Looking for some really cool peacock coloring pages?  We have the best pictures of peacocks to color.

Use the detailed peacock coloring sheet with colored pencils to erase boredom and get creative in a quick and easy way.  Coloring can be a fun, relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.

One of our sweet community members, commented on Facebook during the live peacock coloring page tutorial video:

Seeing this has me missing my artwork, but inspired to get back to it. I love working with tiny details.

Ale Saucedo
Color along with Natalie’s tutorial and create this beautiful & colorful peacock

Peacock Coloring Pages by Natalie

Hi, I am Natalie, the 16 year old artist behind Drawing with Natalie – an art show on Quirky Momma. Each episode includes an original coloring page for you to download & print plus a tutorial on coloring ideas, shading tips and more.

Peacocks are Awesomely Colorful Birds

The peacock, also known as peafowl, is one of the most colorful bird species sporting brilliant shades of blue, green, and yellow on their feathers. There even are majestic white peacocks!

Male peafowl are referred to as peacocks and the females are peahens. It is the male bird who has the colorful train of feathers which he puts to good use during courtship.

Download & Print Free Peacock Coloring Pages

Make your world more colorful with these printable coloring pages of peacocks. Watch the tutorial video below to see how Natalie colored the coloring pictures she created…

Download and print this free coloring page: 

Don’t be afraid to use a variety of art supplies to color in this peacock. Sometimes, using multiple art supplies such as a combination of paint, pencils, and ink can create a really cool illustration.

I personally prefer to use Prismacolor Colored Pencils for drawings like this (and a touch of paint!), so if you would like to watch me color a peacock, check out the video below.

How to Color a Peacock – Tutorial Video

Whether you color the peacock pictures I drew like I did or make them something all your own, I hope that you find some artsy fun and relaxation. Remember that simply creating art regularly will improve your skills!

I hope you enjoy coloring this gorgeous bird!

Peacock Coloring Page Instructions

Here is the video transcription if you want to follow along with written coloring sheet instructions:

Hi everyone, it’s Natalie and tonight I’m going to be coloring in this picture of a peacock with Prismacolor colored pencils. They look like this. You can get them in smaller and larger packages [0:11] at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s [0:13] and you can find them on Amazon as well. 

However, I warn you, if you go to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, they can be a little [0:19] expensive. But the way around that is to go on their website [0:21] and look for the 40% off coupon. [0:23] Print it, take it to the [0:25] store with you and purchase it and you’ll save a lot of money doing that.

And the [0:29] coupon is for any item in the store, not just [0:31]  Prismacolors. So I highly recommend you do that and save money. Another announcement, if you guys didn’t see my video last night, I told you that I am now making coloring pages. I’m posting online through the Kids Activities blog. 

If you want to print the coloring pages for yourself. Look at the link in the video’s description. They’ll take you to a page to print the coloring pages that I made, like the flying bees. You can [0:55] print those.

[0:56]  There’s also a tiger one up on the website that you can easily search for, however, I only put the link for the bee. And another piece of news, tomorrow make sure you don’t miss that video because to celebrate Pokemon GO being really released for a week, I’ll be drawing Pokemon to your guys’ request. 

So you guys can just shout out names of Pokemon and I’ll draw them for you live. So don’t miss that it will be the same time tomorrow night 9:30pm Central. So, let’s begin. 

I’m going to start with the eyes of the peacock, which [1:28] start with a black Prismacolor [1:30] as usual [1:32] just to get the darkest parts. Hold on, let me sharpen this.

[1:56]  Apart from just using black, I’m also going to use brown to give the eyes some more color. This is better than just using black. And besides, you can make a transition from the brown to the black, just to help give the eyes some more depth.

[2:21]  If you guys have questions, feel free to ask them. [2:23] I’ll try to answer as many as I can. Just keep [2:25] in mind, I don’t see all the comments at once, and only about five are on the screen so they fly off rather quickly whenever new people comment.

So if I don’t get to your question, you can try and ask again but if you really need to ask me and I don’t see it at all. Then you can send me a direct message on Instagram if you want.

[2:53]  I don’t know how noticeable this will be on the screen but I’m going to add [2:56] a slight touch of yellow-orange with [2:59] brown on the eye. Just to shade it a little bit.

And [3:07] now this is my favorite part whenever I shade the eyes, and that is to use white acrylic paint to create the reflections. This part really gives the eyes the reflections and definitions that you want to make it look realistic, really makes it pop [3:21] and it enhances the picture overall.

[3:24]  So to do this, I just use a little bit of white paint. [3:27] It doesn’t matter what kind of paint you use. I mean, I normally stick with acrylic because it dries fast. I wouldn’t recommend using oil because I think that’s too much for what you need to do here. [3:39]  So just cheap acrylic paint really does the job here. You just [3:42]  put a little bit of it with a thin brush, make little shapes like squares and circles.

[4:27]  Tracy, yes. I drew this image before I started coloring.

[5:20]  Right now I’m coloring in the eyelid that surrounds the eye on the peacock. So to do that, I’m just using black and gray and blending them together.

[6:09]  Now I’m going to color in these white spots on the peacock’s face. That’ll be the stripe right here and the stripe right here. [6:17] I don’t know if it’s really stripe or just a [6:20] strange shape. It looks pretty cool.

[6:24]  Right now I’m going to erase. [6:26] Before I start coloring, I’m going to erase the pencil marks below it so the graphite doesn’t blend in with the white and create like a grayish, smudgy [6:34] color. [6:36]  It just makes the picture a lot cleaner.

[7:30]  Jennifer, I’m not entirely sure about the [7:33] price on a set like this of Prismacolors. [7:36] My set is a 48 count. However, I got it as a Christmas present as a second hand set, but it’s still just as good. 

The person I got it from didn’t really use much of the pencil so it seemed like good as new to me. But I’ve seen different ads on different websites. I think that the set varies like around the $35 range. I could be wrong.

[7:57]  But you can get tons of different sets [7:59] of Prismacolors. I don’t know if I’ve seen the 48 set [8:03] at Hobby Lobby, which is where I shop the most, but they have smaller sets of [8:08] 12. I think they also have 24. And I know they make a 72 as well. 

So a good set of pencils just depends on [8:15] how many pencils you consider to be a good set. [8:19] I think that the 48 count set is pretty good because it gives you a wide range of colors to color different things. 

And worst case scenario, if there’s a color that you don’t have, you can mix it by just blending pencils together. But I know the 72 set will be more precise with the colors that they give so you won’t have to blend as much to get new colors. 

So I would recommend going on Amazon, checking out some prices. [8:44]  Also look at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s websites. [8:50] I know that you can also find these pencils at Walmart. [8:53] I saw them there a couple of times. And I know a lot of you in the comments said that you purchased them at Walmart. So check out [9:00] Walmart because Walmart can be really inexpensive sometimes.

[9:14]  Heather, these are not watercolor pencils. These are just regular color pencils but they’re made by Prismacolor. And they’re really nice because they blend well together.

[9:36]  Look how perfect this is, they have a color that’s called peacock blue. It’s absolutely perfect for [9:41] coloring in a peacock. [9:49] To color in the peacock feathers, I’m not just going to be using the peacock color. I will also be using some greens and [9:56] yellow because really the [9:59] feather colors on a peacock are pretty varied. So I just [10:02] have some of my other colors right here.

[10:12]  Laurie, yes. These are Prismacolor pencils.

[10:18]  Tracy, I use tone gray paper by [10:20] Strathmore.

[11:08]  No. Someone asks, “Do you have a website?” I do not, but I do have an Instagram if you want to see pictures of my artwork, the link to that is in the video’s description. If you guys want to check that out.

[14:23]  The pencil keeps breaking. Piece of [14:30] advice, whenever you guys are looking for sharpeners for Prismacolors, [14:34] don’t buy the plastic ones that you use [14:37] for just standard wooden [14:39] pencils that you would use with school [14:41] or things like that.

[14:43]  I would get yourself a nice metal pencil sharpener that’s specifically made for art supplies. Those are usually more heavy. They’re better. Sorry I’m trying to unclog a pencil sharpener. But these metal ones like this, they last longer. 

And usually the blades are on tighter so it doesn’t always come out easily. They’re just better all together. But be careful of sharpeners that come in sets with other pencils and colors because usually those are just like an added bonus. They’re not always the best. [15:14]  So, get yourself one [15:17] on its own. Good ones shouldn’t be more than like $3 really.

[15:23]  Please excuse my dog. She’s oh, {15:25] I don’t know what she’s doing.

[15:27]  Anyways, there is a better way to sharpen your pencil. And that is to use a blade, this method minimizes waste. However, it can be dangerous. So if you’re a younger viewer, please get assistance while doing that or [15:39] don’t do it all together because I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

[15:43]  But it’s definitely the most efficient way of sharpening these pencils [15:47] as you get to save more of the precious color. You don’t [15:50] want to waste it because these can be sometimes really expensive.

[15:55]  What else? Yeah, [15:58] just don’t get the plastic sharpeners, they’re really not that good. And you’ll [16:03] just end up wasting a lot of your pencil. 

And this [16:36] pencil is broken on the inside, whenever I color I can [16:39] feel the lead just moving around. You can see it [16:42] comes out like that. This one may have been dropped [16:47] in its previous ownership. I don’t know. 

I know that dropping them can break the [16:51] color inside and whenever you try to sharpen it will come out in little segments. So that’s no fun, and your pencil will keep getting smaller every time you try to sharpen it.

[17:10]  Someone asks, “What kind of dog do you have?” [17:13] I really don’t know what this dog is. She’s like a mix between [17:18] a Lab and maybe a Golden Retriever and just maybe [17:23] part Corgi. I don’t know. I see it in her face. 

You want to see a picture of her? There’s probably some old ones on my Instagram. [17:30] But she’s a rescue dog. So we don’t really know much about her. But all I know is that she’s adorable. 

I just call her Sally because that’s her name. I don’t really have a dog breed that comes to mind whenever I think of her. [17:42] I just know her as Sally.

[18:36]  For those of you who came in late and you didn’t [18:39] see the beginning of the video, a few things I want to tell you. I’m starting to make coloring pages for you guys to download and print for free. So you can get those through the Kids Activities blog. The link to it is in the video’s description and it links you to some coloring pages that I made.

[18:55]  Stay tuned on this website because I’ll be making a lot more, they just won’t all come out at once. They’ll be spread out over time. But [19:02] there will be lots. So stay tuned on that.

[19:04]  I hope you guys enjoy coloring them. A lot of them are based off of old live drawings that I did. So if you want, you can go back and rewatch some of the videos. Currently, there’s a live one on the website of bees and one of the tiger. 

So if you guys remember me live streaming those, I made coloring pages from the original drawing that I did. They were rather simple to make. But it took a lot of time lining and inking everything because I wanted to make them in an actual coloring sheet format. But like I said, you can download and print those for free. So check out that link. 

And for tomorrow night’s video [19:40] to, I guess, celebrate the release of Pokemon Go, [19:43] it’s been about a week now or something. But I thought it’d be fun for me to draw a bunch of Pokemon for you guys. 

I’ll just take requests from the audience. So you guys will decide every Pokemon that I draw. [19:55] Keep in mind, I won’t be able to draw everyone’s requests. So I’ll just draw whatever comes up on the screen whenever [20:00] It’s time to draw a new one.

[20:03]  So don’t get upset [20:06] if anything, if I don’t choose yours it’s nothing personal. It’s just I probably didn’t read the comment or I just don’t have enough time. So stay tuned for that. It will be really fun. If you have kids that love Pokemon. They played Pokemon Go and stuff, get them to watch it. They’ll enjoy it. A lot.

Note: To grab what Natalie is talking about click here: Free Pokemon Coloring Pages

Natalie created these Pokemon coloring pages from community requests!

[21:47]  Rene asks, “Do you think it’s a good idea to trace the pencil marks with black marker before coloring?” I’d say that depends on the style that you’re aiming for. If you’re aiming for a realistic drawing, I wouldn’t trace it with black marker. 

But if you’re looking for [22:00] a more cartoonish or [22:03] one that expresses itself as, like definitely an illustration black marker can be really good. It just depends on what you want to do with it.

[22:11]  It’s not really a yes or no question. I mean, I say yes, if you’re into it and [22:15] you want it to look like that then go for it. I mean, in this drawing, I didn’t want to do black outline so I didn’t. But really, it’s up to you and your own personal style.

[23:47]  Actually, the link to my Instagram is in the [23:50]  video’s description.

[24:23]  Okay to color the beak, the color of [24:26] this peacock’s beak, I don’t have it as a Prismacolor pencil. So, to achieve it I’m going to be blending some colors together.

[24:34]  Right now I’m putting down a light shade of purple or it’s more rather lavender. Oh, it’s lilac. That’s what the pencil says, if you’re wondering. But I’m going to apply a light coat of this first and then I’ll blend it in with gray.

[26:01]  Someone asks, “Are you playing Pokemon Go?” I am. [26:06] I think it’s pretty cool. The whole concept of it was brilliant. It really is a great way to integrate [26:11] the smartphones’ GPS capabilities with [26:13] something interactive. 

I know it’s been getting a lot of people up and outside, which is pretty cool. I mean, I like going outside anyways, and like walking around cities and malls and stuff like that. But really, the Pokemon thing was just an added bonus. 

And I played Pokemon ever since I was little. So I think it’s something that’s really cool. I can’t wait till they add more [26:33] to it. I know that there’s only the original 151 [26:37] and I don’t even know if you can catch like the last five right now. 

But it’ll be interesting to see where the game goes and what else they add to it. Right now, it’s a great start, and it’s a really neat concept. I know it’s been a huge success, and [26:51] that’s why I’ll be drawing Pokemon tomorrow night for you guys. 

Just to kind of like celebrate that. I guess. I’ll be using my 3DS To look at references of the Pokemon so you don’t worry about me finding reference pictures. I have all of them. I just have to open my pokey decks on my game and I have every Pokemon so I can easily find that.

[27:19]  Now on top of the gray and the lilac, I use a little bit of dark [27:24] brown to shade in the beak, just something other than black. [27:29] That’s one thing to keep in mind whenever you guys are shading.

[27:32]  Whenever you’re shooting something that’s like a warm color, or something you can do with cooler colors as well, you can use brown to shade [27:41] instead of just black. Because black can [27:43] be a little dark and a little bit too much. But Brown is a nice transition from a different color into black.

[27:50]  Let me extend this little white stripe.

[28:05]  Monica, I chose Team Mystic. [28:14] I actually chose Team Mystic by accident because I was moving stuff on my desk as I was choosing it. Since there’s like a gym rather close to my house so I was able to do it. But I accidentally double clicked that.

I know a lot of people they asked me to join Team Red because [28:28]  that’s what they were doing. [28:30] So I was thinking okay maybe. And I was just looking at it and while I had the Team Mystic one open I accidentally double tapped. 

I think I’m pretty okay with that though because I like the character for it and I like all the values with Team Mystic. [28:42] I thought about choosing the yellow team. [28:46] But just because Zapdos is like the best bird in my opinion. 

[28:51] Like, strategically it is. But in Pokemon Go, [28:53] like everything about competitive Pokemon battling kind of goes out the door at that point. So it didn’t really matter at that point so I’m okay with Team Mystic [29:05] even though it was chosen on accident.

[29:55]  So to all you guys in the comments that [29:58] are playing Pokemon Go. What’s the coolest Pokemon that you’ve captured so far? I’d say for me, the coolest one, well I didn’t really capture, [30:05] I hatched it. I hatched an Aerodactyl. I was pretty [30:08] excited about that. 

It was one of the [30:10] 10 kilometer eggs, and [30:13] I was really thrilled to see that. I’m trying to think of the best one that I caught. [30:18] I don’t really have one because I’m only at level 10 right now. I just leveled up to 10 today, [30:23] so I haven’t seen like really, really cool ones in the wild. [30:26] I think my strongest one is a Flareon right now. [30:29] I’d have to double check.

[30:35]  Michelle, part of what makes it look so real is that I used white acrylic painting to add little touches of reflections onto the [30:42] eye. And it’s really useful whenever you want to enhance the [30:45] picture just make it look more real.

[30:47]  Because the eye kind of has that watery and reflecting look like. I definitely recommend that you do it whenever you’re drawing pictures of eyes because it just adds a whole other dimension to the picture.

[31:54]  And to those in the comments that came in late and didn’t hear any other part in the video. I’m using Prismacolors colored pencils. You can get them at places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and on Amazon. Same with the paper. You can get these at the same places. 

This is toned gray paper by Strathmore. [32:15] I think all my paper products that I use are [32:19] by Strathmore except for my sketchbooks. [32:22]  I don’t know if Strathmore makes any hardbound sketchbooks. I haven’t seen them, [32:26] but that’s okay. Like everything else I have is all Strathmore.

[32:57]  So much blue to color.

[33:18]  If you’re trying to color in a large area, if you hold down your pencil at an angle to where this part touches the paper, or it’s almost as flat as it can be. This will let you color in a larger area at once. [33:33]  It’s really useful whenever coloring large areas. But keep in mind, it’s not as thick and as solid as it would be if you’re just [33:39] coloring it in it like the traditional angle that you use.

[33:45]  You might have to put extra pressure to color it in darker but it’s really helpful whenever you want to color in large areas. I would recommend putting your finger over the tip just so it doesn’t break. 

Because whenever you do that there’s a good chance that the tip might break. So by putting your finger on it [34:05] and coloring like this, [34:08] you won’t break it.

[34:32]  Cheryl, that’s a great question. Whenever I mess up on something, like [34:36] it’s a huge mess up to where like say your color, say I took this blue [34:40] off to the side really dark, really thick. [34:43] It’s a disaster.

[34:46]  Well, first of all, I would hope that [34:49] it’s in a place where I can help incorporate it into another part of the picture. For example, if the blue went all the way out here, I would try and color over it or incorporate it into part of the back feathers here.

[35:03]  However, all the time I’m not that lucky for things like that to happen. [35:08] It’s really hard to erase these pencils. I can try things like try to lighten them [35:13] with erasers, or try really hard.

[35:16]  Gummy erasers can be used to blend pencils together, but it can only lightly remove the color, but not all the way. So if you’re in that scenario, it’s kind of like, really your best bet is to try and incorporate it to a different part of the picture and make it least noticeable.

[35:37]  But like sometimes, you gotta deal with it. It is what it is. [35:42] I can’t always clean up mistakes. Thankfully, I don’t have memories of [35:46] making mistakes that big on my pictures. [35:48] Although I’m sure I’ve done in the past. It’s just something that like it’s bound to happen really.

[36:23]  Hi Brayden, what helps make the eyes so real in my drawings is that I use white acrylic paint to add reflections to the eyes. You can see the little touches of acrylic [36:33] paint right there. 

This is something that it’s really hard to accomplish with just [36:37] using pencils, because it’s really hard to put the white pencil on top of [36:41] a dark color. So I get around that by using acrylic paint. 

The acrylic paint [36:46] makes the eyes look so much more realistic because it gives it that watery reflection effect and it just makes the whole thing pop. So if you’re drawing pictures of eyes, I would recommend adding little shapes of white with white paint. And that will help make your eyes look so much more realistic.

[37:24]  I forgot I have some more blue colors [37:26] that help make it a good transition between the black and the peacock blue. This one is violet blue. Although it doesn’t really look too violet to me, it could also just be that I’m using it on top of peacock [37:38] blue which intensifies the blue so much more

[38:21] Right now I’m using [38:22] white, it’s really hard to see on the camera I think. But by doing this, I can create some lighter feathers. From what I see on my screen of the blue in the picture, it looks a lot [38:33] darker and just more intense than it [38:36] does in real life.

[38:38]  What I’m looking at, the blue is very vibrant and it’s not as dark or as gloomy as it looks in the video. So [38:45] keep that in mind the colors that I’m using, it’s not [38:47] an accurate depiction of it because the colors can actually be really different. It’s just that video sometimes distorts the actual colors that you can see. 

[39:32] At the top of the peacock’s head are [39:36] like these really long hairs with more hair on top or feathers. They’re just like these really long stemmed feathers with hair on top. I don’t know what the proper term for them are. 

If you guys know, please tell me because I think that’d be pretty cool to know. But they are like these, they look like little mini fans, and they all come up from these really long stems from the top of his head. So that’s why I’m illustrating [39:59] right now.

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