out into a deep baking dish for play. Glass may not be your best option, but it looked lovely for this picture.

Finished edible sand with sand toys in deep baking dish ready for play
Add some sand toys to your edible sand box!

Step 3

You now have an edible sand box for baby…probably not large enough for sitting inside, but add those sand toys!

Their Experience Making Edible Sand

Tada! Baby now has edible sand to play with. While that alone is genius, the mom also shared that she put the “sand” in a container, added in some beach toys, and voila, baby has a safe (and edible) sand pit to play with.

The baby got to explore the texture of the “sand,” and play with the toys, all while keeping busy. What a great way to entertain little ones!

Since the sand is actually Cheerios, parents don’t have to worry if the baby eats some of it too. As the video shows, the baby does try to eat some — along with trying out the toys too. After all, babies will be babies.

And what about when baby goes to the beach for the first time? Sure, they may try the “sand” — I know my kids did once upon a time — but they’ll learn rather quick that it’s not the same thing! In the meantime, they can play — and “eat” — as much Cheerio sand as they want.

As Elle also pointed out, “I live in Illinois so no sand around sadly.”

What the Internet Thought About Edible Sand

Screenshots from TikTok comments about how genius an idea: well if this isn't the most genius thing I have ever seen...ti bad my youngest is 6 now
Screenshot TikTok/ElleAnnaChristine

Our Experience Making Edible Sand

First, this sand smells super weird. I never thought about the distinct smell that Cheerios has, but when you grind it up it gets magnified significantly.

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Second, the finished edible sand is dusty especially at first. I would NOT give it to a baby right away and monitor the amount of dust that happens during play after it settles.

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Did you try making edible sand?

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  1. A pulmonary physician said the cheerios sand dust could end up in the baby’s lungs and be a serious problem. Has anyone had this problem?

  2. I am a Nanny and made this for my 18 month little boy. He loved it!! I used 2 family size boxes of Cheerios which made about 8 cups. It was also on sale which was even better. He usually puts everything in his mouth but would you believe he did not try it even once. Lol.

    1. Oh thanks so much for letting us know how it went for you Stephanie! That sounds amazingly fun. And it is so funny that THIS he did not try to eat.

  3. Cheerios sand? To all the young moms out there- please keep in mind that this is the age when you should begin to teach your child that not ‘everything’ belongs in their mouths. How confusing will it be when they encounter real sand–after all mom cheered and oohed and awed when they put the ‘other’ sand in their mouths.