Succulent Pens Teacher Appreciation Gift

Turn faux succulents into a cute pen display for the perfect teacher appreciation gift.

I’m always looking for the perfect teacher gift that isn’t too expensive but is still useful. That’s why I love this succulent pens teacher appreciation gift.

Teachers can display the cute faux succulent planter on their desk and the best part is that the succulents are actually pens!

Useful AND cute!

Win-win, right?!

Succulent Pens Teacher Appreciation Gift

Succulent Pens Teacher Appreciation Gift

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Here’s what you need to make this Succulent Pens Teacher Appreciation Gift:

Start by wrapping a line of painter’s tape around your mason jar about 1/3 of the way down. Paint the bottom of the jar with the desired color to give it a color block look.

Succulent Pens Teacher Appreciation Gift

To make the succulent pens, hot glue the succulent pick along the side of a ballpoint pen. Use the hot glue to hold the floral wrap in place at the top and wrap it around the body of your pen, concealing the succulent pick.

Succulent Pens Teacher Appreciation Gift

Place a dot of tacky glue on the end of the floral wrap and press into place. Allow to dry completely.

Pour the river pebbles into your mason jar once the paint has dried. Stick the succulent pens down inside the rocks so they are sticking out of the top of the jar.

Wrap the top of the jar in twine and attach the printable teacher appreciation cards….

Succulent Pens Teacher Appreciation Gift

Now you’re ready to give your teacher a one-of-a-kind gift!

This would also be fun to attach a printable teacher gift card holder to.

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  1. Awesome idea! Where did you find the faux succulents?

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