Halloween Math Games

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I’ll go for just about any excuse to ditch the regular Math plans and have fun with something like Halloween Math Games!  Here are a few Halloween math activities we’ve played.

We love featuring ideas like this on Kids Activities Blog because it makes learning fun!

Halloween Math Games for Kids

Halloween Math Games

Hershey Kiss Memory

Those white garage sale dot stickers fit perfectly on the bottom of Hershey’s Kisses.  I wrote multiplication facts on the bottoms and you had to know the product in order to make a match.  Chocolate is always a fun motivator!  My son begged to play round after round of this game.  I don’t think he’s ever begged to do multiplication fact flash cards!

Halloween math activities

Halloween Math Activities

Fact Family Pumpkin Game

The cute little pumpkin cups you can find at the dollar store are perfect for this activity.  Write different numbers on your pumpkins, and then make up addition/subtraction problems that equal each number.  I like this game because you can make it harder for older kids, or easier for the little ones.

Halloween math

For the littlest family members, you could put dots on your popsicle stick instead of math problems.  Then your child would count the dots & put the stick in the right numbered pumpkin.

Halloween math activity

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