This lion coloring page makes a wonderful activity for those who love gorgeous animals. Lions are regal animals that have the colors of the sun, so use your favorite warm colors to create a lion of your own! And if you love other big cats, check out this cheetah coloring page as well!

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on. As luck would have it, we have coloring pages for all ages!

Lion Coloring Page

Lion Coloring Page for Kids

If you would like to watch a video of this lion being coloring with Prismacolor Colored Pencils, please check out the video below:

These coloring pages were made by me. To see more of my artwork, check out my Instagram. You can also watch Facebook Live videos of my drawing and coloring during weekdays on Quirky Momma.

I hope you enjoy coloring this lion!

How to Color a Lion Part 1 Instructions

Hi everyone, it’s Natalie and tonight I’m going to be coloring this drawing of a lion that I prepared ahead of time. As always, I’m going to be using Prismacolor colored pencils to color and everything. These are really nice colored pencils. You can find them at places such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, you can even get them on Amazon. And the paper that I’m using is Strathmore toned gray paper. It looks like this, in case you want to purchase them for yourself. I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes drawing and coloring because the paper is different than the typical white paper that you find everywhere because this paper is gray. So it gives you a nice, subtle [0:39] background and it complements any picture really well.

[1:21]  So I have my colors and I’m going to begin by coloring in the eyes as usual. If you guys have seen my previous videos, I always start with the eyes because the eyes are the most exciting and it just really holds the picture together. It’s a good starting point as well. So starting with black, color in the black part around the lion’s eyes, in the center of its eye then I’ll add color to the eye itself.

[4:52]  I know it’s really hard to see all the details right now since the eyes are so small, but I’m blending together Tuscan red with Spanish orange to create this reddish yellow orangish color. So what I do is, the Tuscan red is very dark at the top or the darkest color is and then as I want to transition it to the Spanish orange, I lightly etch the Tuscan red in and then I color over with the Spanish orange to blend. 

That’s my general Prismacolor blending strategy. There’s so many other ways that you can do it though. I know some people they’ll do cross hatching where you make lines of both colors. And you can repeat those layers over and over until you get the desired level of blending.But because some people, they don’t want to blend the pencils all the way just for stylistic reasons. So don’t feel that your drawings have to be smoothly blended because there are artists out there that part of their style is using a line based hatching coloring. It doesn’t always have to be perfectly smooth. But usually one of the reasons why people buy Prisma colors is because of the fact that you can create smooth textures.

[6:31]  Okay, I’m going to add reflections onto the eyes. I accomplished this by using white acrylic paint. This is Americana acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby. It’s really inexpensive, I think this one was around $1 because I got it on a sale where it was 30 cents off.Which probably put it below $1 but I don’t remember the exact price on the receipt, but it’s one of the cheapest acrylic paints that you can purchase at Hobby Lobby and it’s fun, I use it for most of my paintings because it’s really affordable.

I know that nice acrylic paints and oil paints can be very expensive, but any acrylic paint will do for this because you only need a few drops. So I don’t even dump the paint out in a container. I just use the paint that is on this little piece of plastic that is raised. Because there’s a little paint there, it’ll save paint by just taking it directly from the container than dumping it out and wasting some in the process as I really don’t use that much. See, I just make a little line but it’s a powerful little line because it helps bring the eyes to life.

[8:05]  As always, I try to erase the graphite marks before I apply color just to avoid unwanted smearing and smudging. Sometimes I forget to do this, but maybe I should remember because sometimes it gives an unwanted effect for color.

[11:35]  Jasmine, you can purchase individual colored pencils at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. They sell them for, let’s see Hobby Lobby, the price that they have is $2.29 for an individual pencil. I get a lot of my pencils individually because mostly black, white, grays and browns are the colors I use the most. It’s convenient that they sell them individually and plus you can use a 40% off coupon which drastically improves price. So I would recommend going to those places. I know some of you in the comments have said that you didn’t see the individual pencils at Michael’s. 

But I’ve seen them with the one that I live at, but I think that Hobby Lobby you can’t go wrong with. So if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, I would recommend going there first and Hobby Lobby tends to be so much cheaper than Michael’s. I don’t know if the price on Prismacolor will change too much since Prismacolors is a name brand and it’s not the store brand but Hobby Lobby does have a lot of really good deals and sales as well.

[17:27]  If you guys have noticed I’ve been switching out between these three yellows a lot because they look somewhat similar and I’m still somewhat trying to decide which one is best for this drawing in different locations. The picture of the lion that I’m looking at currently is very colorful. It has different shades of orange and yellow in it, so I’m still trying to figure out which yellow works best in which places. But if you guys are curious to see what the reference picture looks like, if you Google Lion through Google Images it’s one of the first results that comes up. It’s very vibrant I would say, this lion, so it should be easy for you guys to find.

[20:15]  Hayley, the image I’m looking at is found on Google Images. I have a laptop next to me with the reference picture displayed on it. I think this is the first time I’ve drawn a Lion. So it’s necessary for me to use a reference photo. I do this with most of the previous, well with all of the animals I draw for you guys online, because a lot of them it’s my first time drawing or, I just don’t know how to draw them from memory because [20:38] I don’t draw them enough. But with human faces, I can draw some human faces from memory not of specific people, but just like general faces, you know, because I have a memory of the major features such as eyes, noses and mouths. So it’s easy for me to draw that from memory. But with animals, since I don’t draw them as much I can’t really draw many of them from memory.

[21:27]  Kristen, I’ve used [21:31] all of these pencils so far.

[21:49]  This specific drawing, not drawing but a photograph of a lion that I’m using as reference, is very vibrant and I hope to capture some of the vibrancy of the lion’s colors. So that’s why I’m using so many colors. I can’t wait to detail the mane because that’s going to look really pretty with all the different reds, yellows [22:06] and oranges..

[30:22]  For all of you that came in late and didn’t catch any of the supplies because I know that this always happens. I just want to let everyone know because I know that there are a lot of questions. These are Prismacolor colored pencils and the paper I’m using is Strathmore toned gray paper. I highly recommend both of these products because the colored pencils are very nice and they blend together smoothly, which is absolutely wonderful for colored pencils. The paper is something that’s unique and different from the generic white paper that you can purchase. This paper, you can use white on it and it will show up and the gray gives you a nice subtle background, compliments any drawing really well. So, again, these are Prismacolor colored pencils and [31:05] Strathmore toned gray paper. [31:09]  You can get both of these at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and you can also get them on Amazon.

[35:42]  Christian, I use a manual pencil sharpener. Well, this is a metal one that my freshman art teacher gave me. I don’t know where he got it from. He probably got it from one of those [35:53] wholesale art suppliers. 

[35:54]  I think there’s a few big ones out there but they usually ship huge amounts of art supplies to teachers and my art teacher had a whole box of them, he gave me one so I can’t tell you where to find this one in particular. But I’ve found that metal pencil sharpeners generally work better than the plastic ones that you can purchase in back to school shopping and office supply stores. The ones that are designed for just generic pencil use, like your regular number two pencils that you can buy a huge box of them for a couple bucks. 

The pencil sharpeners that are designed for those aren’t the best because they’re serving very cheap pencils. So you’re going to need an artist quality pencil sharpener. So what I’d recommend is going to craft stores to purchase a pencil sharpener, don’t get one from Walmart or Target because those ones aren’t really designed for the artist. They’re designed for a general use pencil. Also be careful with pencil sharpeners that are sold in artists gift box sets where you have a bunch of pencils, you have your erasers, and there’s the pencil sharpener in there as well. Usually those are kind of thrown in as a free gift. So they may not be the best quality.

[37:06]  But in the drawing aisle at craft stores, they always have really nice pencil sharpeners. [37:12] But the most efficient way to sharpen your Prisma colors is actually to use a blade like an exacto knife that will minimize waste and you’ll save a lot of pencil that way. So if you haven’t tried that yet, I would recommend doing it because you’ll save a lot. When I first started using pencils, I never really thought of the method of shaving away with a blade. But there’s this one, I think he was a student at one of the local universities where I lived. He came into our art class and gave us some instructions and he was using, I forgot what kind of colored pencils he was using, but he was using pencils and was sharpening them all and he used a blade to do that which I thought was really cool. His pencils were very sharp and you can create custom tips and things like that with it. So it does give you a lot of flexibility and I would recommend it, but not if you’re a young viewer be careful, blades can be very dangerous. So [38:14]ask your parents.

How to Color a Lion Part 2 Instructions

Hi, everyone, it’s Natalie and I’m going to finish coloring the Lion that I started coloring last night. Just thank you to all of you that are watching this and because I know that the Olympics ceremony is going on right now, and that’s a really big thing. But like, if you’re me, you have it on the TV in front of you and you’re drawing so you can get the best of both. Oh, hold on. It looks like the video is sideways, but I can fix that. Okay, now it’s right side up. Sorry about that.I’ll be coloring on Strathmore toned gray paper, and I’m using Prismacolor colored pencils. So let’s continue. Today I’m really going to focus on the mane of the lion because that’s the area that is left color. The face of the Lion is almost completely colored, but there’s a few details that I might go back and nit-pick. [0:59]  Let’s just clean up some of these pencil lines.

[1:28]  As always, if you guys have questions, please feel free to ask them. I’ll try to answer as many as I can. But please understand that I can’t see all of them at once. So there’s a possibility that I may not see it. If that happened, feel free to ask again or you can send me a direct message on Instagram.

[3:08]  Amanda, this brown is Tuscan red.

[3:19]  Molly, I started this drawing last night. I started it from just a pencil sketch. Well I had the pencil sketch completed once I started recording the video, but if you go to the videos tab on quirky Mama’s page and scroll down, you should be able to easily find last night’s video.

[4:10]  Someone asks, “Do you love painting?” I do, painting is something that I’ve gotten into relatively recently compared to, my art career, I guess. But painting is like one of my favorite things to do. Now, if you want to see some of the paintings I make, you can check those out on my Instagram. The link to my Instagram is in the video’s description. So make sure you go follow me on there.

[5:04]  Missy, this orange is pale vermilion.

[5:16]  Yeah. If you guys are curious about any of the colors that I’m using, feel free to ask.

[5:42]  Should any of you’re interested in purchasing any of my drawings or other artworks or getting a commission done, please send me a direct message on Instagram, through Instagram direct message and I’ll get back with you. But if you’re unable to use Instagram, you can always send the Quirky Momma Facebook page a private message and they’ll forward it to me. Just make sure that you leave your email along with the message.

[8:50]  Julian, Prismacolors would make the perfect Christmas or birthday present for the aspiring artist. I highly recommend these colored pencils to people that will want to work with color. But I would also recommend starting out small and purchasing a couple of pencils on their own. Which you can purchase individually at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. If you go there to wherever they sell their colored pencils, they should have a little rack that has a bunch of different slots where different colors are. I would purchase a handful of those just to test the waters and make sure that the medium is something that she enjoys before you invest in a huge package of them, a set of 12 or something also it’s a good place to start. Like I said, it’s a great gift for Christmas or for birthdays. So put that on a wish list.

[9:58]  Molly, this is my first time drawing a lion.

[11:07]  Sara, honestly I’d say that this Lion is probably my favorite animal that I’ve drawn for live videos, just because I love the colors for it and I really like the way that it’s turning out. So I have to say the Lion has been my favorite so far, and I’m not even done with it.

[12:07]  We did two videos to cover the gorilla. So there’s two parts and in the second part I finished it. You can watch that video by going to the videos tab on clicking on this page and scrolling down. I don’t think it’s been added to the coloring with Natalie section yet, but if you scroll down to all videos, it should be somewhere near the top. You might have to scroll for just a little bit but you should be able to find it.

[13:19]  Julian, I use this metal pencil sharpener that my freshman art teacher gave to me. It’s made in Germany. I’m not sure how to pronounce this and ‘kum’ and might be like ‘Koom’ or something. But I don’t know where my art teacher purchased it. I’m pretty sure he bought them in bulk though from an art supplier that usually sells to schools. I know that Blick Art Supplies is one of the places that sells a lot to schools. So I would, if you want to find a good pencil sharpener, go to a craft store and look at their pencil aisle and purchase a pencil sharpener that’s sold individually. Usually the metal ones work better than the plastic ones. Just make sure that you don’t purchase one from places like Walmart and Target or like Walgreens. You know, a general store like that, because those pencil sharpeners are typically designed for the general use pencils.

Such as your regular number two pencils, which are rather cheap, and it’s okay if those pencils break off and get eaten out by the pencil sharpener because they’re not that great of a pencil.But with Prismacolors, you definitely need a higher quality pencil sharpener because if you’re wasting away the pencil itself, you’re essentially losing money there because these can be rather expensive. But the best way to sharpen your Prisma colors is actually to use a blade like an exacto knife to shave away the wood. I would recommend doing that but not if you’re a younger viewer because that’s very dangerous. So talk to a parent first, but that’s the most efficient way of sharpening your pencil because you minimize waste that way. So if you haven’t tried that yet, I would recommend you do. There are a lot of other advantages to using that method because you’re able to customize the tip. You can actually like cut it to where it’s flat and shape it however you want. So you can create some really cool textures that way as well. For these videos, I use this for the sake of time and space because I don’t have that big of an area that I’m working in right now. So using a blade is just messy.

[15:34]  Christina, if you can’t get direct messages to work on your Instagram account, just send the Quirky Momma Facebook page a direct message and leave your email there and I will contact you.

[16:44]  Bobby asks, “How do you decide what part to color next?” That’s something that’s really difficult to answer because I don’t even fully understand how I decided to color something next. A lot of it is just simple intuition and I guess like looking at a reference photo, seeing what areas need to be colored, I kind of jumped around the page. It’s really difficult to explain what makes me do it. 

I tried to think about it and go through the process, I’ve even tried to consider applying it towards something more computational. Like through the lens of a computer scientist trying to decide how this process is completed, because that’s really what computer science is, the studying of processes. 

So I’m trying to break it down into a process that could be represented by a computer program or something. I think that’d be kind of cool, but it’s just really difficult to even begin on. Why I decided to jump from one place to the other. It just kind of is simple intuition, I think, which unfortunately, it can’t really be expressed through a computer program.

[18:06]  Zoey, I typically start with the eyes. It’s something that I think I do in most of my [18:11] videos. If you guys can watch a video and see me not start with the eyes, please tell me but I think I’ve started with the eyes in every video just because the eyes are like my favorite place to start.

[19:38]  Chris, you are correct. I believe that starting with the eyes has a lot to do with just creating an instant focal point for the drawing because a lot of drawings, especially things that are alive, the eyes are typically the focal point.  If you don’t do the eyes correctly then it’s like everything’s lost. Well, not everything but you know, it’s just something that’s so important to a living creature and like once I draw the eyes I can see it instantly come to life.It’s really cool to see that and that’s why I always like starting with the eyes because that’s the first thing that looks at me whenever I start drawing.

[20:43]  Sandra, whenever it comes to choosing colors, before I start I usually have a set of colors planned out in my mind based upon what I need. For this I’m looking at a reference picture of a lion so I picked out some colors that represent a lot of colors in the photograph. So I have these right here and whenever I’m coloring an area, I add more colors and different hues depending on how it currently looks in comparison to the picture. For example, if an area I’m starting to color orange, because an area is both yellow and orange, and it looks too orange, I’ll use more yellow on top of everything, just to even out the colors. So it’s a layering process, and I guess, also taking some intuition and just knowing what color to use and thinking this one would look better here than this. It’s really complicated to explain honestly, because sometimes, I don’t even really understand what I’m doing. But I know that beneath it all there is some underlying reason behind it, but it’s very difficult to pinpoint.

[22:26]  I think that a job in computer science will be very fulfilling and I’ll be able to create cool things with technology, which is something that I’ve always wanted to do so, it’s something that I can see myself going to school for, whereas art, I think art will be more of just like a hobby. But, more meaningful than a hobby though, because it’s something that helped shape who I am, like the person I am today through making art and studying art and all that. So I think that by studying art and making art all throughout my life, it does give me another set of skills. Like a new skill set through creativity, and just understanding how art works and how that can connect with a human, which I think is essential to creating relatable technology. So, I have a lot to learn in the computer science field and I think that that’s another thing that’s fun about it is that I love learning and I really want to learn a lot more. So that’s why I want to go to school for it.

[23:37]  Don’t worry, I will still make art throughout my life, you guys. Don’t worry. I mean, it’s not like I’m just going to put away art or something like that. I can’t see that happening at all. It’s just going to be a part of me. Same with everything else that I do. So it’s kind of inseparable.

[27:30]  Oh, and to all the watchers right now don’t forget that I’m making coloring pages for all of you to download and print for free. I link some Corgi coloring pages in the video’s description if you guys want to check those out. One of the Corgis is actually based off of a live drawing that I did a couple months ago. So you can go check that out in the link for the coloring pages, on the page that it brings you to, embedded within that page is the Corgi coloring video. So you guys can print the coloring page. Color along if you’d like, or you can color like to your own amusement, but I just have it there in case you guys want to do that. But now please go check out my coloring pages.  They’re all on the Kids Activities blog. They’ll be updated with more of my coloring pages. So stay tuned on there. If you want to see some other coloring pages, go to the search bar, and just search coloring pages and you’ll see a lot of the ones that I made.

[29:33]  Fana, the lion is not my favorite animal, but the longer I spend drawing it the more I love it. I would say that my favorite animal right now is the manatee. I think that they’re just amazing creatures and they’re so fun looking and friendly. They’re just my favorite for that reason. I have drawn manatees in the past. I’d love to draw manatees for you guys sometime in the future, but like it’s a little hard to fit the entire thing on one page. So I’ll have to plan ahead for that. I’ll definitely think about it because I love manatees. I’ve done them before with balloons, that’s kind of interesting. I like how it turned out because all the manatees were in black and white, while the balloons were red. I’ll show you guys the image sometime because I think it turned out really nice.

[31:37]  Angel, my Instagram is Cygann spelt ‘CYGANN’ and there’s an extra ‘N’ on my Instagram username. I don’t really know why I think it’s more like a stylized thing plus my first initials and so I kind of put it at the end and I have my Instagram username. But the link to that is in the video’s description if you just want to click a link.

[32:07]  If you guys are interested in purchasing artwork or things like that, and you don’t have Instagram, you can send the Quirky Momma Facebook page a private message. Make sure you leave your email there and they’ll forward it to me. Just make sure that you specify that you’re interested in my work and make sure you mention me otherwise [32:27] they won’t know where to send the message to.

[38:10]  Peggy, my Instagram is linked in the video’s description if you just want to find a link. But if you for some reason can’t access that, my Instagram username is Cygann with an extra ‘N’ spelt ‘CYGANN’.

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