Today we have a very delicious printable that kids will love coloring: a fried chicken printable!

Coloring pages is my go-to activity when I need a TV-free activity. And since printables require very little set-up, they are the perfect activity for car rides or restaurant dinners. Plus, they are completely free!

food coloring
Enjoy coloring chicken drumsticks, french fries and more fast food coloring pages here!

Fun Food Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Kids love food coloring printables! There is something about coloring their favorite meals that they just enjoy so much.

The best part is that we can use these printable coloring pages to help kids practice their handwriting skills too. This fun fruits worksheets pre-writing practice pack can be used as a pre-writing practice or as a scissors skill practice – even both at the same time!

But wait… is there any other food that kids love eating more? Of course, it’s ice cream!

Our ice cream coloring pages are a great summer activity that you can enjoy served with a nice sundae. Ice cream can make any day better. So yummy!

printable coloring pages
Grab your crayons, watercolor paint box and brush or some glue with glitter… there’s no rules to coloring!

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Turn food coloring pages into a game! This paper sandwich printable can make your little one pretend to be a chef for one day. It comes with everything your child might need to set up a sandwich shop.

Chicken Coloring Sheet

No matter what your kid’s favorite meal, I’m sure they’d enjoy coloring drumstick printables, fast food coloring pages, bbq coloring pages, and especially, french fries coloring pages.

But today we have a fried chicken printable!

Printable coloring pages help kids improve their motor skills, stimulate creativity, learn color awareness, improve focus and hand to eye coordination, and much more.

This chicken colouring pages is completely free and ready to be printed whenever you need it. This printable set includes:

  • one fried chicken bucket with a large soda coloring page
  • one french fries, fried chicken drumsticks and soda combo coloring page.
food coloring page
This printable set is completely free and can be printed at home in a matter of minutes!

Just grab some markers, crayons, or colored pencils, print the coloring pages, and then you’re ready to have a colorful and fun afternoon!

Download here:

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