Are you familiar with ‘An American Trilogy’ by Elvis Presley? If not, you’re about to learn it and in the cutest way. This littler girl passionately sings ‘An American Trilogy’ by Elvis Presley. It’s the sweetest little video. She has the most precious little singing voice and it’s impressive that she knows ‘An American Trilogy’ by Elvis Presley at such a young age! Check it out!

Baby girl sings elvis trilolgy video - Kids Activities Blog- girl singing on white background
Yes, she won the internet.

Little Girl Sings ‘American Trilogy’ By Elvis Presley

Ella Mae wins the internet. Voting is over, pencils down, she WINS THE INTERNET! She is absolutely the most precious, most darling girl EVER and after you watch this video you will agree. Basically, Ella loves her dad.

A lot. And she tells him. A lot.

But the best thing ever happens once her daddy turns on Elvis…that’s when Ella gets serious…

Video: Ella Mae sings ‘An American Trilogy’ by Elvis Presely

If you aren’t absolutely as in love with this baby as I am, well, you have no heart.

Okay, you may have one but you might need to get it checked…’cause she is the BEST!

Keep singing that sweet heart out, Ella Mae!


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