This free printable hidden pictures puzzles are great for kids of all ages. Hidden pictures printables work well for grade level preschool-first grade kids. Kids can find all the hidden objects in this unicorn themed printable hidden picture worksheet.

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Download and print this unicorn hidden pictures game for a fun coloring activity!

Free Hidden Pictures Printables

Whether you’re at home or in the classroom these unicorn themed printable puzzles are perfect! These printable hidden pictures puzzles are like a scavenger hunt on the paper. This may be challenging for preschoolers, but still good practice, this is perfect for kindergarten aged kids and even older kids like first graders.

Download here: Unicorn hidden pictures coloring pages

This hidden pictures game is very easy to set up: just print this PDF, grab a couple of crayons, and have your children circle or cross the hidden pictures as they find them.

Build skills with hidden picture games

This unicorn hidden picture game is perfect for kids who prefer visual activities!

  • Hidden pictures puzzles are great for kids to help them improve their observation skills and attention to detail as well as visual discrimination.
  • Hidden pictures printables help your little one with their fine motor skills as well.
unicorn hidden objects coloring page
Can you find all the hidden objects in this picture? Let’s try!

Here’s How To Use Our Unicorn Hidden Pictures Printable

Once you download this unicorn coloring page, you will be entering a world filled with magic, sparkles, and happy unicorns.

  • Let your child’s imagination wander as they look for hidden objects in this unicorn hidden objects printable.
  • Kids will have fun helping this unicorn find a heart, an ice cream cone, the moon, a cinnamon roll, a cupcake, and a lipstick.
  • You can color the hidden objects so they stand out or blend in – it’s your choice!

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Did you little one find all the pictures in this unicorn themed hidden picture worksheet? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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