The Day of the Dead is such a beautiful holiday that celebrates life and our loved ones that have passed. To celebrate we created these gorgeous sugar skull coloring pages. This Sugar Skull coloring page is a wonderful Día de los Muertos activity as there are lots of details to color including the hair, patterns, and flowers.

If you like coloring pages like this, also check out these other Day of the Dead activities for kids. We also have other sugar skull activities you may enjoy as well.

Beautiful sugar skull coloring pages to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Theses printable sugar skull coloring pages have a woman with traditional day of the dead face paint with a beautiful rose in her hair.
These free printable sugar skull coloring pages are absolutely gorgeous!

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.

Free Printable Sugar Skull Coloring Pages

These Day of the Dead coloring sheets are great to celebrate or help others learn about Día de los Muertos, especially since there are a lot of misconceptions about this beautiful holiday.

What Is Día de los Muertos?

The Day of the Dead is a celebratory holiday to remember the dead. It is a multi-day holiday that gathers friends and families to pray and remember their loved ones that past and they help support their spiritual journey.

Sugar Skull Coloring Sheet

With this download below, you get 1 sugar skull coloring sheet. But, you can print off multiple sugar skull coloring sheets to share with friends or to color them differently like we did!

We really think you’ll enjoy this free printable sugar skull coloring page because it is absolutely gorgeous.

It depicts a young woman with traditional Day of the Dead face paint and includes beautiful flowers, not only in her hair, but in the corner of the page as well.

Download here:

If you would like to watch a video of this sugar skull being coloring with Prismacolor Colored Pencils, please check out the video below.

Video: How To Color This Sugar Skull Coloring Page

These coloring pages were made by me. To see more of my artwork, check out my Instagram. You can also watch Facebook Live videos of my drawing and coloring during weekdays on Quirky Momma.

I hope you enjoy coloring this sugar skull!

How to Color a Sugar Skull Coloring Sheet Instructions

Hi everyone, it’s Natalie. Tonight I’m going to finish the sugar skull finally. [0:05] I started on it Tuesday night and I’ve been slowly progressing with it. It takes a lot of time to color because there’s so much detail. So tonight is going to be the last video for it, I just have a couple of things to color. For instance, these flowers, then I have to finish the hair and add in a neck. So let’s get started or resume. 

[0:31]Let me get together my pencils.

[1:35]  Oops, it broke.

[1:44]  Also, if you haven’t already, please go check out the video’s description there you will find a link to my Instagram account where you can follow me and see my other works. Or you can go download and print the Halloween cat coloring page that I created for you guys. Heather, I did not get a new color instead, I’m going to make my own Tuscan red by blending red and browns together. Since it’s only the outer regions [2:10] of the hair that I really need to focus on now.

[2:12]  It’s okay if the color doesn’t match exactly and plus I can make it a bit darker, put it in the background kind of. So it’s not that big of a deal but all I know is that this little guy is dead. [2:25] I might go bury him.

[2:33]  Jennifer, I like to use metal pencil sharpeners. This is my favorite one to use, my freshman art teacher gave it to me because he had a lot of them. You can find similar ones at craft stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. However, I do advise that you do not buy those plastic pencil sharpeners at Walmart or Target because those are designed for your typical number two pencils that are rather cheap. So the pencil sharpener doesn’t have to be the highest quality for those. But since you’re using Prismacolors, it’s highly recommended that you get [3:02] a higher quality pencil sharpener.

[5:06] Missy, I’ll have to look at your comment later because while I’m streaming the video, my phone doesn’t display the images in the comments. [5:13] But I can’t wait to see your sugar skull.

[5:45]  Hope, these are Prismacolor colored pencils.

[10:17]  I don’t really draw flowers on things but after drawing these flowers right here, I find it to be very relaxing. [10:24] It’s kind of neat how you can break apart the flower into different petals and color all of those separately.

[10:29]  So once I published the coloring page for this drawing, I hope you guys try it out because coloring of flowers is a lot of fun, and plus the coloring page that I’ll have posted for you guys. Hopefully we’ll have that finished by Saturday and you guys can get it [10:41] either late Saturday or Sunday.

[10:44]  Whenever you print that you can color the flowers you’ll already have the lines drawn for you. So all you have to do is sit back and color.

[14:34]  Sierra, I’ve created three videos here on Quirky Momma where I demonstrate how to color eyes. If you go to the videos tab on the Facebook page, you can scroll down to a section called Drawing with Natalie and inside that playlist, you’ll find the videos so I hope you go check that out.

[16:02]  Robert, I am.

[17:26]  Amanda, I use a couple of different reference photos whenever I make drawings like this. What I did for this particular piece was I googled pictures of people on Pinterest. Well, I looked at Pinterest and Google, but I think all the images I’m actually using are from Google. 

But [17:40] there might have been some hint of inspiration from the Pinterest images. I just looked up makeup for the Day of the Dead sugar skull. [17:47]  I picked certain features that I really liked from some pictures and some from others, and then I kind of superimposed it together and created this.

[21:02]  Kimberly, so far in this video I’ve used goldenrod. Where’s the other color? Oh, yellowed orange, light brown and dark brown and black of course, and white. That is for the flowers and then I did a little bit of work on the hair. But I decided that I’m going to leave the rest of the hair for after I’ve finished this other flower as well but the colors in the hair are Tuscan red, [21:27] black and dark brown.

[23:08]  Sierra, I did some commissions a couple months ago. Right now, I’m not doing commissions or I guess, if ‘by take orders,’ I assume that you’re talking about commissions. I don’t do those currently because I’m in school right now and I have a lot of work to do. So [23:24] commissions on top of my school work is a lot and it would take a long time for me to finish them. So I would prefer to just not do them at the moment because [23:34] I don’t want to keep putting them off [23:36]  and having to go back to them and everything.

So those might pick up again during winter break, which is a two week vacation. I’ll have it starting the second to last week of December, then I may be able to do commissions again. But if you’re interested in buying art for me, you can always buy these pictures I do on Quirky Momma. You can contact me on Instagram if you’d like to purchase one. But I do know that I will soon open up an Etsy shop where I’ll list everything and you guys can buy directly from that website. My goal is to have that up at the beginning of November. So this weekend, I’ll finalize the store [24:15] and have it ready for Tuesday.

[24:29]  Brenda, my Instagram is in the video’s description.

[25:36]  Okay, now for this flower and then continue on the hair. I can’t believe it took me almost 30 minutes to color this flower and a little bit of the hair. As you guys can tell, coloring these flowers it’s a tedious process and there are lots of details involved. [25:51] But I do consider it to be relaxing at the same time.

[26:24]  Andrea, for elementary aged, budding artists, I would definitely recommend to explore as many different mediums as you can. So, since you’re so young at that age, and you don’t really have an idea of what kind of art you want to make.

But you do like the act of creating art. When you’re very creative I would recommend exploring, for example, work with markers, work with clay, work with watercolor, and paint, anything that you can find I would experiment with. So [26:53] I’m assuming you’re asking for your child, obviously, unless you yourself are an elementary aged child asking this question. But [27:03] I would recommend getting your child all sorts of different materials to work with. 

You can buy fun kits at Hobby Lobby, and you can get things that allow your child to work with clay, and collage and markers, painting. They make perfect birthday and Christmas gifts and I know that the holiday season is coming up. So Michael’s and Hobby Lobby will be stocked with all sorts of things. Art kits are a lot of fun, especially the ones that [27:28] come in a wooden case. I think they’re usually priced around $40- $50. But it’s a large case and when you open it up and you have all different mediums inside.

 You have colored pencils, crayons, pastels, paint, anything that you can imagine. So I’d recommend getting something like that for your child because those allow the child to truly explore different mediums of art. I would recommend getting different types of papers as well and buy them some canvases. Whenever you’re learning to paint, I think whatever you paint on a canvas, it puts this whole new sense of importance onto it. Because a canvas is sturdy and it’s nice and you could hang it up on the wall and it looks really cool like a prized piece of art.

[28:10]  So I think that the thing that your child paints on that can really help boost their confidence and make them want to paint. Also try sculpture. I know that these drawing painting kits don’t include clay or anything.But at Hobby Lobby, you can always get some little clay packages, I recommend getting Sculpey clays, those you can also buy sets of these at the store. These are a lot of fun to work with because you can create whatever you want and then put it in the oven and you’ll have a creation to work with. Not to work with but to keep forever. I also recommend this paper, although it may be more suitable for kids that are a little bit older, maybe middle school or kids that are really focusing on drawing. 

This tone gray paper is unique. It’s a little bit different than typical white paper because it’s a gray color obviously and this allows you to use the white pencil and you can color on the paper and it actually shows up. It’s really cool because you get to add in the highlights yourself instead of coloring everything else in dark, and then leaving your highlights blank because the paper is providing the white. Instead you get to add it yourself. This is the cover picture of the sketchbook as you can tell this artist only used, I’m pretty sure that they use charcoal or graphite here and then they use white. [29:27] So a great gift is a sketchbook like this. Again, this is more of a gift that’s tuned to someone who’s already taken up an interest in drawing in a sketchbook like this with a white Prismacolor pencil, then some charcoal or graphite, or even a black Prismacolor as well. [29:46] I think in total this would be priced around $12 maybe so it’s a perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas.

[29:56]  Sandy I’m using Prismacolor colored pencils.

[30:40]  I’d love to give you guys more information on art kits and art supplies that are perfect for young children who are taking interest in art. I would love to make a post on Kids Activities blog where I can describe all sorts of things and give you guys links or stores that carry certain products, so you guys can help your blooming artists.  That will probably be completed closer to Christmas, so I’ll make sure I get something like that [31:07] finished before the holiday season. [31:13]  Also, I would prepare yourselves for Black Friday because Michael’s always has amazing deals there. There’s one year I went to Michael’s on Black Friday, [31:23] the store was empty. [31:25] I guess no one really goes in on Black Friday because there’s a Best Buy right next door and it was near the mall. So everyone was [31:31] over there.

[31:32]  But you can get some great art supplies deals on Black Friday, and I know Michael’s, they’re famous for their Canvas packs. You can buy Canvas in bulk, you can get one I’d say maybe 12 by 8. You can get a pack of 10 for like $10 or something like that. It’s really cheap, and it’s an amazing deal and a great time to stock up. You can also get some cool things like art desks and easels for a cheap price. The year that I went, they had a $200 drawing desk on sale for $69.99, which was a steal and I got it. It’s a great desk. I still use it but not as much because I think that there’s a singularity between all of the desks in my room. You see, I have a lot of things to do that involve paper and working. So I actually have three desks and two of them are for school, really. Then the other one is an art desk, but sometimes [32:27] I kind of work on both of them.

[32:31]  Apart from the drawing desk that I got at Michael’s, the other two desks, I don’t really know where they came from. All I know is that my family had them when we moved here to North Texas 10 years ago, and they were kind of stored away and then I ended up [32:47] using them.

[32:49]  So it’s kind of helpful because one desk kind of serves as the storage where I put all my books and my binders, folders. Then [32:57] one I use my computer on and write stuff like homework and another one I draw on.

[33:17]  Kimberly, I could definitely review a beginner’s work and if you’d like me to give you some, I guess critique, constructive critiques. You can always send me the artwork that you want me to review on Instagram through the direct message function. Or you can tag me in an Instagram post if you’d like. However, I can’t guarantee that I’ll see that because my Instagram feed gets filled with all sorts of things. But I think if you actually, don’t just mention me, and you actually tagged me in the photo, I’ll be able to look at it on the tagged page. So you can do any of those options that are mentioned. For advice, I would recommend getting a sketchbook because sketchbooks are super helpful when it comes time to drawing things and [34:02] practicing a lot.

[34:04]  It’s nice because you can keep records of everything that you’ve done. I recommend getting a hardcover sketchbook, those you can buy at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, the one that I get, I always buy a standard one from Hobby Lobby, I bought three of the same sketchbook so far.

[34:20]  One I bought my freshman year, another my sophomore year, and then my third one I bought at the beginning of my junior year, but it’s carrying over to senior year.

[34:34]  Now with your sketchbook, I’d recommend practicing as much as you can, and you can draw things repeatedly. If you want to draw faces I would focus on individual features as much as you do the entire face. So reserve pages in your sketchbook to practice sketching human faces. Have other pages for just eyes, noses, lips, etc. The internet is a great resource for finding reference Photos, you can just look up stock photos. So say you want to draw a face, you can look up like a profile face stock photo. A quick image search like that will give you a face in profile view and you find all sorts of people there. If you want to specify, you could always start with things like female profile face or female three quarters profile, not profile, [35:24] but three quarters face.

[35:26]You can find plenty of reference photos. One particular website that I use for [35:32] my reference photos is, I believe it’s a Tumblr blog called Atlas of Beauty. This photographer takes pictures of beautiful women from all over the world. I think it’s really cool because there’s so much diversity in it and so much [35:48] uniqueness to all the faces. You will always find a new face, new facial structures and things like that, that’s exciting to draw.

[35:55]I think it’s great practice to take from resources because you’re exposed to such a variety of things, rather than drawing the same celebrity faces over and over again. So I’d definitely check that out. It’s called Atlas of Beauty. You can Google search it and it should come [36:12] up right away if you’re interested.

[36:56]  Really, I started getting into drawing when I was in middle school. In sixth grade I had a lot of interest in it but it was seventh grade when I really decided that I wanted to practice a lot and get really good at it.

[39:36]  Oh, the dreaded artist’s block, that’s something that I’ve experienced many times on many different occasions. But for that, sometimes it’s really hard to get out of an artist’s block. Some things that may help would be going to a museum. Or if you don’t have any museums in your area, you can always go online and explore other people’s artwork. There’s all sorts of websites out there that have different categories of art that you can look at online, and also you can go to a library.

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