Incredible Toddler Sings ‘My Way’ By Frank Sinatra [Video]

We all think our kid is the cutest or best at something, but this kid might actually be.

Toddler sings Frank Sinatra's My Way in Video - Kids Activities Blog (1)
Toddlers Generally Do Things “My Way”…

Sure, we can’t understand everything she’s singing, but the passion is undeniable.

This toddler starts belting out Frank Sinatra next to her piano playing mama, and while at first it seems she’s just going to sing the words she’s been taught, pretty soon she starts really Really getting into the song.

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And can we stop for just a minute and reflect on the fact that there is probably no better song for a toddler than “MY WAY”?

Just saying, it’s pretty much their anthem.

And boy can this little girl sing it!

Take a look!

Toddler Sings Frank Sinatra’s My Way Video

Seriously, how flipping adorable is she?

It’s that little gravel she gets in her voice that gets me.

That grumble like she’s really digging deep and laying it all out on the line for us.

She’s been knocked down, and left out, but by golly she picked herself back up by her Pampers and made it happen!


Hope this inspired you to sing today!

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