I had never heard of a camping bunk bed, a travel bunk bed or a portable bunk bed until I saw this genius solution! Whether your kids are camping out, visiting the grandparents, or having a sleepover this summer, chances are, sleeping space will be at a minimum as well as their comfort. This kids camping bed idea is genius and I love that it is a convertible bunk bed!

camping bunk beds - portable travel bunk beds shown in a tent in the front yard with the house behind.  Two sleeping children comfortably rest.
These camping bunk beds are just the start of a great adventure…

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Camping Bunk Beds Are So Cool

Fortunately there’s an easy peasy solution that both kids and parents will love: a mobile bunk bed called the Kid-O-Bunk from Disc-O-Bed.

Camping bunk beds for kids shown in red color stacked two high with portable bunk bed organizers - Kids Activities Blog
Kid-O-Bunk is a 3-in-1 mobile bunk bed, perfect for camping and sleepovers. Source: Amazon

Travel Camp Bunk Beds that are Portable

Kids will love how comfortable this camping bunk bed is, and parents will love how easy it is to set up! Oh, and even though it is referred to as a camping bunk bed for children, the truth is that it is extremely portable so it can be used a bunch of different ways like for sleepovers, travel or the next big family camping trips.

Camping Bunk Bed Mattress Information

There is no mattress on this travel bunk bed, but a parent and son team invented and engineered it that way intentionally with no center beam or third leg.

Instead, the Kid-O-Bunk camping bunkbeds are designed with a polyester fabric platform that conforms to body shape making it easily portable for outdoor enthusiasts, campers and anyone needing a compact solution.

Portable bunk beds shown with kids sleeping on each travel bunk bed level
Kids can rest comfortably on the fabric that mimics a mattress feel.

Camping Bunk Bed has Portable Bunk Bed Frame

Plus, the travel bunk bed frame is made with anti-rust steel which makes it both strong and durable including the side rails.

So even if the kiddos are sleeping outdoors, they’ll still get a good night’s rest. The only question is who gets the top bunk or bottom bunk!

Two traveling kids shown carrying the travel bunk beds in bags light enough for them to carry in the folded position.
Source: Amazon

Setting Up the Camping Bunk Beds

Setup requires no tools and only takes a few minutes. Plus, it’s water resistant and easy to clean. No tools are required for assembly. They are designed with frequent set up & transport in mind.

The end frame is also designed with camping in mind so that the mobile bunk bed won’t sink into the ground while camping.

You will also be glad to hear that it won’t hurt floors during sleepovers either!

How Big are the Portable Bunk Beds?

  • While they’re sizable beds — when assembled, they’re 65 inches long and are suited for kids up to 200 lbs.
  • Each kid-o-bunk comes with a canvas carry bag that zippers.

Just in case you’re not convinced that your kids need the Kid-O-Bunk quite yet, here’s one of my favorite parts.

Camping Bunk Bed Turns into 2 Cots

It’s not just a mobile bunk bed. It can also be converted to two single beds, or be used as a sitting bench.

camping bunk beds separated and used as two single kids beds
Kids can choose which way they want to sleep…if there is room!

Portable Bunk Beds with Organizers

As a bonus, it also comes with two organizers that can be attached to the sleeping deck. My kids will love storing their overnight things in the organizers!

“I like them because you can un-bunk them. I also like them because you can take them apart and carry them around in little bags.”

-7 year old reviewer

How cute is that?!

The Kid-O-Bunk is designed with kids age 7 to 12 in mind, and they currently come in six color choices. My favorite is the lime green.

Camping bunk bed transformed into a bench with a back for support
The camping bunk beds can be set up as a bench with a back for support.

Buying Your Camping Bunk Beds

I call the lime green one!

Prices start at $289 on Amazon.

You can grab your travel bunk bed set HERE.

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We love these camping bunk beds and all the fun that it could create for the family!

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  1. I love this idea for a mobile bunk bed! I would definitely use it with my kids when we go camping or sleepover.

  2. Wow, these are cool! I would have loved one of these as a kid! We have bunk beds in our camper, it’s a must have for us!