Easy How to Draw a Tree – Just Follow the Steps!

Learning how to draw a tree is one of the simplest things children can learn to draw, and our step by step instructions will have them drawing a forest in 1-2-3. It’s easy enough that even the youngest ones can do it!

This printable how to draw a tree step by step tutorial includes two pages, divided into short steps to make the process as clear as possible. Learning how to draw trees is a lot easier than you may think, so let’s dive right in!

how to draw a tree
Let’s draw a tree!

Create a simple tree drawing

The best thing about learning how to draw a tree is that all trees look different from each other, so there is no “wrong” way to draw a tree.

That’s what makes this how to draw a simple tree tutorial the perfect drawing activity for elementary school kids, preschoolers, and toddlers!

Did you know that drawing increases confidence, teaches creative problem solving, improves hand-eye coordination, and develops fine motor skills in children? Kids love art and we love what it does for enriching their lives.

That’s why you’ll love this how to draw a tree for kids tutorial!

how to draw a tree
The cute caterpillar demonstrates how to follow the steps to make our tree drawing!

Easy Steps to Draw a Tree

Our two pages of how to draw a tree step by step are super easy to follow, and so much fun too!

Go grab your favorite pencil, a piece of paper, and let’s get started:

Let’s start! First, draw a circle.

Step 1

Draw a circle (it doesn’t have to be perfect!)

Add two more circles on each side of the first one. Use different sized.

Step 2

Add two more circles of different sizes on each side of the first circle.

Add three more circles at the bottom and erase extra lines.

Step 3

Draw three more circles at the bottom.

Add a very large triangle and round it’s tip.

Step 4

Erase all extra lines!

Add two smaller triangles and erase extra lines.

Step 5

Add a very large triangle with a rounded tip.

Wow! Amazing job. You can get creative and make different shapes with circles.

Step 6

Let’s add the branches by drawing smaller triangles.

Step 7

Erase extra lines and add details! You can draw more branches, flowers, birds, a beehive, or draw more trees to create a forest.

Step 8

Don’t forget to color it with your favorite crayons!

how to draw a tree
Draw a tree in eight easy steps!

I recommend printing these instructions because it’s easier to follow each step with a visual example.

Download How To Draw a Tree PDF FILE Here:

Drawing A Tree

Drawing a tree is easy! Draw the tree trunk, leaves, and branches. You can even make it look like a more realistic tree by adding detail. Use a darker shade of color on one side, and a softer pencil stroke on the other to show the light source.

Turn these trees into a pine tree, oak tree, coniferous trees, really any tree. It’s your own! The next step to your tree is details.

Short lines for smaller branches, vertical lines, and long lines for tree branches.

Don’t forget the leaf parts. Leaf shapes are never uniform. They are a bunch of different shapes covering the top of the tree.

The base of the tree needs detail too! You can use darker and lighter browns. It will make some bark texture. Add a dark shadow on the ground for the trees. Trees have shadows too.

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How did your tree drawing turn out?

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