12+ Awesome Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day is on April 22nd we are celebrating with our favorite Earth Day crafts for kids of all ages. Whether you have a preschooler, Kindergartner, grade school student or older child, we have the perfect Earth Day craft for classroom or home.

Earth Day Craft for Kids - Kids Activities Blog - child's hand holding a world art craft with outdoor background
Let’s make crafts for Earth Day!

Earth Day Crafts for Kids

The Earth is important and so is taking care of it and celebrating it, and teaching our kids how to do the same.

We will start with a special craft for Earth day that has been a favorite for almost as long as Kids Activities Blog has been around! And then there is a list of some of our other favorite Earth Day crafts that you won’t be able to wait to do with the kids.

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Doing Earth crafts is important, because it gives us as parents an opening to talk about how we should take care of our planet. Mother Earth is where we all live and she needs our help to thrive! 

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Earth Day Arts & Crafts Project

First, this easy craft is a simple earth day project that little hands can do – great preschool craft idea – and has creative opportunities for older kids as well. 

I thought it would be fun to take the word “earth” literal with our crafting activity. I sent my youngest out to the yard with a cup with instructions to bring back dirt.

It was the perfect mission for an 8 year old boy!

Supplies Needed For Earth Day Craft

How To Make This Easy Earth Day Craft

3 steps to making easy Earth Day craft preschool or older kids - shown is painted world coloring page, adding glue and then dirt
Let’s make a WORLD for Earth Day!

Step 1

The first thing we did was to paint the ocean blue with watercolors for both Earth Day coloring pages.  

Step 2

Once it was dry, we used a paint brush to cover all the land with a generous layer of white glue.

Step 3

The next step is to gently drop the collected dirt over the newly glued areas.

Step 4

Once the glue had time to dry, we shook off the excess dirt {outside} and were left with earth-covered continents!

Step 5

We cut out each circle map and then traced it on a piece of cardboard from the recycling bin.

Earth day art that looks like the world, the ocean is blue, and land masses are covered with dirt.

Step 6

The next step was to glue each side of the map on each side of the cardboard, hot glue a ribbon edge and add a ribbon hanger.

Our Experience Making this Earth Day Craft

Rhett wanted to make sure that his Earth Day craft would be hanging in HIS room.

Favorite Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Looking another fun way or two to teach your child about our beautiful planet? Here are more easy Earth Day projects to help kids celebrate!

Easy Earth Day Suncatcher Craft from  No Time for Flashcards - collage shows child making the preschool earth day craft and the second image is the finished earth suncatcher hanging in a window
Let’s make this easy world suncatcher!

2. Earth Day Suncatcher Craft

Look how lovely this Earth Day suncatcher is! There is blue for the water, green for the Earth, and my favorite, glitter! It’s so lovely and really shines in the sun. Earth day sun catchers are such a great way to not only celebrate, but bring color into your home! This craft is super simple and a perfect preschool earth day craft via No Time For Flash Cards

preschool train craft for Earth Day from Make and Take
Let’s grab supplies from the recycling bin to make a train craft!

3. Preschool Train Craft Using Recycled Supplies

What better way to celebrate Earth than recycling? This craft train for preschoolers is simple to make as all you need is: toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, string, clue, and colorful tape and crayons! This is one of my favorite toilet paper roll crafts. via Make And Take

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Earth day craft for kids - making a cinch t-shirt backpack with recycled items from Patchwork Possee
Let’s make this cute backpack for Earth Day!

4. Cinch T-Shirt Bag String Backpack Craft Perfect for Older Kids

Upcycle clothes to avoid them landing in the landfill! Use old t-shirts to make these super cute cinch t-shirts bags. These are perfect for school, sleep overs, or even a long car ride as they can carry all your stuff! via Patchwork Possee

Paper Mache for Preschoolers - Make a bowl for Earth Day
Let’s recycle newspapers with an easy paper mache craft!

5. Make Paper Mache for Earth Day

No matter your age, paper mache is an awesome craft! You can make almost anything and it is a great way to recycle paper and magazines! This great Earth day activity shoes you how to make paper mache and how to make a paper mache bowl. Other fun paper mache projects you might want to tackle:

truffula tree and the lorax craft using cardboard perfect for earth day
Let’s make a truffula tree!

6. Make Truffula Trees to Remember the Lorax

We have several ways to make truffula tree crafts in honor of the story from Dr Seuss about letting the trees talk for themselves.

Recycled Crafts: Cereal Box Robot perfect earth day craft for kids
Let’s make a recycled robot craft for Earth Day!

7. Make a Recycled Robot Craft

Kids of all ages (and even the adults) love this recycled robot craft that literally takes on a different form depending on what you find in your recycling bin! Oh the possibilities…

Make magazine bead bracelets for earth day upcycling old paper
Let’s make magazine beaded bracelets!

8. Craft Bracelets from Old Magazines

Making bracelets beads out of old magazines is really fun and a lovely Earth Day craft for kids of all ages. What colors are you going to use from that stack of old magazines in the garage?

Butterfly nature craft collage for Earth Day - shown is a finished butterfly collage using petals and flowers plus sticks on blue construction paper
Let’s make a nature collage!

9. Create Nature Collage Art for Earth Day

I love that this Earth Day craft starts out with a scavenger hunt in nature to enjoy the earth. Try making this butterfly collage with whatever materials are in your backyard.

diy butterfly feeder is the perfect earth day craft for kids of all ages - shown are two sponge type butterfly feeders hanging from a tree
Let’s make a butterfly feeder craft!

10. Butterfly Feeder Craft for the Entire Family

This Earth Day, let’s create a butterfly feeder for the backyard! It starts with a super easy butterfly feeder craft and then a homemade butterfly food recipe to attract butterflies to your yard.

More Earth Day Crafts, Activities & Printables

  • Be sure to stop by our Earth Day printable placemats. These free earth day graphics show the importance of taking care of the Earth, can be printed on the back of used paper, and can be laminated for multiple use!
  • Get colorful with these Earth Day coloring pages. Help your child learn the importance of taking care of Earth for generations to come. This Earth day coloring page set comes with 6 different coloring sheets.
  • What better way to celebrate than with these cute earth day treats and snacks? These Earth Day recipes are sure to be a hit! 
  • Try our Earth Day recipes to eat GREEN all day long!
  • Looking for more ways to celebrate Earth day? We have other fun Earth day ideas and projects for preschoolers and older kids alike! 

What is your favorite Earth Day Craft for kids? Which of the Earth Day crafts are you going to try first?


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