Just in case I haven’t introduced my kids to enough of my favorite childhood cartoons, Disney+ is adding yet another classic to its lineup: Schoolhouse Rock.

Disney Educational Productions/Youtube

Yup, you’re about to get songs like “Conjunction Junction” stuck in your head once again. But, hey, these songs and videos are educational! At least now we don’t need to feel nearly as guilty about screen time anymore. 

When does Schoolhouse Rock come to Disney+?

Mark June 19th down on your calendars, because that’s when the Disney streaming service is starting to stream season one of Schoolhouse Rock . All of the Schoolhouse Rock videos are pretty short, with an average of three minutes apiece, making them the perfect length for young kids who don’t have a long attention-span. 

The videos and songs cover all sorts of educational topics, from sentence construction to American civics. I mean, if you grew up with the videos like I did, could ever forget the song, “I’m just a bill, sittin’ on Capitol Hill”? Or what makes a “Zero a Hero”?

Kids will get a kick out of these old-school cartoons, and parents will get a chance to feel a whole lot of nostalgia for a simpler time. 

The animated musical short films originally aired from 1973 to 1984 on ABC.  They didn’t just air on Saturday mornings in living rooms everywhere; they also played on repeat in classrooms throughout the U.S., especially on days we had substitutes.

After all, like we said, they’re educational, and, at least for a few minutes, they can be your kid’s teacher.

While Disney+ has only announced the release of season one, Schoolhouse Rock has a total of six seasons. And I’m going to be honest with you. I need these back in my life, for my sake as well as my kids.

So on June 19, introduce your kids to the catchy songs of Schoolhouse Rock, so Disney+ knows that we want all the seasons, okay? Don’t forget – knowledge is power!


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