Our Free Kids Math Printable Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt Game is so fun, your kids will beg to play it over and over again!   They won’t even realize they are getting in some great math practice while they play! Plus, this is a dinosaur game which will be great for teaching the letter d as well.

Free Kids Math Printable Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt Game practices counting and addition in a fun new way!

Free Kids Math Printable Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt Game

There is so much to LOVE about this game that you won’t mind your kids begging for more.   It combines the practicality of flash cards with the fun of puzzles and the excitement of a treasure hunt!

This is a new game concept designed by Little Learning Lovies, so lets take a moment to learn how to play it.   Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be playing over and over and over again.

Assembling the game:

We work really hard to make it as easy as possible for you to assemble games.   It takes just a few minutes to cut out the little pockets, fold them and glue the tabs down on the back.

Then you cut out the die, fold and glue.

The last thing to do is cut apart the puzzles (you’ll only need one puzzle for each time you play).

OPTIONAL: You can cut out and glue up the envelope included on the last page.   It’s a handy place to store all the little pockets and puzzle pieces.

Ready To Play:

Take all 12 pockets and hide 4 matching puzzle pieces inside any 4 random pockets.   Then lay all the pockets face up on a flat surface.

Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt is a fun game to practice counting and addition

Now that it’s all set up, have your child point to a pocket and count the dots.   If they tell you the correct number, they get to flip the pocket over and see if they found a puzzle piece.

Here, we found an empty pocket:


But here… we found a puzzle piece!


That means that we get to pull that piece out and start building the puzzle.

We keep pointing, counting and flipping to check for puzzle pieces until we find all 4 pieces and have the puzzle finished!

How To Play The Addition Game:

You can turn this into addition practice by adding in the dice we included in the file.   You still point to a pocket but THEN you roll the die and add the die and the number on the pocket.   If you add that correctly, you get to check for a puzzle piece.

Download your FREE Kids Math Printable Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt Game!

I really hope you enjoy this fun game from Little Learning Lovies and Kids Activities Blog!

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