Portable Felt Activity Binder

This portable felt activity binder is perfect to make and have on hand for travel, doctor appointments, car rides or just to have laying around the house. It would also fit in well with our group of ideas titled “11 Sleepy-Time Activities with Felt.” This activity works on shapes, colors, hand-eye coordination, memory, creativity and matching. I’ve made it easy for you by providing free printables and helpful affiliate links.  This portable felt activity binder or “busy book” was inspired by this portable activity kit by Mama Papa Bubba.

Felt travel book

What You Need To Make The Felt Activity Binder

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How To Make The Felt Activity Binder

  1.  Read the instructions on the back of the container for using spray adhesive. Spray the back of your white felt piece (9″ x 11″) and stick to the front inside of your binder.
  2. Print out the Felt Image Printable – Images include a pig, house, flower pot, snail, train, butterfly, person, school bus, sun, flower, bunny, fish, chick and boat. I printed mine out on heavier stock paper and utilized  the front and back of the paper, making it double sided. Slide the images into plastic paper protectors and put into the three ring binder.
  3. Print out the Shape Name Printables. Cut them to size (6″ x 4″) and slide into the front, see-through pouch of the binder bags. Each bag will be labeled 1) Circles & Hearts 2) Triangles and Diamonds 3) Flowers and Petals 4) Stars 5) Squares and Rectangles.
  4. Sort your foam shapes and add to the larger pocket of the appropriate binder bag.
  5. Print out the Front Binder Printable that says “My Felt Activity Binder” and slip into the front of the binder.

It’s now time for the kids to play. They can try and copy the images provided in the binder protectors or they can create their own images using their imagination and all of the felt pieces. My kids really enjoyed both options.

This Portable Felt Activity Binder or “Busy Book” is great for travel. If you are traveling with kids soon and need some more ideas, please visit these great posts: 10 Tips for Traveling with Children, Reward System While on Vacation, 12 Ways to Save Money Traveling with Kids During the Holidays, Ticket Countdown for Long Trips, and Pack a Surprise Bag.

Visual Instructions

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