Exploding Paint Bombs Activity

We had a blast — literally — with this exploding paint bombs activity! With just a few things from your medicine cabinet, you can create a fun piece of artwork that your kids will love!

This is definitely an outdoor art activity. You don’t want to get paint all over the place inside. Trust me, when the bombs explode, it can get messy! (We also love this version of this experiment! Very cool!)

Exploding Paint Bombs

Exploding Paint Bombs Activity

Here’s what you need for this exploding paint bombs activity:

Pour  some paint to a film canister and add half of an Alka Seltzer tablet. Put  the lid on the canister and shake it well.

Exploding Paint BombsExploding Paint Bombs

Place the paint bomb onto your paper with the lid facing down. Now, you just have to stand back and wait for it to explode!

The Alka Seltzer will mix with the paint and build pressure inside the bottle until it releases. Once the reaction happens, you can remove the lids and let the paint dry for a fun and unique piece of art.

Exploding Paint Bombs Exploding Paint Bombs

Really cool, right? If your kids enjoy getting messy, check out these other fun ways to paint on our YouTube channel!