This snow leopard coloring page is a wonderful afternoon activity as there are lots of details to color. It’s excellent for those who love animals.

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Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.

Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults- Snow Leopard

Download here:

If you would like to watch a coloring video of this drawing with Prismacolor Colored Pencils, please check out the video below:

These coloring pages were made by me. To see more of my artwork, check out my Instagram. You can also watch Facebook Live videos of my drawing and coloring during weekdays on Quirky Momma.

I hope you enjoy!

How to Color a Snow Leopard Part 1 Instructions

Hi, everyone, it’s Natalie, and I’m really sorry about my absences on Tuesday and Thursday of last week. Well, Tuesday of this week and Thursday of last week, I was kind of busy with school and other things like that. But I’m [0:14] back tonight and I’m going to be coloring this picture of a snow leopard. As always, I use Prismacolor colored pencils and this time, I decided to change it up a bit. Instead of using the Strathmore toned gray paper, I’m using the Strathmore toned tan paper. This is the first time that I’m using it. I’m on the first page of the sketchbook, I just bought it last night, so I’m pretty excited to use it. It’s a bit different than the toned gray in terms of color, but I feel like the same effects of the color of the whites popping will be very similar to the toned gray. 

So I’m excited to use this and if you want to get it yourself, you can get it the same place as the toned gray paper, like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and it’s the same price as well. So let’s get started. I’m going to start with the eyes as always just because I love the eyes. I’m really excited about the snow leopard because the eyes will be ice blue and it’s fur will be black, gray and white. So this will be fun.

[2:41]  One thing that I’m now really considering about the toned tan paper versus the tone gray papers, that you definitely have a tone difference between them. The toned tan is much warmer whereas the gray is much cooler. So, if you’re drawing a picture you can always keep in mind what kind of color temperature you’re looking for. I mean, right now this is kind of an odd choice because I’m drawing a snow leopard on a warm background. I think that snow leopard more so belongs in a cool background, but that’s okay because I was excited to try the paper and I felt like trying the snow leopard tonight. So those two elements will go together.

[3:21]  But just for you guys to know that if you’re drawing something that you want in a cooler context, and you want to, I guess portray a sense of coldness or like a cool atmosphere, use the toned gray paper, whereas if you want something a little bit warmer, you could use a toned tan.

[5:18]  Right now the colors I’m using for the eyes are light aqua, ultra marine and true blue. I won’t be using these two right here, but we’re using those plus black and white.

[6:20]  To make the eyes pop, you can always add a little touch of white pigment. I like to use either Americana acrylic paint or the Sharpie white paint marker. Both of these are good. The main difference between them is that this is good for just drawing simple shapes and lines or dots. Whereas this will let you get a lot more dimension if you’re looking to create a transition from something incredibly opaque to something more transparent. This is really good for eyes because if you’re doing a close up of eyes, it’s good to get in that detail. But right now really, all I need is a little on the eyes so I’m just going to be using this because it’s a lot easier. All you have to do is shake it up and add a little dot.

[9:39]  Missy unfortunately, I can’t look at the picture right now because whenever I’m streaming something live, the comments that show up are simply just the text [9:47] from the comment so none of the pictures are displayed and you can’t see it. But I always love seeing your drawings. I know that you’ve been posting lots of them in the comments and I do see them so I’ll definitely have to check out that one later.

[10:15]  Sometimes whenever you’re coloring over something that’s very vibrant, you may have to add a couple layers of pigment just because the pigment is so vibrant sometimes it blends into [10:27] the wet paint. It will create instead of just an opaque white circle, it will kind of fade it. It may look a little bit blue if you’re coloring over the deep blue or pink if you’re coloring over bright pink. So just be aware of that and it’s no big deal really, you can just put another layer on it and usually that should fix it.

[10:58]  Milani, I don’t have my own Facebook page, I do have an Instagram page if you want to check that out. It’s in the video’s description.

[14:05]  Katrina, I don’t really know much about the Prismacolor markers. I think I’ve used them once or twice, but they didn’t really stand out to me as spectacular or anything in comparison to Copic Markers because I’ve been so used to using those. One thing I did notice is the tips on them. They, well the ones that I used I forgot the name of them, they didn’t have anything like the Copic brush tip, which I really liked because it feels like a paintbrush. The Prismacolor ones, the tips were just kind of hard and there’s a fine point one and there’s a chisel tip. Neither of them gave me that painting-like feel whenever I was coloring with them, so I just never really got into them.

[14:47]  But I do think that I have some at school. Oh, my art teacher has some that I can use. So maybe I’ll play around with those or possibly bring them home and show you guys those in a video. I know I did a marker sampling not too long ago with the Chameleon markers and Copic markers. So if you guys want to check that out, you can go to the videos tab on Quirky Momma’s Facebook page and scroll down to Coloring with Natalie, where you’ll find a playlist of my videos, and then search for the Copic and Chameleon markers one.

[15:51]  Jennifer, the lifespan of the colored pencils entirely depends on the usage of the particular color obviously. And stuff like black and white that I use often, those can last about a month [16:03] for me. I think on average, I buy a new one of those about every month just because I use them so frequently. However other colors like this true blue color, this is the first time that I’ve replaced it since I got this set for Christmas of 2015. So that was quite some time ago. I just now replaced it and in the set that I got from a friend for Christmas of 2015 there’s still a lot of colors that I don’t use often so I haven’t replaced them like these purples and yellows I haven’t replaced yet even though I really do like using them. So I do think that the colors, they last a long time. Again, it just relies entirely on how much you use them and what you use them for. Because if you’re a person that likes to color in elaborate backgrounds that are one color, you may go through color faster than others. But expect that blacks, whites, greys and some browns, those you will go through rather quickly.

[17:20]  Courtney I’m using something called a shot box which is a plastic box that pops up and there are lights on the inside that I can adjust like this and it’s pretty cool. It’s ideal for photography and filming things like this. The top of the box has these square cutouts, so I can lay my phone flat on the surface and the camera will be exposed through one of the holes and it will capture everything below. The shot box also has a USB port so I can charge my phone as I stream this video so my phone doesn’t die and I’m using an iPhone 6s to record this as well.

[18:02]  Don, I store my Prismacolor colored pencils in the original container that they came in, which is this nice little tin that’s actually been dented several times over the months that I’ve had or the year or so that I’ve had it.

[18:16]  I think it’s important to store your pencils in a container like this that has individual slots for each pencil because this helps keep them from breaking whenever you transport them. Because if they have their own little slot, they’re less likely to bang up against one another which will cause the inside color to break. So you have to be really careful whenever you put them loosely into a container like a large pencil bag or something. Whatever you put it in, a bag or a backpack and you walk around with it, sometimes they’ll bang up against each other and break. 

This is another thing that you can use if you’re looking for something other than the original container to put them in. You can use something like this, this is a Kipling 100 pens case. I’m just going to show you the little loops because this is what’s important. These little elastic loops are good for holding the pencils as well because it keeps them from hitting each other. This I got a TJ Maxx. I love Kipling products, I have it for all my bags and purses, so I had to get the pencil case for this. Kipling products, they can be kind of pricey, but I only buy them from stores like Burlington and TJ Maxx or they sell them at a discount. So this one’s a really nice bag because you can put stuff in the loops and you can also store [19:31] miscellaneous art supplies below.

[20:51]  Michelle, I typically don’t have to add that much pressure to get an opaque white. The white goes on pretty easily on this paper. I think it’s an easy color to color with. I think if your hands are hurting when using them, obviously results from too much pressure that you’re applying. But as the pencil gets shorter, your hand is more likely to ache when coloring with it. So whenever I’m using these little baby pencils right here and I try to color in large areas or I try to draw things. Sometimes my hand does cramp up from that, but whenever the pencil’s this long, I really don’t have to have that much pressure. [21:30]  It’s strain free, so it’s pretty easy to color with.

[21:48]  Right now I’m using Strathmore toned tan paper.

[23:09]  Katrina, I mostly use the Strathmore toned gray paper. Right now I’m using toned tan because I decided to mix it up a bit. But as for coloring with Prisma colors, I always prefer to use the toned papers just because it makes the colors pop so much more. It gives a nice, subtle background automatically to the picture rather than a stark white and I think that using this kind of paper, you get a better understanding of how highlighting works and how light works better than you would with traditional white paper.

Because with the white paper, you’re coloring everything else in except for the white because if you want an area to be colored white, you just simply don’t color it and you only add the shading. But with this paper, you’re adding all the white highlights to it. So I think that it helps you gain a better understanding of how it all works since you’re adding it yourself and not just [23:57] coloring around it.

[24:52]  Courtney, whenever I draw animals like this I always look at a reference picture because I simply don’t know how to draw snow leopards from the top of my head. But if you guys are curious in seeing what I’m using as my reference, if you just go to Google images and quickly search ‘Snow Leopard,’ you’ll easily find this picture. In fact, I think that this particular picture is repeated on the search a couple of times. From my memory, you would see like five versions of the image and half of them were flipped. So it’s a pretty popular image of a snow leopard, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find, [25:28] just your standard snow leopard.

[27:09]  Katrina, if you want something to color and something that you don’t have to draw yourself, if you go to the video’s description, you can find a link to Kids Activities blog where I create some coloring pages that you can download and print for free. So those are free resources that you can print out. But do know that they’re all lined so I used a black pen to give all of them an outline. So if you were to just print them out as is, you would have an outline on them that’s black. 

So if you’re aiming for something a little bit more realistic, what you can do is, they’re all saved as PDFs, but if you take a screenshot of the PDF, you can open it up in an image editor, and you can make the entire image a lot lighter. Or increase the transparency on it so you have grey lines instead of black lines. If you were to print that out on thicker paper like cardstock or something where you can really get a thick waxy layer of Prismacolor applied onto it. If you get something like that, you’ll be able to create a more realistic effect. Or if you wanted to, you could always get a piece of paper and put it up to your computer screen as a lightbox and trace the lines in pencil so you’re able to erase them and color something.

[33:44]  Angela, the colors I’m using for the fur right now are black, white, cool gray 30% and cool gray 50%. The eyes I used light aqua, true blue and ultramarine and then black and white of course.

[35:08]  Kathy, I do put these on Etsy after the show so if you’re interested in purchasing these, you can check out the video description where you’ll find a link to my Etsy. I’ll have this uploaded approximately probably like 10:45 or so Central Time, that is because I end this video at 10:30 Central time. So it will take me a little bit to clean up my workstation then take a picture and put it on Etsy, but it will be up. Actually sorry, it won’t be up tonight because I’m not going to finish it tonight since I don’t have enough time. But tomorrow night after I finish it it will be up on Etsy and make sure you guys tune in tomorrow night for me finishing the snow leopard which will be at 9:30pm Central time here on Quirky Momma.

[36:38]  Kathy, if you do a quick Google search for snow leopard, and then click on images, you should find it. It should be one of the first few results there, it’s actually a rather popular image of the snow leopard. Because when I pulled up the search, like five of the top searches were of this picture and half of them were just a flipped variation of it so you guys should be able to find it, it’s a pretty standard picture of a snow leopard.

How to Color a Snow Leopard Part 2 Instructions

Hi everyone, it’s Natalie and tonight I’m going to finish last night’s snow leopard. So if you missed that video, you can always click on the videos tab on Quirky Momma’s Facebook page and scroll down to the all video section. It should be relatively close towards the top because I just did it last night. If you want to watch that you can or you can just jump right in with this. So far, I’ve been using Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore toned tan paper. Which is different from my usual videos where they use toned gray paper, but this past weekend, I decided to buy toned tan [0:33] to change it up. I’ve also been using the Sharpie white paint marker to add little highlights to the eyes.

I also listed all of my materials in the description so you can check that out. Alongside the materials I listed in the description are three links, one to my Instagram, one to my Etsy, and the third to Kids Activities blog where you can check out some coloring pages I created. So [0:59] let’s get started, or resume. Let me get out some of my pencils.

[1:52]  One thing I want to talk about is whenever you’re coloring, especially whenever you’re using darker colors on a toned paper like this. Oftentimes whenever you zoom in closely to an area like [2:05] this area right here, I don’t know how well you can see it.

[2:07]  But in between the black lines and the dark grey lines, you’ll see these little white dots, which are simply little areas that weren’t colored with the colored pencils. I guess while you’re coloring the texture of the paper automatically causes [2:23] you to miss some areas.

[2:26]  That can be kind of annoying sometimes, and especially if you’re looking for the smooth, flat solid color. So what you can do is you can actually use the colorless blender. I think this is the best use for the colorless blender, is filling in these little gaps because you don’t have to use any more of these and you don’t have to put as much pressure on them. Because usually, whenever I fill in these gaps with just normal pencils, I typically put a lot of pressure down whereas this I kind of lightly etch over it and it fills in those little gaps for me. [3:28] If you have a larger area to color in those small gaps with, you can use a gum eraser. Which is an interesting type of eraser, I honestly can’t tell you what the intended use [3:39] for it is. 

All I know [3:42] is that as a kid whenever I used these for graphite drawings, they would smear and smudge all of my lines and I didn’t really like it. I think it’s more of a blender than it is an eraser. So it’s something that’s really cool to use with Prisma colors. It does lighten the color a little bit if you use it, but it’s excellent for coloring in a large area and making it evenly shaded.

[5:48]  Emily, I’m currently using the Prismacolor sharpener. This one is actually made by Prismacolor so it does a great job at sharpening the colored pencils. I really like it because you have two options. You can create a more narrow tip or a broader one. Honestly, I really like the broader one just because I think it has a nice shape, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to choose between those. Plus it comes with a little container for you to keep all your shavings. 

I know that a couple of you have asked me how to open it, because you’ve bought it yourself and you can’t figure out how [6:19] to open it. When I first got it, [6:23] it was kind of hard to open it. But what you do is you just put your thumb right here on this upper lid and push out and it should come off like that. Also, if you don’t have one of these or you can’t find this at your craft store. [6:39] Another good solution for sharpener is,

[6:46] I used to use this little metal pencil sharpener that I got from my freshman art teacher. He probably got it in bulk from the art supplier like Dick Blick, you can get things like this at craft stores. Just make sure you don’t buy a cheap pencil sharpener from Walmart, Target, Officemax or Office Depot because those are typically designed for regular number two pencils which are cheaper and it’s okay if the lead breaks every now and then because they’re so cheap. But with Prismacolors, you want to save as much of it as you can because they are expensive. So by using a nicer sharpener, you’ll be able to save more of this because if you’re using a cheap sharpener, you’ll eventually end up breaking off a lot of the inside color just with errors from sharpening. So [7:32] definitely invest in a nice sharpener. The Prismacolor one is $10 which is a little pricey but you can use the 40% off coupon or Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

[9:30]  Brian, I do sell my pictures and if you’re interested in possibly purchasing one, you should check out my Etsy which I have listed in the video’s description. [9:38] There you’ll find a bunch of pieces that I’ve completed in the past and later tonight approximately like 10 or 15 minutes after I end this video. [9:46] I’ll have this snow leopard update uploaded. So if any of you guys are interested in it, you’ll be able to purchase it. 

[10:05] And remember all of the purchases that you guys make on my Etsy, the funds go directly towards my upcoming France and Italy trip this March I’m going on with [10:15 ] my school district. So every purchase definitely helps and I greatly appreciate it.

[13:08]  Danny, I’m using the 30% cool gray and the 50% cool gray to color the snow leopard.

[17:50]  Danny, I tried to draw every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at 9:30pm Central time. However since I’m in school, and I have a crazy schedule sometimes those times might change because I’m kind of busy with something and I need extra time to do homework or whatnot. I’ll just skip the video for the night and move on to the next.

[19:45]  Unfortunately, I can see a lot of you guys are having trouble viewing this video and I apologize for that. I really don’t [19:51] know what’s going on, typically if my connection is bad, a little thing will appear on my screen saying “your connection is weak” but I don’t see that right now. Instead I just see your comments saying that either the [20:03] broadcast was interrupted or it’s just simply not loading for you. So that’s kind of puzzling that that’s happening and [20:11] I really don’t know what to do about it.

[21:06]  Danny, I try to make these videos Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30pm Central time. However sometimes that changes just depending on my school schedule. But make sure you guys have notifications on for Quirky Momma live videos. So whenever I start a live video, you guys will get the notification for it and you won’t miss any.

[23:36]  Katrina as always, where’s the comment?

How to Color a Snow Leopard Part 3 Instructions

Hey guys, it looks like the video that I started earlier tonight messed up all together. I know that a lot of you were saying that you had connection problems and the video wasn’t loading, it was blurry, it was buffering or you get a thing that said, broadcaster interrupted or something like that. But as I was streaming about 10 o’clock, right on the hour, it shut off entirely and my video just said ‘broadcast interrupted’ or something along those lines. So I wasn’t able to continue streaming the video. So I started another one right now hopefully you guys are finding your way over here. I really don’t know what was happening with the internet. It’s really weird. I wasn’t having the bad connection until the moment it shut off because I just started getting the poor internet quality messages at the very end. 

But when the video ended, I looked at the time, which was only 23 minutes and since I started at 9:30 that means that there were seven minutes of broadcast that weren’t actually recorded to you guys. Obviously there’s something wrong with the connection. But hopefully this video is working a little bit better for you. So hopefully you found your way over here and hopefully you have notifications on for Quirky Momma’s live video so you can know about things like this. But again, I’m sorry for that. I really don’t know what was happening there.

[5:43]  Emily unfortunately, I’m not fulfilling Commissions right now because I’m really busy with my school schedule and there’s so many of you guys who are asking for things like this. I’m unable to manage all of it and it wouldn’t really be fair to just pick which ones I wanted to do. If some of you guys are wanting to commission something, I’d like to be able to do all of yours but I’m just unable to do it right now with all the schoolwork I have and on top of live streaming and doing chores at home and all that stuff. It’s just a little much for my schedule. So unfortunately I can’t fit it in.

[6:42]  Cassie, I think I do like the toned tan as much as toned gray because I think that they’re both extremely similar but the only difference is the temperature and the color. Toned gray is very cool, it’s almost like stone whereas the toned tan is a little bit earthier, it’s warmer. So I think that it’s good for perspective, like general color temperatures that you’re looking for. So if you’re wanting to create a piece that’s generally cool or generally warm, you would want to choose toned grey or tan accordingly. Plus, I haven’t done it yet since this is my very first drawing onto a tan. But I think the toned tan would be really good for drawing human faces because it’s more in sync with human skin tones than the toned grey is.

[8:26]  How’s the video going for you guys? Are you guys able to watch the video and is it blurry or what’s going on? Because it looks like it’s not working as well as it should be [8:38] unfortunately.

[15:55]  Guys make sure you check out the video’s description where you’ll find a list of the supplies I’m using and you’ll find three links. One to my Instagram, one to my Etsy store and one to Kids Activities blog where you can download and print free coloring pages.

[20:39]  Are you guys still having buffering or freezing issues with this video? I’ve noticed it doesn’t look like a lot of you are on compared to usual numbers. So unfortunately, there’s been some connection problems tonight.

[22:11]  If you’re drawing something like a big cat, I always forget to add the whiskers, the whiskers are definitely enhancing for the entire picture. I know I’ve forgotten to draw the whiskers in the past but I just wanted to make sure [22:25] I didn’t forget.

[23:36]  Cindy after I end the video at 10:30pm Central Time.

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