Keeping babies and toddlers busy in a constructive way can be a challenge! That is where these simple pom pom activities come to the rescue. With a handful of soft, squishy, fuzzy, inexpensive pom poms and a little set up, you can create hours of fun and exploration for 1 year olds, 2 year olds and beyond!

pom pom baby play activities - more than 20 ideas - collage of pom pom activities for toddlers
Let’s play with pom poms today!

Pom Pom Activities for Kids

I really recommend getting as many pom poms as possible <—affiliate link to a huge bag of 1000 pom poms!

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I always limited my pom pom use to art projects with kids, but you can really let kids play with pom poms in so many different ways.  Pom poms are the perfect thing to take out when you need to make dinner or when you need a quick activity!

Fun doesn't have to be complicated ~ 1 year olds will love these pom pom activities!

How to Set Up a Pom Pom Play Station

  • We piled our pom poms into a basket and created a space where my son could drop, sort, and stick pom poms!
  • But, his absolute favorite item was the milk carton.  I cut out an opening at the bottom of the milk carton and he dropped the pom poms through the top.  Then,  he could reach in and find  them through the opening.  He did it over and over and over!  It was such a simple activity, but he learned so much and had a blast.

More Baby & Toddler Activities with Pom Poms

1. Fine Motor Skill Game with Colorful Pom Poms

fine motor play with pom poms - clear water bottle shown filled with multi color pom poms - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s drop pom poms into a plastic water bottle!

This simple kids pom pom activity starts with a plastic water bottle and a pile of fuzzy pom poms!

2. Homemade Catapult Launches Pom Poms for Great Fun

easy diy catapult to launch a pom pom
Let’s launch pom poms!

Bigger kids will want to get into the pom pom launching fun with this popsicle stick catapult that you can make at home.

3. Use Pom Poms on a Sticky Wall

sticky wall on a window with child adding fluffy pom poms from No Time for Flashcards
Let’s stick pom poms to the wall (or window).

Make a sticky pom pom window  | No Time for Flashcards

4. Sort Pom Poms for Color Matching Fun

sorting pom poms by color in a muffin tin from Hands on As We Grow

Grab something from your baking shelf to set up this simple pom pom activity for baby |  Hands on: as we Grow

5. Pom Pom Invitation to Play Idea

pom pom activity for toddlers from the Imagination Tree
Let’s play with Pom Poms!

Save egg cartons for a simple invitation to play | The Imagination Tree

6. Encourage Little Hand Washing with Pom Pom Soap

This pom pom hand washing idea decorates the bathroom and encourages little hands to wash thoroughly!

7. Pom Pom and Velcro Activity for Toddlers

Make this  simple activity with velcro and pom poms | Teach Me Mommy

8. Homemade Soda Bottle Drop Activity

Pom Pom soda bottle drop activity with toddler - Where Imagination Grows
Drop drop drop the pom poms!

Reuse your plastic bottles a little bit differently to make  this fun pom pom drop | Where Imagination Grows

9. Make a Stuff It Box for Pom Pom Play

toddler pom pom stuff it box using a wipes container from Motherhood on a Dime
What a fun way to upcycle!

Don’t get rid of your empty wipes container ~ it’s perfect for pom pom play! | Motherhood on a Dime

10. Baby’s First Ring Toss Game

pom pom and pipe cleaner circles play on high chair with baby
What a great highchair activity for baby!

Make a simple circle sensory table for baby | B-Inspired Mama

11. Simple DIY Shoebox Game for Baby

pom pom drop keeping toddlers busy from I can teach my child
Simple shoebox pom pom drop.

Turn a box into a pom pom drop game inside a shoe box  | I Can Teach My Child

12. Pom Pom Matching Game

Use this bath toy to make a pom pom game for baby | Activity Mom

13. Hone Skills with Broom & Pom Poms

broom and pom pom clean up activity from Montessoristory
What a genius idea from Montessori Story!

Work on real life skills with a  broom and pom poms| Our Montessori Story

14. Make Your Own Pom Pom Drop with Paper Tubes

tubes and pom poms from Laughing Kids Learn
Let’s make our own pom pom drop

This was a favorite at our pom pom play station: tubes and pom poms | Laughing Kids Learn

15. Create a Rainbow Rainstick

Make a rainstick with pom poms | Little Wonders’ Days

16. Easy DIY Sensory Pom Pom Bottles

make a sensory bottle with pom poms from pink pistachio
These sensory bottles are so bright and colorful!

Make quick and easy sensory bottles for baby | Pink Pistachio

17. Make a Pom Pom Shooter

pom pom shooter from Frogs snails and Puppy Dog Tails
Make a pom pom shooter!

Let older siblings (or Mom!)  entertain little ones with this pom pom shooter | FSPDT

18. Holey Basket Activity

pom pom basket activity from learn with play at home
What a fun basket idea!

Use a basket with holes  to keep baby busy | Learn with Play at Home

19. Mirror and Pom Pom Activity

mirror and pom pom activity from Buggy and Buddy
Pom pom reflection fun with a mirror.

Use a mirror as a creative way to play with pom poms | Buggy and Buddy

20. Simple Baby Game

simple baby game from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s play a baby game!

Save your boxes as a simple way to play ~ just replace the balls for pom poms!

More Baby & Toddler Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Simple 1 year old activities with pom poms

What is your favorite pom pom activity for little ones?

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