Learn How to Draw Easy Halloween Drawings

Today we have the best easy Halloween drawings tutorials to teach kids simple Halloween pictures to draw. Making Halloween drawings is an activity that helps kids develop their creativity, improve their motor skills all while having fun. These easy Halloween drawings are perfect for making at home, in the classroom or as a Halloween party activity.

halloween pictures to draw
Learning how to draw Jack-o’-lanterns is a fun, creative, and colorful art experience for kids of all ages.

Easy Halloween Drawings Kids Can Draw

We are going to start with learning how to draw a jack o lantern with a Halloween drawings printable step by step guide you can download. Keep reading for more cool Halloween drawings kids can learn.

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Let’s start with our first easy Halloween drawing, a simple Jack o’ lantern…

cute halloween drawings
These how-to-draw printables are super easy to follow. Just download the PDF, print it, and grab some crayons!

1. Easy Jack-o-Lantern Drawing for Halloween

With our first Halloween drawing tutorial, your kids will be able to create a cute Jack-o’-lantern! Our 3 page drawing guide features a friendly ghost that will take your child step by step through the simple Halloween drawing.

Download & Print the Easy Jack O Lantern Step by Step Guide PDF:

How to Draw a Jack O Lantern for Halloween

  1. Start by drawing a circle.
  2. Next, draw a vertical oval in the middle of the circle making sure the top and bottom of the oval touches the top and bottom of the original circle shape.
  3. Draw two more circles – one on each side of the original circle shape making sure they intersect in the middle where your oval shape is.
  4. Erase the extra lines so you have the original circle, interior oval and the outer shapes of the two additional circles which makes up your pumpkin.
  5. Add a pumpkin stem on the top of the pumpkin shape which resembles a rectangle with a rounded top.
  6. Now add two triangles for the jack-o-lantern’s eyes.
  7. The next step is to add a nose shape like another triangle and then a jack-o-lantern smile with or without block teeth!
  8. Erase the extra lines within the jack o lantern facial features.
  9. Add any other jack ‘o lantern details…and you are done!
printables for kids
Learn how to draw a a Halloween pumpkin with simple step by step instructions. Easy peasy!

Great job!

Printed pdf files for drawing tutorial - How to Draw a Spiderweb on a wood background - Kids Activities Blog
We hope you like your spiderweb drawing!

2. Easy Spider Web Drawing for Halloween

Kids can learn how to make their own spiderweb drawing by following the step by step tutorial for this Halloween drawing.

How to draw a pumpkin printed pdf files for step by step Halloween drawing tutorial shown on wood background
Let’s draw a pumpkin for Halloween!

3. Easy Pumpkin Drawing for Autumn

Follow the printable drawing guide to learn how to draw a pumpkin (easy)! This easy Halloween drawing can also be used for fall and Thanksgiving drawings.

How to draw an owl for Halloween for kids printed pdf drawing lesson shown on white background surrounded by art supplies,
Let’s learn to draw an owl for Halloween!

4. Easy Owl Drawing for Halloween

Kids can learn how to draw an owl with this simple Halloween drawing lesson. Those big eyes and unexpected sounds are perfect for the Halloween season.

Printed pdf files of Halloween drawing tutorial - How to Draw a Bat shown on dark background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s learn how to make our own bat drawing!

5. Easy Bat Drawing for Halloween

Kids can make their very own Halloween inspired bat drawing by following the simple steps in this drawing tutorial.

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Fun things to draw & More…

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How did your easy Halloween drawings turn out? Which Halloween picture did you draw first?

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