Using these Chameleon Coloring Pages for Kids, you can create a colorful chameleon of your own! There are about 200 species of chameleons in the world (and some can even change colors!), so chameleons are very diverse in terms of color and patterns. With this coloring page, use your favorite colors to make a unique chameleon pattern.

Chameleon Coloring Pages for Kids

Chameleon Coloring Pages for Kids

To see me color a Chameleon with Prismacolor Colored Pencils on the Quirky Momma Facebook Page, then click here.

These coloring pages were made by me, to see more of my artwork, check out my Instagram. You can also watch Facebook Live videos of my drawing and coloring during weekdays on Quirky Momma.

How to Color a Chameleon Instructions

Hi guys, it’s Natalie and tonight I’m going to be coloring this picture of a chameleon that I drew for you. I’ll be using Prismacolor colored pencils to do this. So the paper that I’m using is Strathmore toned gray paper. This is a really nice paper. [0:14] It helps make the colored pencils pop, especially the whites. [0:20] I love it a lot. For you guys that watched my other videos, you’ll know that the black pencil I use is very short, but they’ll be happy to know that I bought a new one today.

[0:31]  I’m going to begin and I’ll start with the eye of the chameleon, I’m going to start with the black since the center [0:39] of its eye right here is very dark. I think that chameleons would be really cool to color and that’s why I chose it because it has lots of interesting folds on its skin. It will be a good way to show you guys the blending capabilities of Prisma [0:55] colors.

[1:05]  The chameleon’s eye is very large and it appears to be in the socket and the border of it is very dark. So I’m adding black around the edge to make it dark [1:25] like that. Then we get to my greens, this is going to be a green chameleon. [1:48] Some greens, let’s start with this really bright, spring green.

[2:21]  So right now I’m just putting down a basic coat of green and I’ll go in with darker greens and black to shade. I’ve never really used much of the greens before. So this is really exciting. [2:35] So I get to try them out and also add a little bit of a blue because while it is mostly green, there is a touch of blue in this chameleon.

[4:01]  So Gabrielle asks “What inspired you to draw the chameleon?” I chose to draw the chameleon because I was thinking of animals that I could draw, and a chameleon came to mind, but I thought it’d be really cool to draw because it has folds on its skin, which I think would be fun to illustrate with Prismacolors.

[4:28]  Mariana asks, “Where can I get a big pack of Prismacolors and how much are they?” You can purchase them at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s. However, you can get some really good deals on Amazon.

[5:26]  Julie asks, “Will you be using all the shades of green?” I’m going to be using most of the green trays that I have in this box. [5:33]  See there are a lot of this, because the Chameleon has tons of different greens on it. It’s a very colorful animal.

[6:33]  I see you guys are asking if I’m using a reference photo. Yes I am, because I don’t draw Chameleons enough to understand how to shade them. Whenever you draw things, don’t ever hesitate to use a reference photo because it can be very helpful. It’s almost essential whenever you’re learning how to draw something, you really need that reference photo, because if it wasn’t for reference photos, I wouldn’t know how to shade a chameleon.

[7:01]  So I’m just looking at a picture of a chameleon, that I found on Google Images. [7:04] I think it’s one of the first ones that popped up, just search chameleon and look for one in a similar pose. [7:12]  You guys should be able to find it if you really want to see it.

[7:53]  Mariana asks,”Do you blend the colors together with the same color pencils, or do you have a special solution for finding?” Whenever I blend Prismacolors, I use the same colors, and I run over with it. For example, if I put down black or a different green, I would come over with a different green and blend. 

[8:12] That’s the beauty of Prismacolors, you can use the colored pencils themselves to blend. You don’t need anything else, but you can use other things to blend if you’d like. I know some people, they use things like rubbing alcohol to blend or things like that. You can also purchase a Prismacolor colorless blender, which is the same shape as a regular Prismacolor pencil, but it contains this colorless wax [8:39] that you blend with.

[8:41]  I haven’t tried those. I don’t know if they’re any good, but I’m really comfortable with blending with just the colors and if I need any extra smoothness I’ll use a gum eraser like this. These, whenever you use them over Prisma color, seem to blend the colors together and it’s really nice. [9:07] Actually, I did get a new block and it’s right here, it’s perfect and I don’t have to [9:13] cover what I’m doing whenever I use it.

[10:16]  Someone asks “Where can I buy this eraser from?” [10:19] If you’re referring to the gummy eraser you can get these at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels and you can probably buy them on Amazon they’re called gummy erasers. [10:27] They’re easy to find, in fact, I think that you can find them at Walmart, because some Walmart’s have an art supplies aisle. It’s usually near the greeting cards and party supplies, things like that. [10:40] At least that’s where it is in a few stores that I’ve been to, but again, they’re called gummy erasers. I wouldn’t recommend using them for graphite. They’re really good for blending colored pencils.

[10:59]  Someone asked “Where did I buy the black?” I got the black at Hobby Lobby today and I bought it individually. So you can buy pencils one at a time if you’d like. You can get that at craft stores, because I don’t think Walmart sells them individually. But I see that a lot of you have purchased sets of pencils at Walmart.

[11:27]  Jennifer asks, “Do you do any type of calligraphy?” I really don’t do much calligraphy. The closest to it is that I’ll try to make my notes for my first school [11:38] really pretty, and I’ve looked up pictures of calligraphy just to [11:41] use some of the ideas. I’m not really good at it myself. If I take a lot of time being on lettering, I can do it but it’s not one of my strong points.

[12:34]  To create the scaly texture of the chameleon, I’m applying color and small little circles that are tightly packed with each other. I think that scales can be really difficult to draw. However, for this chameleon in particular, it can be really simple because you can do little dots but on larger drawings you will have to shade scales. That can be really difficult and time consuming. Luckily since this is just like an average size drawing, I can do little dots.

[13:21]  Someone said you should do an owl later on. I can’t see the name anymore of whoever said that but I did draw an owl on this Facebook page on Quirky Momma, you can go to the video section and you can find a link to it. [14:13] Heather asks, “How long have you been drawing for?” I’ve been drawing since middle school.

[14:43]  Crystal asks, “Have you ever used drawing/coloring pens like the Staedtler triplus fineliners?” [14:49] I’ve actually never heard of those pencils. I’ve heard of the brand before. I know that they make like highlighters and stuff like that. [14:57] However, I’ve never tried those pens. [15:00] As for coloring pens, I use Copic markers for a lot of my drawings. I’ve never heard of that brand, I’ll have to look them up later. Have you used them? And are they any good?

[16:22]  Stephen asks, “What’s your favorite color?” I say my favorite color is an Aqua or turquoise color like this pencil right here. This is a good example [16:33] of what my favorite color is. [17:31]  Colors on the scales, I’m alternating between this Aquamarine color and this apple green to help [17:38] create a bluish green color because the chameleon overall I’d say is mostly blue-green. There are some areas that are more blue [17:45]than others and some that are more green. So by doing this, I can create a color that is a balance between the two. [17:55]  For example up here, it’s mostly green and right here it looks more blue. [18:06] I started drawing when I was in middle school.

[18:14]  Julia, I used white in between to lighten areas. There is white in the image of the Chameleon that I’m looking at, such as the lips, wherever it folds, right where the lips fold right here. Those areas are both very light. So I used white.[19:13] Yes, you can find this chameleon from a quick Google search. I think it’s one of the first results.

[23:57]  Julia asks, “What do you draw, do you usually draw only animals or do you do any painting of land or landscapes, etc?” Most of my drawings are people. That’s my favorite thing to draw. It’s portraits. I draw animals but not as often, I’ve been drawing animals a lot more lately though. I do these live streams because I don’t want to give you guys portraits every single day of the week. I like to mix it up and do some animals and things like that. But if you want to see the other drawings that I make, check out my Instagram. The link to that is in the description of this video.

[26:43]  Unfortunately, it looks like the video cut off there but it appears to be back now. [26:48] I don’t know what’s going on there, for a moment and my phone said trying to reconnect. So unfortunate, I stopped and paused there so you guys didn’t miss anything.

[27:14]  Maryana asks, “How long does it usually take to finish a drawing?” This can take anywhere from like an hour to an hour and a half for drawings that are like this. However, paintings and more detailed drawings, those can take hours upon hours.

[28:00]  I know I sketched the back out earlier and it was very smooth. However, [28:06 ]chameleons, they have a somewhat spiny back. So that’s why I raised the line here and I’m going to go back with a [28:13] colored pencil and help draw the spines. [28:26] If you guys see my hands disappear from the screen, [28:29] I’m just sharpening a pencil.

[29:56]  “Do you use a special pencil sharpener or a normal one?” This one, it’s not anything too special, it’s a metal pencil sharpener. However, I would recommend whenever you guys sharpen prismacolor pencils, don’t use a plastic pencil sharpener that you buy at Walmart or Target. [30:13] The ones that you usually use for regular number two pencils, those usually aren’t the best and they can actually eat up your pencils if it keeps breaking and like it doesn’t sharpen that well, so I would recommend getting yourself a metal pencil sharpener. However, there is a way that’s more efficient to sharpen your pencils, which reduces the waste. Now you can use a blade like an exacto knife to kind of shave off the wood and it will also sharpen the

[30:41] tip of your pencil. [30:45] However, for the younger viewers out there, I don’t recommend doing that because it can be kind of dangerous. Stick [30:50] to metal sharpeners. But for us, for all of you who are not children, I would recommend trying the blade method. [30:58] I’m not doing it for this video. Just because It’s way more convenient and I think it’s less time consuming.

[33:34]  The body of the chameleon has some of the most profound wrinkles and texturing on it. So this is going to take [33:43] a lot of fine detail. [33:45] It almost looks like little onion cells. If you guys have seen onion cells under a microscope or anything like that, it’s usually something that they show you in biology class, but the skin looks like it’s in little square cells. That’s how it’s textured. So I’m going to use black to help do that and I can make lines across and then connect those lines to help create the texture of the chameleon skin.

[36:25]  For large areas of color, sometimes it can be difficult to blend it all together and whenever you blend colors together you typically have to use a lot of pressure to do it properly. However, this gum eraser can be used to blend larger surfaces and that’s what I’m doing right now.

[38:05]  I see some of you guys are asking about the drawing from last night. I haven’t had the time to finish that yet because today I was really busy with a few things going on such as trips to the store and I was also at this free summer camp thing, at one of the colleges near my house. So maybe tonight or tomorrow I will finish it and I’ll post it on Instagram for you guys to see. So if you guys want to see that, please follow me on Instagram. The link to that is [38:35] in the video’s description.

[38:42]  Just know that you don’t have to have an Instagram to view what I post on Instagram. If you click on the link, you can just scroll down and look at all the [38:51] art that I’ve made.

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