We heart unicorn coloring pages and today we have 6 original unicorn coloring pages for you that are free to download and print. These free printable Unicorn Coloring pages makes a wonderful coloring activity for kids of all ages who love mythical creatures. Oh, and we have the best easy unicorn coloring pages on the internet so if you have a young artist who loves unicorns, you are in the right place.

Best Unicorn Coloring Pages - Kids Activities Blog - 6 unicorn coloring pages shown as printed pdf with the text, unicorn coloring pages - shown on colorful sparkly background in unicorn colors
Which unicorn coloring page will you color first?

Best Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids

Let’s color easy unicorn coloring pages with your favorite colors to give these magical creatures and legendary beasts beautiful hair, mane, pointed spiral horn, sparkly accessories and anything else you can dream…

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Download & Print Unicorn Coloring Pages Here:

Free Printable Unicorn Coloring Sheets

What makes a unicorn a unicorn?

A unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single, large, pointed spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.  The unicorn was depicted in ancient seals of the Indus Valley Civilization and was mentioned by the ancient Greeks in accounts of natural history by various writers…


Unicorn Coloring Page Set Includes

Magical Unicorn on Moon with Stars Coloring Page - Kids Activities Blog - shown is unicorn coloring page pdf with head of unicorn moon and stars
This magical unicorn coloring page includes the moon and stars
on a starry night.

1. Magical Unicorn on the Moon Coloring Page

The unicorn is most known for its spiral single silvery horn, but I think a close second is the flowing hair or mane that is associated with these magical beasts.  You can choose the color of your unicorn hair.  In the unicorn coloring tutorial below, Natalie shows orange and red colors in the cute unicorn mane.  I love the idea of doing the colors of the unicorn rainbows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet or the traditional pastel colors of blue, green, yellow and purple.

This printable unicorn coloring page pdf shows a large crescent moon with a unicorn head, spiral horn, long eyelashes with a flower in the unicorn’s flowing hair sprinkled with stars.  The detail in the unicorn mane would be best tackled with colored pencils or thin markers.

Easy Unicorn Head Coloring Page with long hair and flowers - Kids Activities Blog
The simple shapes of this Unicorn Head coloring page will make it easy to color!

2. Easy Unicorn Head Coloring Page with Flowers

Grab your crayons and glitter pens for this simple unicorn coloring page of a cute unicorn head. This cute unicorns coloring page is good for beginners and younger unicorn lovers because the large spaces make it an easy unicorn coloring page.  The flowing long unicorn hair is tucked behind the unicorn’s ear with a single daisy flower.

The unicorn’s single horn spirals up out of her forehead and flowy unicorn bangs…unicorns CAN have bangs, right?

And a bouquet of flowers rests under her magical unicorn chin in this fantasy land.

Unicorn Hair Coloring Page - Kids Activities Blog
Color that beautiful, long unicorn hair!

3. Easy Unicorn Hair Coloring Page

Here is another cute unicorn head coloring page that emphasizes an amazing, long, flowing unicorn mane.  Yep, we love unicorn hair!

This magical creature is wearing a classic drop necklace and surrounded by flowers.  Her spiral horn points to the sky.  The unicorn hair is blowing to the side and ready for coloring.

Pegasus Flying Unicorn with wings Coloring Page - Kids Activities Blog - printed pdf version of flying unicorn coloring page
Color this flying unicorn Pegasus coloring page!

4. Simple Pegasus Flying Unicorn Coloring Page

Color the full body majestic unicorn coloring page as you like.  This Pegasus Flying Unicorn coloring page has the unicorn standing on the ground with four hooves. The unicorn’s wings stretch out on either side with features behind.  In this unicorn coloring page, both the wings and the hair are blowing in the breeze!

Not everyone considers a Pegasus in the unicorn family, but I love the idea that they are!  Usually Pegasus is drawn like a flying horse, but I like thinking of a Pegasus as a flying winged unicorn too.

Unicorn Head in a Flower Wreath Coloring Page - Kids Activities Blog - printable free coloring page pdf shown with floral wreath surrounding unicorn head with flowing unicorn hair
Flowers and unicorns go hand in hand! Love this printable unicorn coloring page.

5. Easy Unicorn Head in a Flower Wreath Coloring Page

This pretty unicorn has long, breezy hair with flowers throughout as decorations.  Her unicorn horn is spiral and comes magically out of her forehead amid her mane.  Around the unicorn head is a wreath of flowers like daisies, tulips and baby’s breath.

Grab a lot of different colors for this really sweet unicorn coloring page!

realistic unicorn drawing and corresponding realistic unicorn coloring page - by Natalie shown here with colored pencils
Check out Natalie’s realistic unicorn drawing and the coordinating printable realistic unicorn coloring page!

Realistic Unicorn Drawing to Color

Our last unicorn coloring page is a realistic unicorn coloring page created by the artist, Natalie…

Natalie is a 16 year old artist that ran an art show on the Quirky Momma FB page.  Each night she would draw a new cool drawing and then show how to color it.  She would make a corresponding coloring page so you can follow along.

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The Kids Activities Blog community absolutely loves this — if you have time, you and your kids can follow along with Natalie in the coloring tutorial or if you prefer just to use her realistic unicorn drawing as a coloring page, you can do that too!

Realistic Unicorn Head Coloring Page - Kids Activities Blog - printable pdf of realistic unicorn coloring page shown
Let’s color Natalie’s unicorn head drawing with this realistic unicorn coloring page!

Download & print this Unicorn Coloring Page PDF File Here:

Printable Realistic Unicorn Drawing Coloring Page

Follow along with Natalie coloring the realistic unicorn head coloring page with colors like yellow, orange, green and blue.  She will show you how to make the unicorn eyes look real and to shade the unicorn’s face to appear more realistic, majestic…and magical!

How to Color a Unicorn Tutorial Video

If you would like to watch the coloring process of this unicorn with (affiliate) Prismacolor Colored Pencils, please check out the video below. Natalie designed one of the free unicorn coloring pages and then walks you through step by step how to color the classic unicorn picture with color and shading.

Thanks Natalie!  That was sooooo cool!

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More Unicorn Coloring Pages from Kids Activities Blog

I hope you enjoy coloring these printable unicorn coloring pages! Which cute unicorn coloring page was your favorite?

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  3. What a great variety of unicorn coloring pages ..and they’re free! Printable coloring pages are a great way to keep from having half used coloring books all around my house, lol!

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