When Bedtime Stories are Not Relaxing [Video]

Parenting is hard.

You do the right things and they don’t always turn out…well…right.

Baby does not like bedtime story video - Kids Activities Blog - baby crying at crib
Not giving you credit for trying…I am upset!

It is like the baby didn’t even read the parenting book to make sure that he was behaving correctly!

Let’s talk bedtime stories.

This used to happen with one of my kids which is why it is so funny to me.

Obviously, I am not the only one since this video seems to be popping up EVERYWHERE lately!

bedtime story - Kids Activities Blog - screenshot of mom reading story to baby
And everyone lived happily ever after…kinda.

After watching, I might recommend reading to this child only in the morning or early afternoon.

Maybe NOT the best plan for pre-nap or a bedtime story.

Take a look.

Baby Doesn’t Like Story Video


Let’s cautiously read to our kids today…