We are always looking for healthy snack ideas for our kids, especially toddlers! These healthy snacks for toddlers are a fun way to keep them full while busy. Check it out.

15 Perfectly Healthy Snacks for Toddlers -  a collection of good toddler snacks that are easy to serve and healthy - pictured are 5 healthy toddler snacks from muffins to breakfast cookies.
Let’s make toddler snacks!

easy and yummy Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Oh, how we love those picky toddlers and the challenge we have finding healthy snacks for toddlers that they will actually eat! Good snacks for toddlers that are healthy, simple, and varied are the goal.

We found some great toddler snacks you can make right at home and keep around when your toddler is looking for a  quick bite to eat. Enjoy!

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Delicious Snacks For Toddlers

1. Breakfast Balls

Breakfast balls, with oats, nuts, and fruit, perfect for breakfast on the go- kids activities blog
Breakfast balls are yummy, sweet, and great on the go.

Breakfast Balls are not just for breakfast! They are the perfect snack to keep around for little ones.

2. Carrot and Brown Sugar Muffins

My son ate these carrot and brown sugar muffins by Love and Marriage, all the time! The fun part is that you get to sneak in the goodness of carrots without them knowing!

3. Green Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

Sneak in some spinach in this delicious green kiwi smoothie recipe kids will surely love!

4. Healthy Veggie Popsicles

These varieties of veggie popsicles are a great idea for making kids’ popsicles full of veggies. My favorite is the carrot mango recipe!

5. Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Bites

Cheesy veggie quinoa bites with peas, peppers, in a muffin tin
This cheesy veggie quinoa bite is full of protein, carbs, and veggies. Oh, and cheese, so good.

Mix together your favorite veggies with quinoa to make these healthy Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Bites by The Melrose Family. A bite-sized snacks kids can grab and go.

6. Blueberry Avocado Mini Muffins

These Avocado Blueberry Muffins from Baby Foode, sneak in the goodness of avocado without your kids ever knowing. These are perfect for younger toddlers.

7. Spider Snacks

This Spider Snacks is so fun! Use raisins, bananas, and flax seeds to create edible spiders.

8. Homemade Fruit Snacks

Make your own fruit Homemade Fruit Snacks (unavailable) by Honest To Nod to be sure they aren’t loaded with sugar!

9. Applesauce Fruit Roll-Ups

Apple Sauce Fruit Roll Ups made with applesauce and toddlers love it
This easy fruit leather has one ingredient…applesauce!

Make your own fruit roll-ups with this simple one-ingredient fruit leather recipe!

10. Blueberry Yogurt Gummies

These Blueberry Yogurt Gummies by Yummy Toddler Food uses blueberries and milk to make another healthy version of gummies.

11. Banana Bites

Oats and bananas are the main ingredients in this healthy toddler Banana Bites snack from Super Healthy Kids.

15 Perfectly Healthy Snacks for Toddlers
Yummy toddler snacks!

12. Frozen Yogurt Banana Dippers

Frozen Yogurt Banana Dippers by Oh Sweet Basil is such a simple idea that is so smart! Dip your bananas in yogurt and freeze.

13. Homemade Gogurt Snack

If you have ever wondered how to make these gogurt snack recipe, we have you covered and the toddlers are applauding!

14. Apple Cookies and Sandwiches

Kids Activities Blog- apples, peanut butter, coconut, and raisins to make apple cookies and apple sandwiches
Yum! Sweet, crunchy, tart, creamy, these apple cookies are the best.

Move over raw veggies, we’re all about that raw fruit and it is the best things. These fun apple cookies and sandwiches are great after-school treats for the entire family and toddlers will want to help make them!

15. Wild Birds Trail Mix

Mix together cranberries, raisins, seeds and more in this kid-friendly Wild Bird Trail Mix snack recipe from Baby Foode.

16. Baked Cucumber Chips Recipe

Baked Cucumber Chips recipe by Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen are surprisingly good! I think my kids would really enjoy these.

17. Apple Chips

Homemade Apple Chips Snack for Toddlers - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make homemade apple chips!

Let’s go healthy with this super easy-to-make healthy apple chips recipe! Toddlers will surely love to snack with it any time of the day.

18. Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars

These Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars from Our Family of Seven are really simple to create and keep around for an easy toddler snack.

More easy and yummy snacks for kids From Kids Activities blog:

Snack time! Try new foods! We have a great option even if you’re little one is a picky eater. Whole grains, fresh fruit, and maybe a little added sugar, perfect for little kids and big kids alike.

Psst… we have potty training tips from moms! or even what to do when your three-year-old won’t potty train! Or even tips for when your toddler won’t poop in the potty!

Which healthy snacks for toddlers are you going to try first? Let us know how it goes!

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