These owl coloring pages make a fun activity for both kids and adults. There are many feathers to color any shade you want, and you can even create your own background for the owl! If you want even more pictures to color, check out these honey bee coloring pages as well.

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.

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Owl Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults

Click here to download and print these free coloring pages:

Use your favorite crayons, pencils, paints, and markers to color these owls. If you would like to see me color an owl on Facebook Live with Prismacolor Colored Pencils, then check out the video below:

These coloring pages were made by me. To see more of my artwork, check out my Instagram. You can also watch Facebook Live videos of my drawing and coloring during weekdays on Quirky Momma.

I hope you enjoy coloring these owls!

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How to Color an Owl Instructions

Hi guys, it’s Natalie. Today I’m going to color this picture of an owl that I drew. To color it, I will be using Prismacolor colored pencils. They come in packages like this, you can get them at a craft store such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and you can find them on Amazon as well.

The paper that I’ll be using is Strathmore toned gray paper. Again, you can find this at craft stores and on Amazon. And I’ll also be using a little touch of white paint for reflections in the eyes and I’ll be using a Copic multiliner which is just a regular ink pen you can find those at craft stores as well.

I’ll actually be starting with this ink pen because I want to color in the pupil of the eye so I can get a true dark color. [0:51] While this ink pen is very thin, unfortunately, it is the largest one that I have. So it may take just a moment to fill this in.

[1:06] If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask them and I will answer them. If I don’t answer them right away, try asking again because it’s really difficult to see all the questions at once since they move off the screen rather quickly.

[1:58] Like I said, this is the largest ink pen that I have. So this may take a moment. [2:24] After finishing that, I will begin on the coloring of the eye. And the color of the owl’s eyes they will be yellow. So I’m going to use a few different shades of yellow. First, I’m going to use this bright canary yellow for the brightest part of the eye and then it will eventually transition into more of a golden color as it reaches the darker part.

[3:05] Leslie asks, “Do you use water on your pencil tips?” I do not. I’ve heard of that technique, but I’ve never actually used it myself.

[3:30] And here’s more of a golden yellow that I’m adding. I didn’t want to just use the same yellow. I think that the variance in color is really important and it can really make a huge difference in a piece.

[4:09] In here we have an even darker yellow. You may not see the immediate difference in the video but it definitely does add another dimension to the yellow.

[4:40] And I add a little bit of black just to the shaded parts of the eye. [4:57] And after adding the black, you can shade it over with one of the yellows again. This is more of an orange but it helps enhance the yellow. [5:27] And I’ll do the same for the other eye. [5:38] I think I need a little bit more black right here.

[6:00] Christy asks, “Do you ever mess up coloring and have to start over again completely?” That happens to me on occasions. Sometimes I’ll start coloring something and just the way that I colored it was just wasn’t working out. And I felt like I had to scrap it. However, usually, I don’t like to color the darkest color first or do too much damage to the point where I need to do that. But on occasions it does happen and it sucks but you learn from your mistakes in doing so.

[6:45] And I’ll add a little touch of white with the pencil right here. [6:54] And the same right there. [7:01] And I’ll color the area around the eye, on this particular owl it has black around its eye.

[8:14] Someone asks, “How long have you been doing this?” I’ve been coloring and drawing since middle school. However, I’ve been focusing on drawing people and animals in about…probably I started doing that my freshman year or late eighth grade. If you guys want to see more examples of my work and other things I do, please check out my Instagram. The link to that is in the video’s description.

[9:35] After drawing some of the outer eye, I guess, like coloring. I’m going to color in the beak, just to get these objects out of the way for whenever I start on the fur. And for the beak I’ll be using black, gray and white color. Let me look at the gray, it’s [9:56] another short pencil of mine.

[11:23] To shape something, it usually is a repetition of layering different colors. Like right now I’m doing that with gray and black. I do it until I get the desirable pattern and shade. Until it creates that illusion of depth that I want to help form the owl’s beak. And after the gray and black, just add a slight touch of white to give it a little bit of shine.

[12:00] And I think how I’m going to shade this entire owl and its feathers is, I’ll start from these facial features. For example, I’ll workout outwards from the eyes and outwards from the beak and I’m going to start doing that.

[13:20] On top of using black and white for the feathers I’ll also be using browns. However, if the part that I’m working on there isn’t that much brown, I think I will use a little touch of brown between the black and the white to enhance the coloring and help connect it with the rest of the owl. Because up here and around its eyes there will be a lot more brown for the coloring.

[14:22] Whenever you shade fur or small feathers, a good tip for shading is to pay attention to the direction that the hair is flowing. For example, on this owl, the facial feathers are rather small, they’re flowing in one direction which is going downwards this way on the owl. So to shade that, hold on let me put down some more white so I can show you. Hopefully you guys can see it well. Unfortunately, I can’t zoom in on this once the video has started recording. But a good tip is to form almost like little triangles without the face and have the tip of the triangle point in the direction that the hair or feathers is flowing. This can apply to many other animals as well, that you draw.

[15:10] It’s just a good little tip for drawing fur. [15:18] The triangles don’t even have to be complete but basically just create strokes in that direction. And sometimes they do form triangles because the hair or fur, hair, fur, feathers, whatever, they’ll clump together.

[15:56] To answer Madeleine’s question, whenever I draw things like realistic animals, I always use pictures because, for example, I haven’t drawn owls enough to draw them from my memory. However, people I can begin to draw from my memory. They may not look like anyone in particular, but I can definitely assemble faces from my memory. However, things like this, I can’t because they just haven’t drawn them enough. [16:24] But if I spent all day drawing owls I think I could.

[16:39] A reminder for all the viewers, I have an Instagram and the link to that is in the description of the video. Be sure to follow me and if you have questions, you can send me a message on Instagram or if you’re interested in purchasing artwork from me, send me a message as well.
Don’t comment on my photos to ask for things like that because it’s likely I won’t see them because I’ll have so many notifications.

[17:25] Grace asks, “Is drawing eyes one of your faves?” I would say definitely, I really enjoy drawing eyes just because they’re so vibrant usually. And they’re so smooth a lot of times yet, you can find a lot of neat patterns in them, especially if you look up close on a drawing of an eye. I drew a picture of a human eye, I think a week ago. it’s on Quirky Momma, if you look around you can find it. You can definitely see the patterns I drew in it, but that was a lot of fun. I really like drawing eyes for that reason. I think a lot of people like drawing eyes. Tell me guys what do you think? Oh, tell me, what did I say? Tell me what you think.

[19:02] Oh Sophia, I use Prismacolor colored pencils.

[19:17] Another thing to remember whenever you’re drawing feathers or fur, hair or whatever, make sure that your pencils are sharp because you can make a finer line and overall, that will enhance the quality of your drawing.

[20:49] To answer Pete’s question, “How long have you been drawing?” I’ve been drawing since middle school. However, I started painting and sketching people and animals like this in ninth grade.

[21:22] Shaolin asks, “Have you ever drawn yourself?” I have before for an art project at school. However, I don’t know what I did with that picture. I think I lost it or it’s somewhere in my closet, the shelves act like storage for my old art. I’ll have to look for it.

[22:43] Aaron asks, “What’s the hardest drawing you’ve ever done?” Um, I’ll have to expand drawing to works of art. And I’d say the hardest piece that I’ve worked on is a painting that’s not quite finished yet. It’s of a robot and a person, I haven’t posted it on Instagram yet. However, I hope to because I really like the painting. Yet, I’m not done with it because I keep painting over some of the facial features on the person because I just can’t seem to get it right to a point where I like it.  And that’s something that happens to me sometimes is I just get frustrated with attempting to paint certain facial features and it can take a while. But in the end, the results are typically very rewarding. So I can’t wait to show that painting to you guys once I finish it.
Hopefully that will be some time soon.

I need to start working on it again. I started earlier this year, however, I’ve taken a break from it. And I think sometimes it’s good to distance yourself from a piece that you’re working on. And you’re starting to get frustrated on, because it’s good to come back to it. I would come back to it with a fresh mind.

[24:00] To answer Monica’s question, “What are your favorite things to draw?” My favorite thing to draw would be people. I really like drawing human faces, human bodies, just anything human. It’s just, I feel like it’s a good accomplishment.I feel because sometimes a human body can be very difficult to draw, yet at the same time, it’s very rewarding. And it’s just so relatable to me. I mean, cuz it’s a human, like, What? What can be more relatable?But I really enjoy drawing . If you want to see examples of my human drawings, you can check out my Instagram. I have tons of pictures of that. In fact, that’s probably the vast majority of the art that I make. I think that kind of answers another question. Laurie asked, “Do you draw people too?” Yes, I draw people if you want to see it, go check out my Instagram.

[25:15] On the owl’s forehead, this picture of an owl. The owl has tons of different colors of feathers. It’s a mixture of white, brown and black. So I’m just going to start drawing some feathers sticking out in different colors. Right now I’m just doing black, and then I’ll come in with white or brown. I don’t know which order but [25:38] I will do that.

[26:16] Someone asks, “How long does it typically take you to reply to an Instagram message?” I can say. Hopefully, if you send me a message tonight, I can reply tonight. However, definitely, if you send me a message tonight I will be on Instagram tonight checking. However, if you send it any other time, sometimes my phone doesn’t notify me of new messages. It’s kind of weird, but I’ll have to check my notification settings, but I will get to it within a day or two. So don’t worry.

[28:01] Hopefully this weekend, I’ll be able to go to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and buy myself a new black Prismacolor pencil because this is very short and it can be rather difficult to apply pressure sometimes because it’s so short.And if I want to apply lots of pressure, I really have to do this [28:20] and I can’t always see what I’m doing so it’s not as precise. [28:24] But I do like to use all the pencil, get the most of my money for it because Prismacolors can be a little pricey..Whenever you’re sharpening your prismacolor pencils, now this is something that I’m going to try to talk about in all my videos for those who don’t watch them all. But whenever you sharpen them, try not to use the plastic pencil sharpeners that you buy at Walmart or Target just for regular like number two pencils that you would use for school.

I would highly recommend getting a metal pencil sharpener like this. However, there’s a more efficient method to sharpening pencils and I think it’s called shaving. But it basically involves using a blade, such as the blade of an exacto knife and shaving the pencil to get a sharper tip.That way the waste is minimized and there’s a smaller chance of it breaking inside the sharpener. However, this method can be dangerous, so I wouldn’t recommend it to younger viewers out there. But if you do want to do that, have a parent help you if you’re young and don’t know how to use that. I highly recommend getting a metal sharpener over a plastic one.

[29:39] Oh, shout out to Nicole, Elle and Holly. Hi guys.

[30:16] To answer Christy’s question, “Have you always loved or did you learn to love art?” Honestly, all my life, I can say I’ve loved art. I think my love of art is what got me into drawing art because I’ve always loved to look at art. Especially looking at art online and seeing people make amazing things. Whether it be just like a realistic drawing of something or fanart of characters that I loved. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. And the art itself kind of inspired me to get into drawing, because I wanted to make things like that myself. So I taught myself how, I did a lot of practice. I took art classes in Middle School, and I’m currently taking them in high school.

Next year will be my last year of high school and I’m currently enrolled in IB Art, which is Trevor International Baccalaureate. It’s a really cool international education program. And through the art class, you get to submit a portfolio along with a workbook.\And it’s super fun. It’s not really instruction based, but it definitely is a place that gives you an opportunity to talk about art with your peers and teacher on a deeper level than just like discussing visual properties. Because a lot of what we do in IB art is focused on analyzing the why behind the art, which I think is definitely extremely important. And it’s something that can make art more powerful. And that’s one of my goals for art is to make my art more meaningful. I mean, the drawings I’m showing you guys is mostly for technique and kind of like the wow factor of drawing animals. However, some of my other works, I tried to put more meaning into it.

[32:01] “Have your drawings ever been exposed in some kind of art fair?” [32:06] I’ve had a couple of my drawings in art shows that were for my school district. However, that’s pretty much it. Mostly things around my school, the city that I live in.There’s a few art galleries that we have and there will be times where for example, an entire month will be dedicated to youth art. And the schools will submit pieces and mine are in there. It’s really cool to go to these [32:32] little art shows and see your own art on the walls.

[32:45] Holly, yes. I buy my colored pencils in a pack. Well, actually, I didn’t buy these in a pack. They were given to me as a gift. They’re second hand. But if I were to have no pencils, I would definitely buy them in a pack if I’m buying tons of colors. Because it’s the most efficient way to purchase them, you’ll save a lot of money doing so. However, if you’re just getting started or you want to buy just one color, you can buy them individually. If you buy them individually, I think they cost around $1. 75. I’m not sure I haven’t bought one in a while. I need to though, I’ll get back with you guys, whenever I go to do that I’ll have more accurate pricing.

Whenever you go to craft stores, you’ll find these displays with small little cubbies and in each cubby is a different color. You can pick out colors that way. Or if you know the name of the color that you want, you can look it up on Amazon and purchase it. Some must haves for drawing I would say definitely black and white. Then I’d say choose your favorite color if you’re just getting started because whenever you’re just getting started with a new art medium, it’s good to choose colors that you really like. For example, whenever I test out paints, I’ll pick out my favorite color which is like a turquoise color because it’s just fun to mess around with and [33:57] paint with. [33:59] You know, test your Favorite color. That’s what I recommend.

[34:32] Michelle asks, “Can’t you get a pencil extender for your short pencils?” Yes, you can. I would recommend doing so for you guys watching. I would do it but I don’t have one. And I haven’t been to the craft store in awhile. So that’s definitely on my craft store shopping list. However, I’m not too familiar with using them. I think I used them once in middle school. I don’t know if you’re able to apply the same degree of pressure because I know that It appears to be pretty stable because it grips the pencil but I’d have to try it and tell you guys what I think of them.

[37:56] Oh Trina asks, “What is a good beginner pencil for my youngest daughter?” [38:07] Let’s see, Trina. How old is your daughter? And are you looking at just regular sketching pencils or colored pencils?

[38:49] Okay, so she’s 12 years old. I would recommend getting her just a set of typical, I guess you could say, generic colored pencils. But get them from a craft store because usually craft store pencils even if they’re an inexpensive set. I don’t have any particular names for you because you can find them anywhere. But even if it’s not like an expensive set, it’s still good to introduce her, for her to get used to coloring different things. But I would also say get her a couple of Prismacolors. I would say just get a black, a white and maybe a gray. Just give her a couple so she can get used to blending and know the power of blending pencils, it can be a really cool feeling and it can inspire her to go and use more of them. I know a lot of kids as young as 12 that use Prismacolors.

[39:42] It’s just a matter of getting used to it and learning to color with it. And the best way to do that is to actually use them so I would give her a couple of them. I wouldn’t go out and buy an entire set right away because it can be really expensive and if she ends up not liking them, then that’s a huge loss. But definitely start out with a few of them, at craft stores you can buy them individually. So just pick out a few colors, pick out a black, a white and her favorite color.

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