All things rainbows! From rainbow coloring pages and printable rainbow worksheets to rainbow cakes and rainbow party ideas. We love colorful rainbows and want to collect them all!

all things rainbow from rainbow printables to rainbow party ideas from Kids Activities Blog

55+ Rainbow Crafts, Printables, Coloring Pages, Party Ideas & More

We heart rainbows.

It isn’t a secret. In fact, when I went back through Kids Activities Blog to make this collection of rainbow ideas for kids, I found over 55 articles devoted to the beautiful colorful rainbow!

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Scroll below to discover all the fun & easy rainbow crafts for kids. Some are super easy rainbow crafts that can be done by toddlers and preschoolers. Some are more complicated and better suited for older kids.

They all are ROY G BIV!

You know:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

Rainbow Science for Kids

One of the reasons we are so crazy about rainbows is there is so much science behind the rainbow art! How those gorgeous colors stretch across the sky after a rain is not only magical but very scientific! Scroll below to see all the science behind the rainbow explained for kids.

Rainbow Songs

We found some fun rainbow songs that your kids will soon be singing…

The Rainbow Colors Song

The Colors of the Rainbow Song

Colors in the Rainbow Song

Rainbow Party Ideas

Kids love a rainbow themed party and we have tons of ideas for rainbow party invitations, rainbow party decorations, rainbow party food, rainbow cakes, rainbow activities & rainbow crafts.

Keep scrolling to see all the rainbow party idea fun…

Rainbow Coloring Pages & Printables

Hey, you are here at Kids Activities Blog. Of course we have the best original rainbow printables & rainbow coloring pages.


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