Looking for Day of the Dead holiday traditions printables? You’re in the right place! Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love using crafts, games, and coloring pages to celebrate culture and diversity.

That’s why we made this free hidden pictures printable! You may know them as seek and hide, picture puzzles, or hidden object games – whatever you call it, we know you’ll love solving it!

Day of the Dead hidden pictures printable

Who doesn’t love a good hidden picture activity? Download and print this Day of the Dead-themed game for a fun time.[/caption]

Beautiful Day of the Dead coloring pages!

Dia de los Muertos, as we call it in Spanish, is celebrated in Mexico and other countries to remember and honor loved ones who have passed away.

During this celebration, prayers are dedicated to friends, family members, and even celebrities that are no longer with us. We put photos and mementos on the ofrendas (altars), as well as delicious food and candles to light their path so they can visit us for a night.

If you have seen Coco, you know what we’re talking about!

To celebrate this day, we made these beautiful sugar skull coloring pages for kids. The best part is that it’s free and ready to be printed! Your little ones will love using different colors to bring this printable to life.

Free hidden picture games

If you are looking for new ways to keep your kids entertained and off the TV, we’ve got just what you need! This Day of the Dead hidden pictures printable will have them testing their brain!

These hidden objects puzzles can help improve a child’s observation skills and attention to detail. These printables are perfect for kids who prefer visual activities, too.

Can you find all the hidden objects? It’s not as easy as you think!

Let your kid help find all of the hidden objects hiding in the altar? We dare you to find a pencil, a ticket, and other objects that shouldn’t be there!

You can either circle or cross the objects as you find them, it’s up to you!

day of the dead coloring pages

Can you find all odd objects that don’t belong in the altar? This printable will test your kid’s object recognition![/caption]

Download here: 

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