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cool drawings by Natalie for Kids Activities Blog - unicorn colored pencil drawing
cool drawing, shading, and coloring pages used in art tutorials

The cool drawings saga started a couple of years ago when a junior in High School named Natalie started a live art show on the Kids Activities Blog FB page, Quirky Momma.

Natalie’s videos were incredibly popular on Facebook and many people spent their evenings listening to her simple coloring instructions while watching the calming and colorful strokes that created her art.

Cool Drawings

On many of Natalie’s art projects, she also created customized coloring pages for Kids Activities Blog which allowed those who wanted to follow along to download, print and then color the projects right alongside her.

We have now uploaded those videos to YouTube so that the cool drawings that Natalie created can be easily accessed on Kids Activities Blog. Her cool sketchs (yes, I know it is spelled “sketches”, but you won’t be surprised that it is an online debate!) now are a permanent set of tutorials here at KAB so you can follow along and learn how Natalie shades, colors and transforms her drawings into colorful artful creations.

Cool Shading

Natalie’s videos often starts with a drawing and she then follows it with a simplified way to shade and create depth. She has an incredible way of simply teaching how to layer shading to a line drawing to make it more realistic.

Cool Coloring

Adding color to the pictures transform them to life. Natalie guides those who watch her videos to color the pictures too. If you are wanting to up your art game, Natalie’s videos will help you increase your art portfolio and increase your art skills.

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