These Amazon Easter eggs filled with construction cars are a game changer! Easter is right around the corner and if you’re looking for non-candy Easter basket ideas, say no more! These Amazon Easter eggs are filled with toys and making Easter a blast without the sugar high!

Plastic colorful Amazon Easter Eggs filled with construction trucks
Look at all the different construction vehicles!

Amazon Easter Eggs Filled With Toys

You can get plastic Easter eggs filled with little construction cars and they are the cutest things ever!

These non-candy Easter eggs are perfect for Easter Egg Hunts and even putting in Easter baskets.

Prefilled Amazon Easter eggs in plastic colorful eggs and construction trucks in a basket
These pre-filled Amazon Easter eggs come in a 12 pack.

These Amazon Easter eggs filled with toys are great because it makes Easter egg hunts at Churches, at school, the classroom, and even at home safe!

Candies tend to give sugar highs and can have a lot of allergens and intolerances so this is a great alternative.

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Dump truck and construction truck inside pink and purple egg
One of the trucks has a face! These are perfect to avoid allergens this Easter.

What Do You Get With These Amazon Easter Eggs

The set of Amazon Easter Eggs includes 1 dozen (12) medium pre-filled Easter eggs.

Each egg is 2.95 inches tall and 2.16 inches wide. Each truck is about 1.4-2.4 inches tall and 1.6-2.4 inches long. They’re all about 2-2.5 inches wide.

And don’t worry the eggs are all different colors. There are 2:

  • Blue eggs
  • Orange eggs
  • Pink eggs
  • Purple eggs
  • Green eggs
A person holding the orange plastic egg with a garbage truck inside of it
This one has a garbage truck in it!

They come pre-filled with 12 different adorable pull-back construction vehicles with movable parts!

Purple and orange plastic egg with construction truck
Each construction truck is different, which one will you get?

Where To Get Your Pre-Filled Amazon Easter Egg

My kids love getting little toys and this is a great way to cut down on the candy (and those cavities) and still make Easter fun!

You can get the Construction Vehicle Easter Eggs on Amazon for $16.99 here.

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What do you think about these pre-filled Amazon Easter eggs? Will you be getting them this year?

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