Baby Melts When Parents Start Singing In The Car [Video]

Can babies recognize true talent?

Or are they just partial to mom & dad?

baby melts when parents sing in the car video - Kids Activities Blog
I think this baby knows how special the moment is…

Mom & Dad Sing to Mesmerized Baby Video

How amazing is this?

This loving couple beautifully sings Matisyahu’s “One Day” with their baby in their arms.

It looks like their baby is enjoying every single moment of the A Capella version they are singing!

At first, the mother starts singing, then her husband adds in the harmony and it’s as if these two have been doing this their entire lives!

This is so cool, they definitely have lots of talent.

We think they need to audition for a talent show, and I, for one, would definitely watch them on stage. 

This little baby is so cute with the adoring looks she’s giving her dad.

The baby isn’t crying and is just enjoying the moment being witnessed in front of its eyes.

The baby has her eyes wide open and is soaking up every moment. 

The smile on the babies face is priceless, any moment you get to share with your family is always a great time.

Take a look!

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Hope this inspired you to sing today!

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