Indoor forts can be temporary fun for an afternoon or built to last a little longer for hours and hours of fun. Kids of all ages will love to use them for sleepovers with friends, reading nooks, or camping out in the safety and warmth of the living room with the whole family. When the weather outside is frightful, your kids will see you as the coolest parent ever when you help them to build a fort!

Text: 25 Indoor Forts For Kids With Cabin Fever- cardboard castle, cloth tent, tension rod fort, wood and cloth fort, and paper tube fort
These great indoor forts will give your kids hours of fun and promote pretend play and creativity.

Indoor Forts For Kids

These indoor forts are amazing. Some are easy ones you can build from things you have at home or in the classroom and others are ones you can purchase. Regardless, these indoor forts are so much fun.

Have some quiet play, inspire creativity and imagination, and promote pretend play with these indoor forts! Kids of all ages like toddlers, preschoolers, even kindergarten kids will love these super awesome indoor forts.

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Indoor Forts for Kids With Cabin Fever

1. Wrapping Paper Indoor Fort

This wrapping paper fort is colorful and easy and definitely one of my favorites!

2. Ikea Furniture Indoor Fort

Make an indoor fort, a castle or a playhouse using Ikea furniture! How cool?!

3. Pool Noodle and Duct Tape Indoor Fort Idea

Pool noodles and duct tape are the basic building blocks of this indoor fort. 

5. Awesome Newspaper Indoor Fort

This newspaper fort is terribly clever – so smart! I love this, because you can recycle some old newspapers. I know I tend to let the newspaper to pile up on the counter.

6. Indoor Fort Kit

What kid wouldn’t love receiving this gift of an indoor fort kit? My kids would love getting this.

7. Build An Indoor Fort Using Tension Rods

Tension rods are perfect for creating a sweet, little indoor fort.

8. Simple and Delightful Cardboard Box Indoor Fort

Cardboard boxes still delight kids everywhere and make an indoor fort they’ll love.

9. Awesome Cardboard Indoor Fort Ideas

You’ll also want to check out this simple cardboard box fort.

10. Clever PVC Pipe Indoor Fort

What a clever use of PVC pipe in this fun space for kids.

11. Bed Sheet and Fan Indoor Fort Idea

This fort is nothing but a bed sheet and a fan!  Wow!  

Lit up cloth indoor fort, bunk bed fort, fan and sheet fort, and cardboard fort with dog
Don’t forget to add lights to your fun indoor fort.

12. Basic Indoor Blanket Fort

Get the basics of helping kids create an indoor blanket fort they don’t have to take down right away.

13. Use Light Fixtures To Build An Indoor Fort

Don’t overlook light fixtures when you’re creating the foundation for a fort.

14. Bunk Bed Indoor Fort

Bunk beds couldn’t be more perfect for fort building!

15. Shower Curtain Indoor Fort Idea

A simple shower curtain tension rod can do wonders for an indoor fort.

16. Ikea Fabric Panels Indoor Fort

Ikea fabric panels make up this little cute hideaway for kids.

17. Long Lasting Indoor Fort Idea

If you’d like to offer your kids a more long lasting space to play, this idea is perfect.

18. Kitchen Table Indoor Fort

Put this over your kitchen table to make a really fun fort that is easy to pick up when you’re done! 

19. Build An Indoor Igloo Fort

Build an indoor igloo out of old milk cartons. So cool!

Build Indoor Forts using cardboard, cloth, duct tape, and duct tape
You can use duct tape and pool noodles to build a fort!

20. Hula Hoop Indoor Fort

Use a hula-hoop to make this really beautiful indoor fort.

21. Clothespin and String Indoor Fort

Clothespins and string make this fort easy enough to put up and take down.

22. Huge Cardboard Indoor Fort Idea

You’ll definitely be inspired by this huge indoor fort made of cardboard.

23. Super Fun Indoor Fort For Kids

Kids will absolutely light up when you help them create this fun fort.

24. Drapery Panel Indoor Fort Tutorial

Put your old drapery panels to good use with this fort tutorial. 

25. Cozy King Sized Duvet Indoor Fort

A king sized duvet can transform into a cozy indoor fort for kids.

26. Firefighter Indoor Fort

A folding card table (almost) magically becomes a little firefighters dream fort.

Some Of Our Favorite Indoor Forts That You Can Buy

Don’t have a lot of extra blankets and pillows to build an indoor fort? No problem! You can buy these awesome indoor fort kits to build the biggest and bestest indoor forts for your kids!

More Great Fort and Playhouse Ideas From Kids Activities Blog

Which indoor fort will you be building? I think the sheet and fan indoor fort is the easiest to build!

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