This Tiger Coloring Page is perfect for kids because they can spend a lot of time coloring all of the tiger’s stripes!

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.

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Tiger Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults

Get creative with your tiger coloring pages! For example, tigers normally have black stripes, but don’t be afraid to use fun colors instead.

Download Tiger Coloring Page Here:

You can watch a video of myself coloring a tiger on Facebook Live with Prismacolor Colored Pencils here:

These coloring pages were made by me. You can also watch Facebook Live videos of my drawing and coloring during weekdays on Quirky Momma.

I hope you enjoy coloring this tiger!

How to Color a Tiger Instructions

Hello, it’s Natalie again, and tonight I’m going to be coloring this picture of a tiger that I drew. As always, I’ll be using Prismacolor colored pencils. For those of you who don’t know what Prismacolor pencils are, they’re basically high quality colored pencils. You can get them at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, and you can also find them on Amazon. The kind that I have I came in a tin like this, there’s so many different other sizes, and they have a lot of colors. So let’s begin. For this tiger I want to begin with the eyes because I love drawing eyes, as most of you guys know if you’ve seen my videos. I think the eyes are always a good place to start. So right now I’m just going to thin out the pencil lines, [0:44] so it doesn’t blend in with the colored pencil.

[0:50] We’re going to start with a yellow color.

[1:19]  Apart from yellow the tiger also has some greens in its eyes. But right now I’m using a golden [1:26] yellow to shade the eyes.

[1:38]  If you guys have questions, please feel free to ask them and I will answer them. Just so you know, I may not be able to see all the comments because they fly off my screen rather quickly. So if you have a question that you’re dying to ask, and it’s been a while since you asked it and I haven’t gotten to it, [1:53] please ask it again.

[2:41]  Oh Miranda, I have drawn an owl before on Quirky Momma if you want to see the video, go to the videos tab on Quirky Momma’s page and look at the section that says Drawing with Natalie and you will find it.

[5:02]  Okay, I’m almost done with the eyes. What I’m going to do before I finish them is I’m going to take some white paint and apply it to the eyes to create reflections. This way the eyes will pop and it will enhance the picture overall. Just a few little lines or dots of paint should do it, this is a great tool to use, just regular acrylic paint. It’s super cheap, you can add it on top of drawings, no matter what the medium is if it’s ink, [5:33] crayon, colored pencil, anything. You can add white acrylic paint on top to help enhance it.

[5:58]  I’m also adding a little line at the bottom of the eye just to get a little bit more reflection. [6:09] There we go.

[6:31]  Since I’ve finished the eyes, I’m going to color in the black around the tiger’s eyes and I’ll branch out from there.

[7:51]  It’s been a few episodes of the series since I got a new black pencil but I see a lot of you guys are still commenting about it. I just find it funny. [8:01] I’d say I wouldn’t have done this drawing if I still had the short pencils. Because the tiger has so many black stripes on it.

[8:08]  It’s almost urgent that I would get a black pencil like this to color in the stripes of a tiger. [8:13] Because it’d be really difficult to do with a tiny little pencil.

[8:29]  Oh, Ashley. Yes, all the drawings that I’ve colored on Quirky Momma, they’re all drawn by me. I just draw them ahead of time to save time in the video. Because for a one hour segment I can’t fit in drawing and coloring.  I have done some videos where I’ve drawn a face. However, the coloring on that was simple in black and white. So it wouldn’t take like two and a half hours to do. I have to do everything in [8:55] an hour. So that’s why I cut out the drawing.

[11:37]  Courtney, the white pencil that I use is a Prismacolor colored pencil. All of these colored pencils are Prismacolor.

[11:50]  Sandy, what makes the Prismacolors so good is the fact that they blend so smoothly with each other. And this is something that it’s really hard to find in cheaper colored pencils. A lot of other colored pencils, you can’t really blend them in with each other. However, with Prismacolors, if you color over one color with a different color, you can blend it in. You can blend two colors together, I mean you can’t just put down black, [12:15] like really bold and then put down something like yellow and blend lightly.

[12:18]  But if you do it right, you can blend them together and they’re super smooth. They’re probably the best colored pencils out there for purchase.

[13:32]  Tylox, these are Prismacolor premier pencils. Jessica, you can buy prismacolor pencils at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s or you can get them on Amazon. [14:43]  Another place that you can get these pencils is at Walmart, they actually carry them in the back wherever they keep their art supplies. It’s usually next to the greeting cards and party supplies I recently found that out as well. One time I went to Walmart like in the past few weeks, and I saw them there. I was like, Oh, I didn’t know that and I have also seen you guys comment that you purchase them there. So that’s good to know, especially if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s near your house. [15:13]  But Amazon also is a good alternative because they’ll deliver.

[15:25]  A piece of advice if you guys go into craft stores to purchase Prismacolor pencils, always go on the website of the craft store, like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s go on their website and look for their 40% off coupon. They have these coupons that you can use on any product in the store and get 40% off so you can buy a large set of prismacolor pencils and get 40% off the entire thing. It’s quite magical, I always use those coupons whenever I go like that. That’s a must. I won’t go to Hobby Lobby if I can’t get a coupon because you save so much money shopping with the coupon.

[16:19]  Kira, I’ve been drawing since middle school and what got me into drawing was the fact that I really liked looking at art and I really enjoyed characters of [16:31] movies and games and things like that. 

[16:33]So I always wanted to draw characters, because online I saw people draw characters and it was really cool. Like stuff like fan art, I see people draw characters for movies and TV shows and things like that.

[16:46]  I wanted to do that too. So I would sketch them you know, it’s fun for me, but since then, it’s evolved into more than just drawing my favorite characters from [16:55] various, I guess, forms of entertainment. But I guess that’s really how it started. I don’t really draw movie characters or anything like that anymore, but I guess I should at least acknowledge that that’s how [17:12] it started. I’m a senior in high school by the way, guys, in case you’re wondering.

[18:11]Helen, yes. I use photographs for a lot of these drawings of animals I don’t draw as often. However, for this tiger, [18:18] it’s really easy for me to draw without looking at the photograph often because it’s all coming back to me. I used to draw tigers a lot when I was in middle school, I think the end of middle school is where I drew a lot of tigers because [18:30] I went to a middle school where the tiger was the mascot. So naturally, you’d have a lot of teachers and stuff asking me to draw tigers.

[18:39]  I drew it in art class, I drew it for the yearbook. There were tigers everywhere. [18:44] So a lot of the shading patterns for the Tiger, it’s really natural to me right now. But for a lot of the things that I don’t draw often, I do have to look at photo references all the time.

[18:56]  One thing, I don’t really have to look at references as much for it is people. Because I’ve drawn a lot of people and I understand how the face works and stuff. But I always try to look at references so I can understand more of the face and understand how to do a better job at shading and things like that. But it’s easier for me to draw people without a reference than it is for me to draw animals.

[20:39]  Trina, it’s wonderful that you and your kids are doing an art hour in the evening. I think that that’s a really cool idea for anyone especially whenever you have younger children, I think it’s really important to introduce them to art.

[20:53]  Even if your kids grow up to be scientists or anything that doesn’t necessarily involve art upfront, I think it’s just good for the soul, good for the mind. Because it’s something, I mean to learn about art, you don’t have to be an artist yourself. Teaching your kids about art and getting them introduced [21:11] to it, it’s not just drawing. Show them pictures of art, take them to museums. I loved going to museums when I was younger, [21:19] like in elementary school.

[21:22]  My art class, we’d always go on field trips to some of the local museums and that was a lot of fun. Because you get to see a lot more than just paintings and drawings. There’s also sculpture, and artifacts and you can show your kids how art plays such a critical role in our lives.  If you go to a museum, you can see ancient pottery that was used for drinking and holding food and how they’re finely decorated. I mean, we may not think about it too much today, but even the electronics that we have, there was extensive art involved with that. Such as the graphic design and the product design and everything. [21:55] Art is really important.

[23:28]  Jazz, I do have an Instagram, the link to that is in the video’s description. I don’t know if you can view it directly from the video player but you should be able to find it.

[23:42]  Desiree, I’m not too familiar with what Bible journaling is. If you could elaborate on what that is for me, I could tell you if these are good for that or not. 

[25:30]  Robin, yes. I have a reference photo that I’m using. It’s just one of the first results if you search ‘tiger’ on Google Images. Should be really easy to find but it’s just a generic picture of a tiger facing the camera. I have to do it, for understanding where the stripes go, what colors to use on different areas and things like that because I’m not very familiar with drawing tigers even though I’ve drawn a few back in middle school.

[25:56]  At some point, I’m not looking at it because that was pretty straightforward just coloring in some stripes or things like that. But whenever I’m shading areas like the nose or the whiskers or whenever I get to the mouth right here. I’ll definitely have to look at the reference a lot to understand, like how to shade and make it look like what it is. But just so you guys know my goal is not to make a drawing that looks as close to the reference photo as I can. The reference photo is purely just that, it’s a reference photo to understand where coloring on a tiger goes. So, again, that’s not my goal to make it look just like the picture. It’s just a disclaimer.

[27:00]  It may take a long time, but in the end the tiger stripes, I’d say they look pretty cool. [27:10] Again, I’m thankful for this brand new black pencil because if I didn’t have it, my hand would be hurting so much right now. Honestly, I wouldn’t have drawn this Tiger if I didn’t have this long pencil because I [27:22] just couldn’t do it with that short of a pencil. I still have those pencils. I never bought a pencil extender because the craft store didn’t have it when I went, this was how small it was. [27:33] Here’s the new one.

[28:43]  Jennifer, I use a metal pencil sharpener to sharpen my pencils for these videos. Whenever I’m not recording videos and I’m just drawing on my own [28:52] I use a blade to sharpen these. The blade is an exacto knife but I use this for convenience for making these videos. Because I don’t really have that much time to sit and perfect [29:04] a tip or use a blade because it can be dangerous if I’m trying to rush it. But if you guys are buying pencil sharpeners for Prismacolors, or if you plan on getting them.

Don’t get those plastic pencil sharpeners that you buy like at officemax or the ones that are meant for regular writing pencils. I wouldn’t get those pencil sharpeners, they don’t work as well and they’ll just end up eating up your pencil. You won’t be very happy because you will have wasted a lot of your pencil. I would recommend getting a metal one if you do want to use a handheld sharpener, a metal one like this. These are really nice, you can get these at craft stores.  Another method is to use a blade like I was talking about. However, if you’re younger and watching this, I wouldn’t recommend doing that because it can be dangerous as it involves the blade but it’s definitely the most efficient way to sharpen these pencils. Because you will minimize the loss of the color and you can get a really sharp tip.

[32:12]  Robin, I am not currently in a school that is, like made for Art. I go to a public high school and they have art classes that are offered. I take the International Baccalaureate art classes, which I mean they’re not very based in instruction. It’s mostly a class where I have time to work on my pieces, I have access to the art studio [32:35] and all of its materials and I can talk to my art teacher.

[32:37]  A lot of it is studying or looking at art and writing about it and understanding what makes it good, and part of the requirements for the classes is I have to have a portfolio that I send in along with a workbook, which is basically a sketchbook with writing. Those are some of the requirements. But I’m currently a high school student, so I’m not going to school specifically for art. I’m just [33:04] going to school and art is something that I do.

[34:23]  Okay, now I’m going to move on to color more with orange. After I got all the stripes out the way.

[35:33]  Robin, to answer your question, “What would you like to do when you grow up?” I’m not entirely sure of a career goal yet, but I do have lots of interests that I want to explore. I know that right now I want to major in computer science.

[35:47]  Because there’s a lot to be done there and it’s really interesting to me. So I want to major in it and from there, I will take the career path, I don’t know exactly what it is yet. Honestly, almost all computer science jobs interest me because you get to do really cool things with computers. But you know, again, I’m not entirely certain on a career path, but [36:10] I know I’ll know it whenever I get it. Who knows, maybe the job I want doesn’t even exist yet.

[36:53]  I’m really happy with this Tuscan red, pale vermilion and orange combination. These three colors, they seem to be going really well together for the tiger. So if you guys ever wanted to color a tiger, use these colors. Just Prismacolor orange, pale vermilion and Tuscan red. These colors, they just work really well for the tiger’s color.

[37:35]  One thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned in this video yet, but for those of you who are curious, the paper that I’m using is Strathmore toned gray paper. I prefer using this paper with [37:44] Prismacolors because it really makes the colors pop.

[37:48]  I just really like the neutral gray in the background. It’s nice because it’s different than the generic white paper. It is a lot of fun to use. If you haven’t tried it yet. I would strongly recommend trying for yourself. You can get it at a craft store such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. It’s really cheap. You can buy it in a spiral notebook, which is pretty nice. They also have it on Amazon. [38:09] So if you’d like it, you should go order some for yourself.

[39:22]  Kermit, this paper is toned gray paper by Strathmore. You can get it at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Amazon.

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