It is never too early to star decorating for Halloween especially if you have a super cool pumpkin projector that creates singing jack o lanterns with ease!

Pumpkins, ghosts, witches, it is all coming out on display and this digital Halloween decoration set will be the talk of your neighborhood.

I promise.

Pumpkin Projector Turns Pumpkins into Singing Jack o Lanterns - Kids Activities Blog
I need a singing jack o lantern for Halloween!

Singing Jack o Lantern Pumpkin Projector

We are absolutely in love with the Jack-o-Lantern Jamboree collection from Atmos FX.  Their amazing 3D effects makes it appear that you have talking, singing jack-o-lanterns right in your yard.

And if you are not obsessed yet, watch this video of the Halloween pumpkins singing jack o lantern jamboree:

Yes, you can completely upgrade your Halloween decorating plans the these digital decorations which include singing pumpkins projection at your house!

Courtesy of Amazon

What is digital decorating?

Digital decorating uses projectors and computers in order to add holiday design elements to windows, garages, and more.

The user can change elements by simply changing out programs or repositioning the projector.

This is seen in this set with singing jack o lanterns that feel all futuristic like a holographic pumpkin!

Courtesy of Amazon

Atmos Fear FX Jack-O-Lantern Bundle for Singing Pumpkins

With the Jack-o-Lantern Jamboree, the pumpkins can be projected onto any surface, creating a hologram-like event that can talk, sing, joke, and tell stories.

You can set them up onto uncarved pumpkins for the best effects. It is crazy how realistic they look in the dark!

Courtesy of Amazon

[Discontinued]More About the Singing Pumpkin Projector

The Jack-o-Lantern Jamboree is actually a sequel to the original version.

  • This set features multiple aspects–Pumpkin Scares with spooky faces, Pumpkin Songs where your pumpkins will sing to you, and Tales and Treats, with jokes and banter from the pumpkins.
  • You can order your own Jack-o-Lantern Jamboree starter kit from Amazon. The kit includes the video projector (USB, DVD, VGA, HMDI connections), rear projection screen, and the Jack-o-Lantern DVD.
  • Once you own the main kit, DVDs can be ordered separately for different holidays.
  • Check out the different packages because some include Christmas decorations as well…yay!
jabbering jack talking animated pumpkin with built in projector and speaker plug and play from Amazon
Jabberin’ Jack is a pumpkin projector that costs less!

What We Suggest Instead of This Discontinued Item

Last year I bought a Jabberin’ Jack which is a less expensive pumpkin projector that is easy to set up with just a plug in!

  • The animated projector pumpkin has 70 minutes of fun and silly Halloween antics.
  • Includes three different characters: spooky, traditional and goofy.
  • Recommended for indoor or covered porch use.

Everyone who visited and saw Jabberin’ Jack asked where I got him!


Have you seen one of these singing jack o lantern projectors in person? What do you think of the pumpkin projector?

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