Ever Wonder What Famous Singers Sound Like Without Their Music or Auto-Tune? [Video]

When we’re kids, we dream of all the things we want to be when we grow up.

When I was a kid it was things like astronaut, teacher, ballerina, and, of course, singer.

Now, kids might dream of being a game designer, wizard, part of a hip hop crew, and, of course, singer.

Some of those dreams never really change.

But what does it actually take to be a singer?

While some singers show off their chops on a regular basis by singing without music, some of them are harder to hear.

It’s as if the performance is more important than the actual singing.

And that might be the case.

Especially after hearing some of them singing WITHOUT the music.

Here’s the thing, though…

As awful as some of these sound, these might have been very isolated cases.

Not saying we’re all great at everything all time time, you know?

But for these isolated cases?

Boy howdy!


Some that I thought would be truly bad?

Surprisingly amazing.

Take a look!

Singers Autotune vs. Singers in REAL life Video

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