Today we have a really fun free printable hidden picture puzzle activity that is shark themed! We love hidden objects picture puzzles because they are part coloring page and part printable game that works great for grade level preschool, pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade at home for fun or in the classroom as an early finisher activity.

Shark Week Hidden object picture puzzles - shown is the free printable with instructions plus colored paper and markers all from Kids Activities Blog
Download & print this fun free Shark hidden pictures puzzle!

Free Hidden Pictures Puzzle Printable

These hidden pictures printable worksheets are themed Shark and under the sea and are a little scavenger hunt for kids of all ages. Click the button to download and print this free printable hidden pictures pdf file:

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When I was a kid, Highlights Magazine was a favorite and besides Goofus and Gallant, I never missed a hidden pictures puzzle which I could totally do without the hints.

Easy Hidden Pictures Printables Puzzle

Puzzles for kids - hidden pictures shark worksheet surrounded by paint, colored pencils and other art supplies
Can you find all odd objects that don’t belong in the ocean? This printable will test your kid’s object recognition!

Shark I Spy Puzzles: Easy Hidden Pictures

These printable hidden picture puzzles can help improve a child’s observation skills and attention to small details. These pictures worksheets are perfect for kids working on visual perception. We like to use pencils or a colored pencil for these printable puzzles. While these printable pages can be used with kids of all ages, they are designed with Kindergarten age kids (and younger children) in mind. Let your kid help find all of the animals hiding in the ocean. In this printable worksheet, they will need to find these hidden items:

  • french fries
  • donut
  • snake
  • and other objects that shouldn’t be there!

Your kid can either circle or cross the objects as they find them. These hidden images worksheets help kids improve visual discrimination and fine motor skills.

printable puzzles - hidden pictures in the ocean - shark, jelly fish and more pictured
Find all of the hidden pictures in this Shark Week Hidden Pictures printable!

Download & Print Shark Hidden Pictures Page Pdf File Here

We made this printable black and white for a standard piece of paper. After you print the pdf file out, it can double as a shark coloring page.

A cool fact about sharks that I learned on shark week is that they don’t have bones! Instead, they have cartilages, which are lighter than bones. Check out our shark facts for kids for more shark themed fun.

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What hidden object did you find first in the free printable puzzle?

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