I have never really thought about it, but we have pretty low expectations for clowns in modern days.

Maybe because so many of us were scared by them as children (and beyond…).

Maybe because they are labeled as sad, creepy and weird.

And then there is the joker {shudder}.

Sad clown video from Americas Got Talent - Kids Activities Blog - clown with tears and smile
The smile is painted big, but the clown still looks so sad!

Sad Clowns

I have a theory that it is because many clown’s display opposing emotions that normally aren’t seen together with face paint.  Take the clown pictured above, the smile is painted in a very happy way but the eyes look so sad.

It doesn’t match.

Our brains can’t compute and we just have a hard time processing anything beyond that.

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Puddles the Clown Video

Have you seen the sad clown sing Chandelier?

We wanted to remind you of Puddles the Clown from America’s Got Talent’s 12th season because it is awesome and will make your day.

sad clown named Puddles Pity Party sings Chandelier on America's Got Talent
Today will be better if you watch a sad clown sing…

They say never to judge a book by its cover, yet over and over again that’s exactly what we do. We see someone and prejudge exactly what to expect from them.

And for a lot of us, that’s how we get by. It isn’t great, but that’s life. Not great.

So when Puddles the clown, otherwise known as Puddles Pity Party, takes the stage on America’s Got Talent no one really expects much.

Here’s this gigantic, 7 foot tall clown who doesn’t speak and carries a lantern. Plus, he just looks so sad and scared.

Simon readies himself for an awful performance, and that’s when Puddles starts singing his own version of Sia’s “Chandelier”.

What happens next brings the judges to tears and gasps from the crowd. It truly is a magical moment.

Take a look!

Puddles Pity Party Sad Clown Sings Video

When he was done, the judges had tears in their eyes, and they weren’t the only ones. I definitely teared up watching this and so did most of the audience.

So, for a matter of fact, did Puddles.

I’m with Simon. I don’t think I ever want to know who Puddles is…I’m just glad to know he exists.

More Clown Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Watching Puddles sing has inspired us to celebrate clowns in a non-scary way…

Whether or not you find clowns scary, you might get a kick from this mom scaring her baby…or you might find it creepy!

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  1. Clowns are from an era when frightening children was of little concern to grown-ups. I never liked going to the circus because it was, at the same time, boring and disturbing. I did not like anything about clowns and I felt sorry for the animals (for the same reason I would not patronize zoos for decades, the San Diego Zoo changed my attitude). Clowns aren’t funny and they do “funny violent” things to each other. Small children should never be subjected to the bizarre looks and antics of a clown.

    1. I have never been a fan of clowns, myself, Sherry! My parents took me to the circus once ( and only once) when I was little. A clown came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be in the show and I ran away screaming, LOL!!!