We have great outdoor games for the whole family. These great ideas are perfect for younger children and older children. We have a perfect game for families. These active games are not only fun, but a great way to practice hand-eye coordination.

15 DIY Outdoor Games family fun (text) - collage of pictures with outdoor games for families like matching game, ice game, othello, twister and frisbee tic tac toe
Let’s play an outdoor game!

DIY Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are the perfect way to enjoy summer as a family. These 15 DIY outdoor games are fun for the whole family. From handmade giant Jenga to flash light tag, these games curated by Kids Activities Blog are sure to provide hours of summer fun!

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Getting outside and soaking up the sun is summer important! Exercise and vitamin D is not only great for your health, but spending time with family and friends is equally important. These fun outdoor games are sure to bust any boredom and help get the kids away from the screen.

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Outdoor Family Games To Try This Summer

1. Lawn Memory Game

Play a backyard-sized version of memory with these DIY Lawn Memory Cards. This is a fun and an educational backyard family game. This is one of may favorite fun outdoor family games. via Studio DIY

grass with many large tiles with different images on them, such as strawberries and palm trees
Let’s make a giant matching game!

2. Balloon Darts

Balloon Darts are made even cooler with an artsy twist. To make it more exciting add paint to it! via Carnival Savers. This is a twist on one of the classic lawn games.

3. Sidewalk Checkers

Use sidewalk chalk to create a Giant Checkers Board. This is so much fun! Who doesn’t like a good game of checkers. The game board is so clever. via Kids Activities Blog

giant chalk checker board colored blue and pink. Boy  moving one of the green paper plate pieces
Nothing beats giant checkers!

4. Outdoor Twister

Want some outdoor party games? Outdoor Twister is sure to incite giggles, get the DIY details at Tip Junkie. It’s a fun way to get twisted up and one of my favorite family lawn games.

4 lines of 6 dots - one blue line, one green line, one yellow line, and one red line.
More lawn fun!

5. Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

This is one of my family’s favorite backyard games. This simple Frisbee Tic Tac Toe by A Turtle’s Life for Me looks like a blast! Get to moving and see who will win!

white sheet sectioned into 9 squares using tape - 3 frisbees to the side of the sheet
We love frisbee tic tac toe!

6. Yard Dominos

Giant Dominos  by One Dog Woof (link unavailable)  are a great way to practice math skills AND enjoy to great outdoors. I think this is a better way to play dominos.

7. Outdoor Kerplunk

This easy to make Giant Kerplunk from Design Dazzle promises hours of fun. Who doesn’t love Kerplunk?! Perfect when the warm weather comes around!

blue circular wire frame with colored tubes running through the frame - top of frame is wrapping in tape.
Giant Kerplunk is so much fun!

8. Pick Up Sticks

What’s more fun than pick up sticks? Giant Pick-Up Sticks  from I Heart Nap Time! This game is tons of fun, perfect for outdoor play.

boy playing with giant colored sticks
Giant pick up sticks!

9. Giant Jenga

I can’t to make my family a Giant Jenga set like this one from A Beautiful Mess. This has been a popular fun family outdoor game in my home.

wood blocks stacked in alternating ways with colored ends on the blocks
Everyone loves Jenga!

10. Washers

No room for horseshoes? Try playing Washers by ECAB instead! I’ve never played Washers, but I think I’d like to try this.

11. DIY Ball And Cup Game

This DIY Ball and Cup Game can be played alone or together. This is a classic game, I remember playing this game when I was a child.

boy playing ball and cup game - bottle with cut bottom with a string that attaches to the bottle and a ball
Relieve boredom for hours!

12. Flashlight Games

Everything is more fun in the dark, Flashlight Games are sure to make your kid’s summer. Make a puppet show, play capture the flag, there are so many fun outdoor activities games you can play with flashlights.

13. Water Balloon Games

These Water Balloon Games by Pars Caeli are a must on the hottest of days. I think the water balloon piñata is my favorite, and I can’t wait to see who gets splashed with water balloon toss. A fun outdoor family game!

hook with different colored water balloons stringed together hanging from it
So many fun water balloon ideas!

14. Bike Riding

Bike Games are a great way to enjoy a summer evening. Bike riding is the perfect activity, but it is even better, because it involves games! Follow the lines, miss the jars, and splash!

kid riding bike around yellow line drawn on the ground with chalk
Fun bike games!

15. Cornhole

Build your own Cornhole Set  for some good old-fashioned family fun. This is a classic game that never fails to entertain! Pick teams and see who will win this fun Cornhole game.

two cornhole targets colored with white and yellow
We can’t forget the classics!

More Outdoor Fun For The Entire Family

Outside board games - chalk chutes and ladders
Let’s play chalk chutes and ladders!

I hope these outdoor games make your summer extra fun! Which ones will you be trying?

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