You Can Get Baby Shark Crayons So Your Kid Can Doo Doo Doodle In The Bath

If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE bath crayons. We found the best baby bath crayons inside a Baby Shark bathroom set and can’t help but share. Bath crayons help develop fine motor skills, art skills but more importantly are just fun at bath time.

Baby Shark Bath Art Creations Bath Crayons for Kids
Let’s have some bath fun with Baby Shark!

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Baby Shark Bath Fun

Baby Shark seems to be everywhere and now he’s coming soon to a bathtub near you!   Your kids won’t want to get out of the bath after playing  and coloring with their shark friends.

Amazon is selling Baby Shark Bath Crayons, just in time for your next bathtime.  No more bathtime battles with baby…or toddler…or preschooler!

Baby Shark Bath Crayons

The Baby Shark Bath Art Creations includes 3 bath paints, 4 pre-colored bath stickers, 8 washable crayons, 10 dissolvable bath stickers, and 8 plastic crayon holders.

All of it is washable and leaves you with no mess to clean up.  

As a note, the bath stickers do dissolve, so be prepared for them to be one time use.

Bath Time Fun with Baby Shark

Make bath time fun and artistic with Baby Shark art creations! Allow little ones to express themselves with custom bath art, using 8 special washable crayons in an array of bright colors and Baby Shark details. Encourage creativity as little ones design art work with bath paints and stickers that dissolve in a flash. Little ones will get excited to decorate each bath session with personalized designs all their own. This relaxing yet stimulating activity will encourage seeing opportunities for art in the unexpected. This set is safe and easily washes away.


Make the Bath Tub Fun for Kids

You can order your Baby Shark Bath Crayons Here.

Oh and since you’re probably already singing Baby Shark during bath time, take a break from the Doo Doo Doo and round out your bath time with these Baby Shark Singing Bath Toys.  


Did your kids love the Baby Shark bath crayons?

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