This free cheetah coloring page is a perfect activity for those who love animals! And if you favor big cats, please also check out this tiger coloring page that I also made!

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.


Coloring Pages for Kids- Cheetah

Download and print this free Cheetah Coloring Page:

You can watch me color this picture with Prismacolor Colored Pencils in the video below:

These coloring pages were made by me. To see more of my artwork, check out my Instagram. You can also watch Facebook Live videos of my drawing and coloring during weekdays on Quirky Momma.

I hope you enjoy coloring this cheetah!

How to Color a Cheetah Instructions

Hi guys, it’s Natalie and tonight I’m going to color this picture of a cheetah that I drew. As always, I’ll be using Prismacolor colored pencils. You can get these at craft stores such as Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and you can even get them on Amazon. So let’s begin. I’m going to begin with the eyes because the eyes are always my favorite thing to color first, and they really do make the picture pop. First, I’m going to color in the pupils black, and then I’m going to add the color for the eye and I’ll be adding little reflections with white paint. [1:27] And whenever I’m darkening the eyes and shading them, instead of just using black to shade, I’m going to use brown because brown isn’t as harsh as black so it helps make a smooth transition from yellow into a darker color such as [1:39] black.

[2:26]  If you guys have questions as always feel free to ask them. I’ll try to answer as many as I can just please understand that I can’t view them all at the same time and only about five or only the five most recent comments are on the screen at once. So sometimes they fall off the screen before I can read them. After shading the eyes with colored pencil, I’m now going to use white acrylic paint to create reflections on the eyes. This is just regular white acrylic paint that I found at Hobby Lobby, really any kind of white paint does the job for this, but I’m just using this one because it’s the one that I have.

[3:22]  This is one of my favorite parts of coloring eyes. [3:24] It’s where the eyes just really come together and also look a lot more realistic. [3:40] Just little dots and lines of acrylic paint should do it. Just be careful not to overdo it whenever you paint. Sometimes like if you smear the paint, you can make a mess and cover the whole eye so be very careful.I make sure that you use a fine tip brush whenever doing this. You can do it with a wider brush but it’s a whole lot easier with a smaller brush. And be careful what brushes you buy. If you notice this brush right here, the plastic coating has peeled off, I got this brush in like a value pack of brushes. While those brushes are very affordable, just remember that you’re getting what you pay for. And they don’t last that well whenever you keep mixing them in water, because the paint will start to chip away and the little pink chips might fall on your painting. So that’s just a warning whenever you guys buy brushes.

[4:53]  And for the rest of the cheetah I’m going to start with black to color in the black spots and lines and we’ll start from the eye and work out. 

[6:12]  Chelsea, the problem with doing a live video of drawing and then coloring it in the next one, is that whenever I draw a picture to color it later, it usually takes only about 30 minutes to draw. So it doesn’t take up an entire hour. I mean, I could start the first 30 minutes of coloring in one video then finish it in the next, but the two part videos that I do, I like the structure of coloring the face in one and then doing the hair in the other. If you guys have seen some of my other two part videos, I’ve done that. It’s just that I like to time it to where I have two segments. I take equal time such as hair and the face, especially if the hair is detailed. It takes [6:54] an entire hour to do hair. [6:55] If you guys saw last night’s video, you saw me do hair for an hour. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you go watch it at the end of this livestream.

[8:06]  Amanda, I’m using Prismacolor colored pencils. You can get them at places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, but you can also find them on Amazon. [8:13] A piece of advice for all of [8:15] you that shop at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or if you’re planning to go there. Always check their website for a coupon before going because I haven’t seen Hobby Lobby without the coupon, but they almost always have a coupon on their website that’s 40% off any item in the store, which applies to Prismacolors. So by using that coupon you can save a lot of money because 40% off something that’s quite expensive, you’ll save tons of money with it. So that’s the only way that I buy nicer supplies, [8:45] with the coupons.

[9:01]  Chloe, if you want to see the video from last night with the hair, the fastest way to find it is to go to the videos tab on the Quirky Momma page on Facebook and scroll down until you see last night’s video. It shouldn’t be too far back because I just made it last night. But after you scroll a little you’ll find it.

[10:39]  Coloring the nose, apart from using black, I’m also going to be using gray and white to help shade it because the very tip of the nose the light reflects off of it and it looks almost greenish. [12:12] For all of you in the comments, [12:14] I really enjoy your suggestions for [12:15] future drawings. In fact, my idea to do a cheetah was inspired by someone’s comment. They said something about a cheetah. I don’t remember who it was. But if you suggested to me to do a cheetah then thank you. 

So I do read the comments. And if I see something I really like, I’ll try to remember it. And maybe one day I’ll do it. I don’t know that I don’t really have an order in which I choose all these drawings. I try to mix it up, I’ll try to do some people drawings and then some animals just because I don’t want an entire week of just drawing people. I want to mix it up for you guys. Currently, I’ve really only drawn people and animals. I’ve done a few things just like eyes on their own and a cupcake. So Maybe it can do more inanimate things as well. So if you guys have really good ideas for that, please leave them in the comments and hopefully I’ll read them.

[13:43]  And to color in the cheetah’s fur I’m going to start with ginger root which is very light tan brown, almost like a little hint of yellow in it. I just think it’s really fitting for the cheetah’s fur color. And I’ll also be using light amber on top of it to help shade in the darker spots and create texture.

[17:48]  Oh Mary, these are Prismacolor colored pencils. [17:54] And I don’t think I mentioned it in this video yet, but if any of you are wondering, the paper I’m using is Strathmore gray paper. It’s my favorite paper to do color pencil drawings on because I really enjoy the natural gray background because it’s something different than just a regular white paper. And it really just makes the colors pop. I think it is that natural background that is less. It’s more soothing on the eyes than the bright, vibrant bleached white color that you find a lot of times. So it’s really good whenever you’re drawing just anything really.

[21:33]  Marshall, I do look at a picture whenever [21:35] I’m coloring things like animals because I’m not used to drawing animals and there are so many different animals so I don’t really draw them all the time. So I do need to look at a reference to see where the coloring is and how to draw it initially, as well, and how everything is. It’s just freehand because I’m just drawing it. I’m not tracing, but during the videos, I do have my laptop with a picture open to look at an animal. Because if you ask me to color a cheetah without giving me a picture it’d be really difficult because I could try to remember what colors cheetahs are and where to shade and everything, but it’s best to look at a photo reference.

[22:40]  Someone asks, “What do you like to draw the most?” I’d say I like to draw people the most. It’s my favorite thing to draw just because human faces are so complex, and it can be a lot of fun to draw. Sometimes it’s really difficult, but it’s also the most rewarding, in my opinion. And it’s just so relatable because I mean, it’s a human face, it looks like me. Not like exactly, but it’s a human, it’s relatable. I really enjoy drawing them. If you want to see examples of people that I drew, you can check out my Instagram the link to that is in the video’s description. Or you can go to the videos tab on Quirky Momma’s page and scroll down till you see the section that says drawing with Natalie, and you will find a bunch of videos that I did, many of them are of human faces. And there are some recent ones that haven’t been added to that folder yet. But if you scroll down to all videos, you should be able to find them.

[24:06]  I always seem to have the most trouble with this one pencil. [24:09] It always breaks on me. [24:11] I think it might have been dropped during its previous ownership. I got these pencils as a gift. They’re second hand but they’re really almost new because none of the pencils are really that short. I’m the one who shortened them because I’ve used them so much but [24:26] Prismacolors, if you do drop them or they suffer a fall, [24:29] like once or twice, they may break on the inside and it makes sharpening really painful. 

Another piece of advice, whenever you’re sharpening your pencils, don’t buy one of those plastic [24:41] pencil sharpeners that you get at office supply stores. Because those are typically ones that you use with wooden pencils or pencils that you just use to write or do math with, just regular multi use pencils. But whenever you’re using art supplies, it’s important that you use a good sharpener because you don’t want to waste the Prismacolor pencil. This was a bad sharpener. If the tip keeps breaking and you keep losing the lead inside, you’re just wasting your pencils. So I would recommend that. Well, there are two ways of effectively sharpening your Prismacolors. One would be to get a metal pencil sharpener. These are a lot better than the plastic ones that you can buy. And always get them from craft stores because [25:22] they always sell ones that are almost guaranteed to work with art supplies.

[25:28]  But be careful with the ones that you buy in sets [25:30] of pencils and things like that, because usually the ones that you buy in gift sets, they’re just kind of in there as an added bonus, and they’re not as good. So do some research on some good brands. I don’t really have one in particular, this pencil sharpener was given to me by my art teacher in ninth grade. The second way of sharpening your pencils most effectively is to use a blade like an exacto knife to shave off the wood. You save the most this way but it can be a little dangerous. So if you’re a younger viewer, be very careful and get some help from an adult. I don’t use the blade during these videos because I don’t have that much space to work with. And it can be kind of inconvenient and using this is so much faster

[27:18]  Michelle, if you’re interested in pricing that I charge for pictures, please send me a private message on Instagram. The link to my Instagram is in the description of the video. But if you don’t have Instagram, please message the Quirky Momma Facebook page and leave your email address and they will forward it to me.

[27:42]  Someone asks, “How old were you when you first realized that you can draw very well?” Around Middle School is when I started drawing a lot and I started practicing and from there my skill developed. So I really got into drawing in around early Middle School but like in the middle of middle school, that’s where I started using colors and [28:05] markers and things like that.

[28:23]  Leon, I have no way of showing the picture on my laptop without actually sticking my laptop under the camera, but it wouldn’t turn out that well, because my laptop is on very low brightness [28:33] right now since the battery is low. [28:36] But if you want to see the picture that I’m referencing, just go on Google Images and search cheetah, and it’s one of the first pictures. Just find the picture that matches the pose. And it’s really as simple as that. And I’m not trying to make the cheetah look exactly like the picture. I just use it as a simple photo reference. Because like the spots I put them where I want, where I think it would look good. I mean, the photograph of the natural cheetah [29:00], he’s already perfect because it’s a [29:02] natural cheetah shaped by natural beauty. 

I don’t worry if I [29:06] put a spot too high or too low or things like that. [29:10] Sometimes, whenever I add the spots I don’t really look I just kind of decide, oh, I think one should be here I think that this would make the cheetah look good. So [29:17] I just do whatever I want to do. [29:19] But for the posing, I do look at a reference [29:22] and you can find it really easily through Google.

[29:34]  Alexa, I colored the hair red and if you want to see it, go to the videos tab on Quirky Momma’s page and scroll down to all videos and you should see up at the top because it was just last night that I did it. So I hope you can find them. [30:15] Alexa, I did get your email and I will get back with you shortly. [30:19] Today was a busy day and I wasn’t able to send out [30:21] emails but I will do that really soon, it’ll be tonight.

[31:15]  Audrey, I’m glad you got the Pokemon Go app. How do you like it so far? [31:21] The servers on Pokemon Go have been really faulty lately. There’ve been times where I stopped it, go Pokestop, and the servers just completely crashed and they didn’t come back on until 30 minutes later. So that’s kind of lame. But other than that, I think that the game is a brilliant idea. It makes good use of the phone’s GPS capabilities with online maps and everything. And it’s just so interactive. [31:46] I think it was a great concept, [31:48] if you guys haven’t tried it yet. [31:50] I’m sure you’ve heard of it, because it’s all over the news. It’s number one in the app store, but I recommend you try it because it’s a lot of fun.

[32:09]  I also paint. If you want to see some of my paintings I’ve made you check out my Instagram. The link to my profile is in this video’s description. You can see a lot of paintings I’ve done there. There’s a couple that I’ve posted rather recently. So I hope you check that out.

[34:18]  Currently, I buy most of my art supplies at Hobby Lobby, just because that’s the closest art store to me and they always have a 40% off coupon. And in my opinion, I like Hobby Lobby a bit better than Michael’s just because Hobby Lobby tends to have better prices and a wider selection on [34:34] fine art supplies.

[34:36]  Michael’s is good too. However, I just feel like Hobby Lobby has a lot more to choose from especially whenever it comes to paints and pencils, markers and paper, things like that. [34:46] But I’ve purchased a few things at Michaels but most of [34:48] it is from Hobby Lobby just because they have a wide selection.

[35:12]  Olivia, drawing this size usually takes me anywhere [35:15] from an hour to an hour and a half. Or if it’s more details such as, detailed hair and things like that it can take up to two hours to finish. So it really varies on what I’m doing, [35:26] like what the detail is and the size of the picture. [35:28] But really, it’s no longer than two hours. 

I try [35:33] to make these videos about an hour long, but sometimes [35:36] I have to go over. For example, I made some two part videos because of the fact that I just can’t do the skin and the hair in one video. That would take too long so I’ve split it up into two, or this cheetah, I can say I’ll definitely finish it within the 30 minute interval that I have left.

[36:08]  For you guys wondering what this is, this is a gum eraser. You can get them at craft stores. These, in my experience whenever I use them with graphite, they don’t work that well. But whenever I use it with colored pencils, it works as a blending tool. My friend at school actually taught me that, because before, I thought that these erasers are kind of useless because I’ve had a poor experience with them on graphite. But they do work really well to blend together colored pencils. This is nice whenever you’re trying to blend black with something because black [36:39] is the hardest color to blend, since it’s so dark. Especially if you’re trying to blend it in with white, you’ll have a lot of trouble with that. So blending tools are recommended. I know that Prismacolor makes a colorless blender pencil that you can purchase. [36:54] I’ve never tried it before so I don’t have any reviews for you guys. 

But [36:58] for me, I just use other pencils to blend colors and this gum eraser and I think I’m pretty set on shading. [37:06] But I’d like to try the colorless blender just to tell you guys [37:08] how it is and recommend it to you guys if it’s any good, because I know that everyone prefers different supplies and [37:15] if it’s good, I’ll tell you.

[37:35]  Mary-Beth, I’m 16 years old. [37:39] Christina, that’s actually a really good idea. I think [37:42] the comments section should definitely name the cheetah. So all of you think of cool names for a cheetah.

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